You may have heard of the show miraculous ladybug... The animated show have grown from just a little serie on the nickelodeon and disney channel to a wide world attracted show! The story inspires many people and spreads its love and true inner beauty through many followers. The first full season have now been fully released in Canada! While it continues to spread through the world!

The animated show takes place in Paris in the time of today and the show is simply about the two normal students Marinette and Adrien that secretly are miraculous holders with make them become phenomenal superheroes "Ladybug" and "Chat noir" whenever theres a danger in the city of Paris. Their enemy "Le papillon" also called "Hawkmoth" is an evil miraculous holder with uses his power to "acumatize" upset villains into doing crimes just to get a grip of the superheroes miraculouses. By getting their miraculouses Le papillon could control the whole world, he would have the power to do anything. This show does not only contain the adventures of the superheroes but also a love drama between the main characters. As we know, Adrien is in love with ladybug but he does not know who she is and Marinette is in love with Adrien and the only contact Adrien gets with Ladybug is through being Chat noir and the only contact Ladybug gets to have with Adrien is though being Marinette. They are simply in love with each other even if they truly don't know who they are. 

This blog will be dedicated to this show and will contain a lot of discussions about the show and simply a lot of fun things to enjoy reading if you're a fan! Join us in the miraculous ladybug fandom!

My pronounces and name you can use in this blog will be they/them and name me Adrien, thank you.