Have you ever watched old movies and noticed how certain habits previously taken for granted in the past would no longer be tolerated in our invariably overhauled contemporary environment? Take, for instance, how casually and often some scenes show actors lighting up a cigarette indoors in the presence of other people. We know that in polite company today, one would need to go out of the room or the building entirely. Or you don’t smoke at all.

Except in those overly romantic Romeo-and-Juliet type flicks, the male-female relationship has also evolved into a rather complicated game whose rules have been encroached upon by not only social restrictions but also legal, political and technical considerations. Prenuptial agreements are a must, especially among those who have the wealth to safeguard, in the first place; although it might eventually become a required side-marital contract for most people in the future.

One particular issue that concerns relationships, in general, is sexual harassment, especially when it occurs within the workplace. And it no longer has to be between a man and a woman but between any two individual, regardless of gender. Oftentimes, however, it occurs between a male and a female, although it has also become common between a male or a female and an LGBT-type person.

To appreciate the essential principles involved in instances of sexual harassment, we need to remove from the equation all the accompanying “signs”; that is, just as Math allows us to disregard positive and negative signs when using Absolute Values, we can also “forget” about a person’s gender. In short, we can look at people as, well, like angels who are supposedly sex-less or “neither marry nor are they given to marriage”. Let us look at people as people who have the same basic needs, wants, aspirations and struggles in life.

If we took the paradigm of “no male nor female” (and no LGBT either), we might be surprised how much liberating it might be and how much fairly we would treat one another. So, how does that affect sexual harassment? Well, first of all, we would all go back to the most fundamental principle of compassion when it comes to dealing with another person, hence, removing the temptation to harass a person because we would then be motivated by love and not selfishness or greed. Harassment would all but cease altogether. Just like bullying would stop if we treated one another with respect, so would sexual harassment. It may be quite a while before we can actually attain this ideal condition; but it would be worth working for.

Wallace Associates provides quality services to improve how companies can train their employees to instill a more equitable and harmonious workplace environment. A good review of its vast experience will prove how many of its clients have trusted its capability and have served no complaints for many years of stable partnership.

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Writing has come a very long way since the World Wide Webbecame the norm in reaching out to the mass market for whatever product orservice one may have to offer. Multi-media presentations have a clear advantagenow over the plain black-and-white, ink-on-paper news or magazine format. Thewebsite, as a result, has served to bring more business and awareness becauseof their versatile, in-the-face and prompt delivery of services.

For those who wish to go into onlineadvertising and marketing, here are a few principles to follow to make web contenteffective and interesting:

1.       Keepit brief and concise – In general, being direct, simple, clear and terse inone’s writing favors those who wish to keep interest on the website. With theavailable visual and audio tools to reinforce the message, words tend to get inthe way and must, therefore, be used sparingly and wisely. In cases where wordscannot be replaced by selfies or viral videos, more picturesque and activewords will help bring out the message just as effectively as most visualaids.     

2.       Attractiveappearance – With a little help from visualtechniques, such as animation, unique fonts and colorful layouting, yourcontent can convey an appearance of credibility and professionalism aseffective tools for attracting more hits. Nevertheless, it takes a consummateweb designer to determine which kind of appearance or motif works for aparticular business or product. This requires understanding not just the tenetsof aesthetics or artistic style but knowing the mind of the end-users. Mostcompanies or individuals dictate how they want their websites to appear basedon their goals and whims. However, considering the perspectives of theconsumers can help make your website hit the target more often than not.

3.       Promptinteraction – Anyone can be solicitous of one’s clients by providing a 24/7 customerservice, if necessary. However, providing a means where clients can makeinquiries or suggestions directly through automated customer service or avirtual do-it-yourself tool kit to resolve issues can become a way ofattracting visitors and keeping interest in your website.  

Wallace Associates Inc. deals with hundreds of clientswho communicate through the Internet. The company’s capability in providingeffective solutions to your manpower requirements stems from its efficient useof quality web-content, interactiveservice and prompt delivery of information.




Senior National Account Manager (US)

Waltham, MA

The Company

Our client is the world leader in solving criticaldocumentation issues for enterprise-level organizations and governments,enabling them to operate more efficiently and profitably. The company offers afull suite of software, training and professional services based off their internationalcontent standard for creation, management and deployment ofmission-critical content.

The Job

The Senior National Account Manager is responsible forselling the company’s integrated solution (software, training, and professionalservices) within the U.S. This position will not involve more than 30% travel.

The SeniorNational Account Manager’s duties will include:

• Achievingtargeted monthly/annual booking goals by calling on C-level executives

• Workingwith senior management to build territory development plan and identify targetaccounts within verticals

• Workingclosely with the Inside Sales Representative to ensure smooth and timelyfollow-up on sales leads

• Closingbusiness with targeted accounts that deliver blended solutions of IM’s coreproducts (software, training, and professional services)

•Establishing successful client relationships with targeted accounts as a trustedadvisor to generate new and residual sales

• Managingtimely and accurate business updates utilizing our CRM, NetSuite

• Being ateam player with a positive attitude and willingness to go the extra mile

What ItTakes:

The selected candidate will have:

• Bachelor’sdegree in business/analytical discipline

• 5 yearsexperience in solutions selling

• Ability tosell high level, leading edge concepts

• Proven salestrack record designing and implementing customized solutions for clients withinassigned territory

• Highlyskilled in a solution selling environment

• Experienceselling to executive level management in Fortune 1000 companies

• Strongbusiness acumen or business development experience

• Enthusiasticand confident communicator with active listening skills, strong organizationand time management skills with the ability to follow-through and prioritizemultiple tasks

• Adept written and verbal communication skills

• Enjoysworking in a team environment of sales professionals who are building theircareers

• Proficientusing Microsoft Office products and sales automation software

• Knowledge ofFederal procurement regulations a plus

Why Apply?

Our client is an industry leader who helps enterprise-levelorganizations and governments operate more efficiently and profitably. Ourclient offers a challenging opportunity, and an excellent compensation andbenefits package in a business casual environment. Our client is an Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/V/D.



Data CenterAnalyst

Portsmouth, NH

The Company

Our client is a leading Computer/IT Marketresearch and publishing firm currently looking for a seasoned qualifiedindividual with IT, data center and/or market research experience to fill ananalyst position in its syndicated research organization.  The firm provides a very competitive totalcompensation package, full benefits, and liberal vacation.

The Job

The position offers an excellent opportunity to gainexperience and responsibility in a dynamic industry and in a growing P&Loperation. The company environmentalso has the potential for broad exposure to high-tech executives as well asthe opportunity for press attribution. Vendor coverage for this analystposition includes a named set of accounts from the Top 100 IT vendors,including leading firms such as Cisco, Juniper, Dell, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Oracle,Huawei, EMC, NetApp, HDS, Fujitsu, Brocade, Unisys, Intel, AMD and others.

Theanalyst will be responsible for qualitative and quantitative analysis of aset of high-tech data center infrastructure vendor companies on a quarterlybasis. The final products are written analytical reports for each companycovered. The individual will also be responsible for developing workingrelationships with the press, senior vendor executives, corporate directors, PRstaff and key personnel in our client base, many of which are Fortune 500corporations. These close relationships are the key to differentiation in thehigh tech industry and to the generation of this firm’s project work.

What ItTakes

The successful candidate must have strong qualitative and quantitativeanalytical skills, including excellent writing, mathematical, andcommunications capabilities. The ability to quickly discern and analyze thecritical elements of large sets of information is highly important, as is theability to communicate this analysis to clients in verbal, written, and/orspreadsheet format.

·        Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of the data centerinfrastructure industry covering trends, issues, vendor activities andpositions, major product/services announcements, and acquisitions and alliances

·        The ability to quickly discern and analyze thecritical elements of large sets of information, and the ability to communicatethis analysis to clients in verbal, written, and/or spreadsheet format

·        Able to synthesize business implications with a graspof market economics/dynamics to deliver vendor predictions and analyses

·        Act as domain expert in customer presentations and insales calls to help generate new syndicated and custom research clients.

·        Establish close working relationships with named topIT and data center infrastructure vendors

·        Excellent listening, writing, mathematical and oralcommunication skills

·        Must be able to think on their feet and work in a fastpaced environment

·        A degree of professional competence and a personaldemeanor that allows you to effectively participate in an atmosphere whereassumptions, precedent, and the position of others are all challenged in aconstructive process

·        Strong organizational skills and ability to meetauthoring deadlines

·        Commitment to quality, while meeting publishingdeadlines

·        Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

·        Must have English as primary language and have workauthorization to work for any employer

Why Apply?

Our client is located near Portsmouth NH and is recognized asone of the leading high-tech market research and consulting firms specializingin the analyses of computer, application, networking, wireless, andprofessional services companies. Serving an international clientele ofhigh-tech manufacturers, IT professionals, end users and financial executives,the company has continually distinguished itself in the marketplace byproviding timely, accurate, high-quality information and market research in aformat that is uniquely responsive to our clients’ needs.