Alright… So within fourteen days I have already been to a total of 5 countries and on 5 planes, I have met Anaëlle again months after bumping into her at a club in Brussels, been nearly homeless, broke and ran over by a lost horse on the street in Ireland with my Spanish sis whom I haven’t seen for 4 years (!!!) and visited Paris for the first time avec mes amis français who were kind enough to show me around their city while highkey bullying me for being such a tourist. How lovely :-)
No but really, I have lived some of the best, weirdest and most important moments of my life recently, met people whom I’ve been longing to meet while seeing the most beautiful places… Excuse my excessive use of superlatives but I dO NoT kNoW how else I’d be able to put words on how much this trip has meant to me, how much my friends mean to me, - I’m just so so so grateful... And the memories I’ve made will remain very close to my heart.

Here’s my little traveling diary; starting on September 26th in Brussels, Belgium and ending on October 9th in Brussels, Belgium. Enjoy.

09.27.17 • Mont des Arts

I arrived the night before Wednesday the 27th and was met by Tiffany and Anaëlle who brought me to hers and Claire’s housewarming, and since it was cold and rainy af it felt amazing to come inside. I was veeery late lmao, but thankfully I arrived in time to meet everyone at the li'l party before they left, and we spent some hours just drinking and talking and playing games. They were all super sweet and I wish I hadn’t arrived so late so I could have more time with them… #ForeverBlamingBelgiumsPublicTransportationSystem

The highlight of this day was when Anaëlle and I brought our sketchbooks to Mont des Arts - her favorite place, and sat for long moments looking at the view and drawing it. Nana is a very talented artist so going to a place like Mont des Arts with her to draw was an obligation😉
We also passed by La Grand Place where we kind of just gazed up at the beautiful buildings and judged all the people taking pictures in front of them... However, I didn't take any myself because I wanted to enjoy the moment in the present.

09.28.17 • Parc de Bruxelles & Palais Royal de Bruxelles

The following day we went to a park next to the Royal Palace of Brussels and made some more art, - and I swear it was like the coziest day ever because the weather was perfectly chilly for a September afternoon and all the leaves had fallen to the ground and turned into autumn colors. And I looove autumn.
After that we went to the palace itself (because she’s a princess), grabbed a coffee and returned home for a movie night.
Ok guess what we watched? Oui;
‘Arri Potteur and ‘ze Goblet of Fire.😂

09.30.17 • Galway City Center

The next morning I slept up until noon in Nana’s bed while she had classes, woke up to have lunch with her and then I left to see Claudia in Dublin who’d just arrived from Spain.
This girl knows me so damn well because the first thing that she gives me when we see each other after so many years is jamón serrano aka my favorite thing in the world.😂 And I was so happy... Obviously not to see my best friend again but to eat Spanish ham, duh. (Love you so much Claudia my little meatball) ANYWAY, we took a bus to Galway and the whole time it was raining like c r a z y and I felt a slight urge to die. No but, - Ireland was simply being Ireland and doing a perfectly good job at living up to its stereotype... On the cost of my luggage which was wet for three days after. Three days :-))

Galway however was absolutely wonderful. Claudia and I spent the other day in the city center and at the beach with Joan (her roommate) whom we threw a surprise birthday party for later that evening, and weeell; this is the part when we end up lowkey homeless. Lol. To keep a long story short: happy people, sensitive neighbors and aggressive landlords do not go together very well. Lesson learned. (It was chaos.)

09.30.17 • Galway Beach

10.01.17 • Eyre Square

On Sunday I was at Patrique’s in Glasán, and we spent the day together visiting some places around Galway such as the cathedral, Eyre Square and, of course; Irish pubs. I tried the most amaaazing cocktails, one with Jameson whiskey and one called "The Actress", and then we went to another place where we (apparently) had some "typically Irish foods." We also taught each other a bit of Swedish and Dutch (he's from the Netherlands) and it was hilarious, - felt nice to hear some PROPER DUTCH once and for all *cough* Belgian Flemish people *cough*😉😉😉
Later that night we were joined by Claudia, les roommates Joan and Emma as well as some other friends aNd tO CeLebRaTe the end of a good 24H of being kicked out (lmfao) we ordered some Guinness beers BUT if you really thought this was going to be our happy ending (like we thought) you are very wrong bEcAuSe 1. the beer was disgusting sorry not sorry Irish people and 2. five minutes later my wallet got stolen. Fantastic.

10.01.17 - Galway Cathedral

10.01.17 & 10.03.17 me & Patrique, Glasán Student Village, me & Claudia

So I had lunch with Claudia and Patrique that day and later when I came home Nana and I basically just went straight to bed heh. I couldn't sleep however so I sneaked into her living room at night and wrote in my journal which I'd bought in Dublin, read a chapter in my book etc... And the next day I returned to Mont des Arts, La Grand Place and took a long walk in the city of Brussels all by myself. I don't think I've ever enjoyed life so much; I don't know why but I simply love alone time when I'm traveling. So for five hours I just walked around, visited all the cute little shops, looked at the buildings and most importantly; had my afternoon coffee.😂 I also created another drawing for Anaëlle at La Grand Place which I gave to her later that evening after she had finished her classes, and we went out for a glass of wine. (And Belgian fries.) It was anything but a waste of a lovely night, if you know what I mean.

10.04.17 • Equestrian Statue of King Albert I, La Grand Place & une beauté

10.06.17 • La Tour Eiffel & me, Léa & Margaux

Yes, I know that the picture quality is a disgrace lmao but I was simply too caught up in the moment to take any good ones hah anyway. On Thursday I went to see Léa and Margaux in Nangis where we spent the night drinking a little too much wine & champagne and on Friday we went to Paris.
I got to see Champs-Élysées, Arc de Triomphe and of course; the Eiffel Tower. Later we went back home to Melun to have dinner at Margaux’s (crêpes!!!) and then we basically spent the night getting ready and doing our makeup for a Gaga night out that never happened lol.

10.06.17 & 10.05.17 • Arc de Triomphe, Champs-Élysées & evening in Nangis

10.07.17 • Notre Dame, me & Anaëlle

During the remaining days Anaëlle came over and joined me in Paris, and she along with her friend Chloe took me to places like Notre Dame, Jardin du Luxembourg, Pompidou and Montmartre.

The thing is, I AM SUCH A TOURIST and I feel lowkey bad for dragging a bunch of French people who literally don’t give two shits about the Eiffel tower onto all these over-hyped, crowded tourist attractions… The worst of them all, however, was an exhibition that Anaëlle and I visited with Chloe's friends and jesus fucking christ there were so many people. it. was. impossible. to. move. :-)))

So to summarize my stay in Paris I'm gonna use Nana's signature sentence which she cried the entire weekend:

"Oh la la, trop de monde!"

10.07.17 • La Seine & Jardin du Luxembourg

Later that night we went out for some drinks and bagels (not baguettes💔💔💔) and then I took the metro back to the Eiffel Tower to see it at night because ok sorry not sorry French people but it would've been a sHaMe to have visited Paris without beholding the iconic sight of a giant lit up stick that fucking glows up and glitters at midnight aaam I riiight??? amen

10.07.17 • La Tour Eiffel

10.08.17 • Montmartre

10.08.17 • Sacré-Cœur

10.08.17 • Moulin Rouge, une rue de Montmartre & Place de l'Opéra

So last Sunday evening Nana and I took the train back to Brussels, and I was so ridiculously tired at that point that I instantly fell asleep on her shoulder... When we finally came home we went straight to bed (well she did, I had to make my schedule for the following morning) but as soon as I was finished I joined her in dreamyland.❤️

The End.

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Last Sunday was as shitty as it could be, - but a shitty day isn't a shitty life unless you allow it to be. All you can do is face the disappointment, learn from it and move on; because time is precious and what you make of it is what makes your life.
It's just'a li'l sad tho.

Yesterday, however, was absolutely wonderful. Or should I say, I made it wonderful, because I simply don't have time and energy for more negativity.
 ​I started work at 11am and worked until 11pm, 3 more hours than scheduled. I probably won't get paid for it but as I've mentioned before; I love my job and colleagues so I don't mind doing more of that makes me happy (especially if it means helping someone out). ~Win win situation.~

Before work this morning I also went to the library and got myself a new book: "Golden Boy." I CAN'T WAIT TO READ IT!!! It's about a stigmatized but (in my opinion) very important topic: intersex.
 ​Ok let's get real: anything taboo is simply the result of ignorance from the outer world, and such lack of knowledge should never be blamed on the victim. Ever.

Sooo, what else happened today... I taught myself some Chinese characters, ordered a French grammar book and yeeeah that made my day.😊 Now I'm just gonna finish my cup of lemon-ginger-rooibos tea, read something, maybe journal a bit and theeen Brookiebrooks is off to sleepyland. Wish me sweet fluffy dreams. Night.



Oh, look. A selfie.

Greetings world. Right now I'm in my bed listening to instrumental jazz after 9 hours of work and I can honestly say that I'm really starting to love this place, mostly because of the people there. Even though some of us have major age gaps and not even one language in common we always seem to find a way to communicate and put a smile on each other's faces... and I love that.
But well, thats just how I feel. They, however, probably just think of me as that annoying kid who won't shut the fuck up but keeps making musical performances out of Peanut Chicken sauce. ikr it's a miracle how I'm not fired yet lmao


I have been terrible at journaling lately which is sad because I used to cherish every little moment in my life by documenting it, but lately all I do is work and read books. I just finished reading another story (for the second time lol) called "Fourth Reich" and I absolutely love it, it's about a girl who studies the rhetoric behind Adolf Hitler's "Third Reich" propaganda and uses the same manipulative methods at her high school in order to revolt and gain power.

Some other things that are worth mentioning in my fabulous ~life update~ is; I'm going on an adventure in less than a month. WITH VICKE MY FAGALICIOUS RAINBOW BAE. By the end of September we will leave la Suède and arrive in the beautiful country that is BELGIUM (my second home) and together we will stay in Antwerp over the weekend and see the one and only LADY. QUEEN. GAGA. Excuse me while I tear up from anticipation.

However, I will arrive in Brussels a few days earlier because obviously it would be a shame to visit the city without seeing my friend who lives there. Sooo Nana and I have decided since like, June, that we will have sushi (!!!) and go to our favorite place à Bruxelles; Mont des Arts. ...and one week later we will be in Paris together.
 ​I really can't wait to see France and meet my friends who live there (hi Margaux I see u creepin) IT WILL BE AMAZING and oN toP oF tHaT I will see the Lady Gagz for the sEcOnD time in Paris aS wELL. #life.

Hmmmm what else is new... Well, Emilia and I have caught up. And she slays. That bitch got into the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts and is moving to the U.K. this Saturday which is crazy. Even crazier is, my best friend moved to Galway, Ireland TODAY and I'm just shook at how far they've come, and how far we've come... If someone would've told me a year ago that this is what my life would look like by today, I wouldn't have believed it. Really, I'm so lucky. I graduated despite of how impossible it seemed for me to pass my year. I have a job, I have my family and I have wonderful friends who care about me. Tbh I'm so happy and grateful for the people in my life at the moment. Thanks to them I know that as long as I have friends like this, I literally don't need anything or anyone else to feel complete.



Bonjour friends, this summer has actually been the first one in ages that I don't travel anywhere abroad. Instead I've been on ~other adventures~ in ~other places~ such as sleepyland and da work. Oui, summer 2017 was the summer when Brookie did nothing besides sleeping in her bed or working at her restaurant, yay. BUT, but but but ma friendz, ...the year ain't over yet bEcAuSe gUESS WHO IS GOING TO PARIS FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HER LIFE THIS FALL??? YAAAAASSSSS C'EST MOIII. And guess who's going to see her biggest idol live twice in two different countries during the same trip? MOI AUSSI. Omigod I am so hyped I literally can't wait, and the best part is that I'M GONNA MEET SO MANY LOVELY PEOPLE WHOM I JUST CAN'T WAIT TO HUG. I really, really love and appreciate my friends... I will never stop reminding them (and myself) of how lucky I am to have them in my life, because what you don't realize when you take someone for granted is that tomorrow it might be too late.

Anyway, here are some snapshots from my past few weeks (taken in between the loops of sleeping and working lmao).

Läckö Slott

Vicke & Crakley på äventyr. & Malin. Hehe.❤

I've been reading a lot lately, in both Swedish, English and even a bit of French. This summer I finished reading my favorite book for the 2nd time, The Fault In Our Stars (which I've postponed for 2 years lmao) and some classics such as Le Petit Prince and The Three Musketeers (even though I'm only 2 chapters in on this one)... My current read is Harry Potter & The Goblet Of Fire aka the 4th in the series, and I can honestly say that it's my least favorite HP book so far bECAUSE I AM 200 PAGES IN AND THEY HAVEN'T EVEN ARRIVED TO HOGWARTS YET. La honte.

Ma bootiful (now former...) classmates

3 very, very talented musicians from Spain whom I saw perform live at my friend's restaurant voilà



Den 2 juli 2017 tog jag tåget upp till Stockholm för att tillsammans med min regnbög (Vicke bby) se KUNG ELTON JOHN!!! Mitt allt/Gud. ALLTSÅ ÅHHH VAD JAG ÄLSKAR DEN HÄR MANNEN. Det var andra gången jag såg honom sedan 2014 då han spelade i Göteborg på Scandinavium, - denna gången kom han till Grönan så fick alltså en dag i Stockholm med Viktoria och Rebecca på köpet. Träffade dessutom en ny vän som var lika hypad på Elton som jag, Suzan!! Ibland undrar jag vad som flyger i mig när jag bara springer fram till främlingar och frågar efter deras nummer...😂✨

​Varför. Ser. Mina. Ögonbryn. Tredimensionella. Ut. Konstgjorda eh visst mEN 3D NEJ

OBS!!! Inte mina bilder.



Goeiedag bonjouuur mes amis ok I know I have been absolutely awful at blogging lately bUT I DO HAVE SOME VALID EXCUSES FOR THIS such as
1) I've given myself more time to read books (pseudointellectualism hellooo)
2) well as writing my own book (which is making progress!!!)
3) I have worked, like, a lot
4) I have been sick, like, a lot

Side note: this post is in English because a friend *cough* hi Margaux *cough* who is French wanted to read my blog et mon français est une blagueee

Anyway, shortly after I graduated my family went to Rome, Italy for a week but since I'm allergic to heat I decided to stay home. Besides, I had my fun earlier this year when I went to Brussels - which I actually consider visiting again pretty soon. Idk I'll try to work as much as possible because it would be amazing to visit Belgium before I return AGAIN in September/October and then for a year as an au pair. SPEAKING OF LA BELGIQUE, today I met Liesbeth for the first time (during her stay in Gothenburg) and she just happens to be Belgian as well! How do I always end up in that country lmao.
Other than that I've just spent time with my family and friends, (and worked, duh). I really love my friends. I think everyone should be grateful for the people in their lives and cherish what they have instead of asking for more or looking for flaws... Friends are precious and irreplaceable. Speaking of that, here's a cute picture of my lovely Annanas. And Jesper. And a cat.




De senaste två dagarna har eeendast gått åt till att jobba, fick tre pass i rad mellan 9:30-19:00 men tyvärr var jag tvungen att sjukskriva mig idag eftersom jag fick en sån outhärdlig smärta i bröstkorgen igår kväll som fortfarande sitter i. Alltså jag har typ aldrig varit med om nåt värre?! Det gick inte att prata, äta, svälja, sova, INGENTING. Det bara gjorde ont hela tiden och ingen medicin ville verka:( Så idag har jag sovit, vilat och sovit lite till. Ringde läkaren och lite andra viktiga samtal i morse runt 8-tiden, but that's it.

Gårdagen var annars helt ok, 10 timmar gick åt till att jobba men innan dess hann jag säga hejdå till familjen som reser till Italien i en vecka, och under lunchrasten njöt jag av det soliga vädret samtidigt som jag åt en god sallad och lyssnade på musik (Elton John❤). När jag kom hem vid halv nio fick jag även städat lite, pluggade franska osv. Mysigt. Nu ska jag nog vila ännu mer för att orka med morgondagen. Au revoirrr mes amis



ChopChop har öppnat i Kungsbacka bredvid McDonald's (Onsalamotet) - KOM OCH ÄT!!! Maten är huuur god som helst och känns inte alls som snabbmat eftersom att den är helt nylagad på färska råvaror, alltså inget massproducerat halvfabrikat här inte ;))) KOMSIII

Det coola med att jobba på ChopChop Asian Express i Kungsbacka är att eftersom det är så nytt (vi öppnade den 16 juni) så får man verkligen känslan av att ha varit med från början och startat upp stället. Man känner sig liksom "hemma" istället för att vara den där vilsna nykomlingen som inte kan någonting och bara misslyckas för att alla redan är inne i rutinerna.

OBS: bilderna ovan är inte från ChopChop i Kungsbacka😊