As we move closer in Autumn / Winter, I like to look back at the previous year on the Runway. It excites me when it gets to September, for fashion week and to see the upcoming trends for Spring 2018.

From last year, big coats were such a big trend that I caught on. I love wearing straight leg jeans or blouse and layer, but adding a statement oversized jacket it always adds something interesting to an outfit instead of a black leather jacket.

Specifically Yeezy, YE showed a range of oversized jackets and pointed booties, which is my ideal outfit. Tailored trousers and high waisted jeans with something like a high neck jumper or shirt, is another favourite outfit I will be rocking this year.

B ~

Victoria by Victoria Beckham.

T by Alexander Wang.



Louis Vuitton.


Off White.


Jil Sander.

Erika Cavallini.


Pyer Moss.

Christopher Esber.



Polyvore is my favourite place to go for style inspiration, that and Pinterest. I find with Polyvore, there's no photoshop, no trying to be someone you're not, no perfect image because it's YOU who makes the outfit, it's not on a person it's just there like a flat lay. This is why I like it, for inspiration for new buys / a daily OOTD. As much as I may put items in that I can't currently afford I will always find the cheaper option. Polyvore excites me, even to this day 5 years on of having it, I will always go back to it, kinda like a hobbie.

So here are some of my favourite Winter outfits I've come up with, there may be many more to come considering it's only August.

Some may say my idea of footwear for Winter isn't exactly practical, but last year I survived fine and I find that heels just adds something to the outfit and you could never get me out of them. ONLY if it's pouring down with rain and I really do have to wear boots or it's suddenly starting snowing in London, which very rarely happens then I might have to slip on something warmer.

These outfits mainly all consist of Jeans, Jeans are my new found love this season. Many stores have come up with some cool ideas for Jeans, and baring in mind I don't really wear skin tight, I usually prefer the look of straight leg jeans. A good tailored trouser is also a favourite for this Autumn/ Winter, with the added big puffer coat or oversized bomber. I would also very rarely layer, which you may think I'm crazy not to in Winter but I just like to wear a big coat and I'm good to go. Having said that, this year I've seen a few cool ways to layer, either with a bralet or a vest style knit over a tshirt. And last but not least, thigh high boots or would you say hip high boots, I'm loving the really long boot "trend", you can wear jeans and then add a patent boot over the top, a tshirt and oversized coat, absolute favourite look of mine. I will definitely be investing in a pair in the next coming months.

Hope you liked this first post, and I'm going to start to do a post a week. Fashion/ Style related mostly.

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