Hi everyone!

We got home from our wonderful trip to Mallorca yesterday. It really relaxed us and cleared our minds. It was quite hot and we felt that we had succeeded in getting a break from Sweden, but we can draw some lessons from it. While walking through the city, we heard some strange noises. It turned out being a big demonstration-against us, tourists! It really felt like we weren't welcomed or like they wanted us out of the island. I got really worried so I checked the newspaper and it really made me realize the reason behind the anger. It turned out that the residents were extremely affected by our and every other tourist's visit. A big part of the jobs at Mallorca has to do with tourism, and there is no "place" for other jobs outside the category tourism.

Another problem is the bad effects on the environment by a simple trip to Mallorca. A lot of people don't think about this, the biggest part of a trip that affects the environment is the flight. Airplanes travel omits a lot of carbon dioxide emissions, which is not good for the earth since carbon dioxide is one of the biggest greenhouse gases that affect the global warming a lot.

The good thing about our trip was that we didn't drive to our destinations, instead, we walked because the hotel was quite close to everything. The reason why it was a positive thing is that the car also omits a lot of carbon dioxide emissions. So if you care about your actions try to walk or use public transportation instead of a car. It's much better and less harmful to mother earth.

All-inclusive wasn't included in the trip, which we thought was something bad because it would mean extra costs, but after our research, we found out that it was actually a good thing. Without all-inclusive, we contributed to the local economy in Mallorca, which resulted that we didn't throw the same amount of food that we maybe would have done if we had all-inclusive. So even if it may sound good to have all-inclusive, don't always pick that. Try to think about the effects of your choices.

We found out much more things, but it's too much for only one post. The important thing is not to hear about our experiences, it's to make your own observations during your trip and how you can make it better the next time. For your own sake, but also for the environment.

See you next time!

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Since I've published the latest post, Sven and I booked a trip. We know that it's not the smartest thing to do when we want to save money, but Sven really needed to relax after working so much. We're leaving pretty soon actually, the 3rd November. And the destination is Palma de Mallorca in Spain. We are going to fly from Copenhagen instead of Gothenburg because it's cheaper. And since we don't want extra expenditures like paying for a parking lot at the airport for a week we decided to take a train directly to the airport. We save around 1 000 SEK that way.

To be honest, it wasn't very expensive as it cost only 17 500 SEK for the hotel and the flight. We are going to stay at the Armadams hotel, but breakfast or any other meals aren't included which makes it a lot harder for us since we are going to have two little kids with us. And we don't even have a kitchen so we can cook our food on our own. But the good thing is that we don't have to spend money on transport because local shopping and downtown is pretty close. It's only two kilometers away, so we can basically walk instead.

We have made adjustments to the budget so we can bring enough pocket money, which is 12 477 SEK. And that when we get back we have saved money so we can survive rest of the month. According to our budget calculations, we stand to lose 12 622 SEK during November. However, Sven receives his salary a few of days before our departure and can thus save the money we need for our expenditures for the trip.

So at the moment we still got a control over the situation, even if our choices aren't the best.

According to the weather forecast it's going to rain a lot during the time we are there, which limits our choices of outdoor activities. But the hotel has an indoor pool so we still have something to do even if it's not the same thing as exploring the city. So let's stay positive and try to make our time at Mallorca the best!



Welcome to our blog, the blog of the Broddessons. My name is Lisa, I am 28 years old and I'm currently married to Sven, who's 43 years old. Together we have two beautiful children named Theo 4 years old and Elis 3 years old.

We live in a house in Söndrum, but our ultimate dream is to buy a new house closer to the beach. A boat is also something that we want to buy in the near future. But at the moment we have a credit card debt of 40 000 SEK and a mortgage of 1.9 million SEK. Although Sven earns a high salary of 66000 SEK/month we still need to create a budget to be able to achieve our objectives in just a couple of years. This is why we chose to start a blog. We wanted to get people like you to follow along on our journey and simultaneously provide help for other people in the same situation.