Last weekend I went to an amazing restaurant/bar with my friends. It is in Anantara Riverside, and it is called Attitude. The view is spectacular, and you can see the entire city. Bangkok weather is usually nice and windy in the night, so there isn't any worry about sweating too much.. There isn't much food as it is a sky bar, but the food that was available was delicious. The crab cakes absolutely delighted me. They were crispy yet light, soft but not too soft. The drinks were perfect. Me and my friends ordered piña coladas, mojitos, cosmopolitans, and of course lots of shots. The alcohol was good quality, yet it wasn't as expensive as one would think. Although if you don't have more than 3000 baht, or $80, I don't suggest going here because while prices aren't as expensive as top notch bars they are slightly expensive. The staff was so friendly, and the service was great. I would definitely go here again, and everyone else should try this!