So, usually I´m not the kinda person to write about stuff like this on the internet, social media or whatever. Nor do I like to talk about it that much, so yes, people not knowing is my own fault. The fact is though, I´m not fine, actually, not even close to it. All since I had a tick (yes, "just a tick") like 2 years ago, I´ve had (chronic) Lyme disease and as a result of that, dozens of other infections, that even though they normally are pretty harmless, aren´t so harmless in this situation. So, the last couple of years, I´ve had not only terrible migraines (which I´ve always had) but all sorts of pain and symptoms. 

But to get to the point, (not sure If I know what that might be myself haha) what makes me so terribly sad, and what probably a lot of people with different invisible illnesses can relate to as well, is that when you sometimes actually have to take a break from everything and stay home from school, work, "the party of the year" or whatever (which btw, hardly ever happens), you´re suddenly a) a liar, b) lazy, c) a ditcher or d) all of the above. But guess what, people doesn´t fake being that sick, they fake being just fine, even when they feel like dying. 

Then, when you put on make- up and try to smile and act like everything is fine, most of the time, you´re actually just making it worse, because hey, You dont look sick at all! 
And it doesn´t seem to help how hard you try to explain. I mean, of course I like to wear make- up, tryin´to look my best (or even slightly alive haha) . I´m only human. 

Now, I really don´t want people to feel sorry for me, or to see me differently in any kind of way. Probably why I don´t write about it on Facebook every time I go to the hospital and so on. (Maybe that would help people to understand though?) Funny how nothing seems to exist at all nowadays if it doesn´t exist on social media...

What I would like you all to do though, PLEASE just THINK before you judge. Everything isn´t always as it seems. We´re all fighting some sort of battle and just because you can´t see something, it doesn´t mean it´s not there. (Also it´s probably called invisible illness for a reason 😌)


Allthough, I´m truly blessed with a lot of wonderful people around me, both friends, boyfriend and family, who has been, and still is, a huge support. You really mean the world to me ❤