Speaking of Thailand tourism , you must have heard of Phuket, it is a island with beautiful sea and beach , Every year tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world travel to Phuket . But, do you know? In addition to the charming sandy beaches and the sea, there are many festivals in Phuket. many festivals and colorful nightlife is part of Phuket's life. Let me introduce for you.

Chao Lay Boat Floating Festival

Every year in mid-November and mid-November, Phuket's super-races will hold this celebration. It is similar to the water light festival, the evening when the boat into the water with the flow away.,The intention is to drive the doom, pray for good luck. After the villagers will perform their famous dance around their boat.

Vegetarian festival

The first lunar month is the most solemn holiday in Phuket, starting in 1825. Origin: the former miners in Phuket mining tin mine a strange disease, In the case of long-term ineffective people began to vegetarian, after a period of time, this strange disease even miraculously disappeared, The locals think that there must be a gods blessing. So after the annual Lunar New Year in September to the first nine, people will be a grand ceremony, in order to disaster relief. During the holiday season, people wear white clothes, do not eat meat, do not drink, and participate in many celebrations, fireworks.

Patong Beach Carnival

Every year on November 1 is a crazy lively, full of art festivals. On this day, Patong Beach gathered people from all over the world, where they enjoyed the carnival until sunset. In the carnival there are the best performances in Thailand, such as jazz band performances, Simon performances, bartending performances, magic show. In addition, many colorful and interesting activities will be organized, including water sports competitions, visitors to the beauty contest. You can also access Phuket local art.

In short, you should go to visit Phuket once, he will make you unforgettable. If you want to have a pleasant and relaxing journey, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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Vientiane is the capital of Laos and an important tourist city in Laos. When you travel to Vientiane , you will see a lot of strange architecture, So, if you really like architecture, please come here. what do you know about the most famous building in Vientiane? Let me tell you that it is the Wat That Luang.

Wat That Luang is located about 3 kilometers northeast of Vientiane City. It is a group of tower buildings, Tower was square, gray brick structure, unique architectural style. The bottom of the main tower consists of three layers of huge square seat, four sides are the middle of the film worship Pavilion; The second floor has 30 towers; Top attached to the gold foil, the tower gold flashing. Tower has 45 meters high and 54 meters wide.

When you visit Wat That Luang , you will find that it is not only unique in architectural style, but also with ups and downs of history. In the 14th century, Fion conquered the lords around the territory, the first unified feudal kingdom - Lancang kingdom. in order to maintain the central role of Luang Prabang state, Vientiane lowered the status, Wat That Luang also lost the glory. Until the 16th century, the reign of the king of Sedathi, Change Vientiane as the capital, so he returned to its important position. Wat That Luang was rebuilt in 1566 until the 17th century was a symbol of its status in Laos, But after the death of King Sulia Chen Sa, the Lancang kingdom began to split, Wat That Luang was looted and destroyed by the Siamese army and the Burmese army, tower artifacts lost.In 1930,it was excavated by the French Far East College, the existing Wat That Luang for the 1930-1935 years rebuilt.

The Wat That Luang has become an indispensable part of the Lao people's life, is Laos's most famous and most important pagoda, but also the Lao people worthy of the monuments. Of course ,there are a lot more scenic spot in Vientiane, If you want to travel to Laos , you can contact us.



Cambodia is not only a civilized Ancient country, but also is a country with a strong religious color. In Cambodia, 95% of the population believe in Buddhism. So when you travel to Cambodia , you will find many of the attractions or tourist destinations here, they are with a relatively strong religious color. If you are a Buddhist, you must be very interested; if you are not, then you will be attracted by Cambodia's unique historical monuments. Now, let me introduce you to a famous Cambodian attraction, it is the Royal Palace of Phnom Penh.

Royal Palace was built by King Norodom in 1866-1870. It is like a rectangle, 435 meters long, 402 meters wide, outside the wall. The Palace of building with Khmer traditional architectural style and religious color, the palace has a minaret, on behalf of prosperity; The temple is yellow or white, yellow on behalf of Buddhism, white on behalf of Brahmanism. Here is the ancient king of the Buddha's holy land. The main buildings within the palace are:

Silver Pagoda is located in the left side of the entrance to the edge of the palace, which is a 5000 pieces of silver tile covered in the top of the temple building, each piece of silver tile weight of 1 kg; inside the floor is also a silver, which is called Silver Pagoda. The treasures of the temple include a gold flower with 9584 diamonds, weighing 90 kilograms, of which the heaviest diamond has 25 carats. In addition, there is a pagoda behind the Silver Pagoda. Inside the Pagoda there is a statue of white jade, it is Cambodian national treasure, very precious.

The Golden lantern hall is the place where the king crowned, met with the guest, held religious ceremonies and accepted foreign envoys to submit the credentials.

Moonlight House is located in the palace of the main gate of the above, It is used for the king to stand up and hold major ceremonies and state banquets.

When you visit the Royal Palace , you will feel its unique. At the same time you will also lament the hardships and devotion of the Cambodian people!



When you travel to Vietnam , Halong Bay is the area you can not miss, because there is the most beautiful natural scenery of Vietnam on here. If you know little about Halong Bay, let me introduce to you about this area.

Halong Bay is a Gulf in northern Vietnam, beautiful, charming, and it is the famous Scenic area in the world. It is located in the western part of the northern bay, about 150 km from the capital of Vietnam. In 1994, UNESCO included Halong as a natural heritage in the World Heritage List. The Scenic area is divided into East, West, South 3 small bay. Because of its scenery resembles China's Guilin landscape, So called "sea Guilin" by people. In 2011, UNESCO was listed as one of the "seven new natural wonders of the world".

Halong Bay covers an area of 1,500 square kilometers and contains about 3,000 rock islands and island, The jagged limestone pillars that stretched out the sea are typical of the landscape, There are some caves, together to form a unique and beautiful scenery. Water and terrestrial mammals, crocodiles, fish and birds are visible in waters and tropical forests.

do you know? There are two different legends about the origins of this bay. The first legend, said the dragon violently stamped on the ground leaving the mountain to collapse, forming a valley filled with water quickly; Only the peak of the mountain - now the rock island of Halong Bay - floating on the water. Another folk legend refers to the long tail of the dragon to tear the earth, causing valleys and crevices, and flooding when the dragon leaps into the adjacent waters. The two legends are borrowed from the legend of the Talasque monster in the modern world, which is a marine life like a dragon, living in Halong Bay. that‘s very interesting.

If you want to visit Halong Bay , please contact us and we will be happy to help you.



Mongolia is located in the north of China, and it is a landlocked country located in eastern Asia. Mongolia has a vast grassland, flocks of cattle and sheep and delicious Mongolian snacks, Beautiful scenery makes people feel good. If you are tired of the city life, then you can travel to Mongolia , feel different life.

Visit the Mongolia , Genghis Khan Scenic area is very worthy your visit, because it is the most famous scenic spots in Mongolia. Giza Khan statue is the most important scenic spot in this area. The statue commemorates one of the greatest conquerors in history - Genghis Khan. Once, under his leadership, the Mongolian army opened up 22 per cent of the earth's area. The Mongols respectfully called him the father of the nation.

This huge horseback statue is forty meters high and is covered with two hundred and fifty tons of stainless steel, standing in a vast grassland. Colossus at the foot of the pedestal diameter of ten meters, surrounded by thirty-six cylinders, a symbol of Genghis Khan after the death of Mongolia ruled thirty-six Khan. The statue of Genghis Khan has become a tourist center in Mongolia, and it is not just a colossus, but also a two-storey tourist complex. There are museums, Genghis Khan conquered areas of giant maps, galleries, conference rooms, billiards rooms and souvenir shops. Stairs and elevators leading up to thirty meters, located in the hills of the head of the viewing platform, you can watch from the viewing platform of the vast expanse of Mongolia magnificent view of the prairie. In the future, the statue around the planned construction of a theme park, used to show the life of the Mongols Mongolian life scenes. The park will consist of six parts: barracks, artisan camps, shaman wizards camps, khana kiosks, herdsmen camps and campuses for teaching.

Visit the Genghis Khan Scenic area will make you very shocked, do not you want to try it? If you want to, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.



Taiwan is located in the southeast of China, it is largest island in China and is also the world famous tourist destination. When you come to Taiwan, you will find that there are many famous tourist attractions, they are very attractive. Among them, the National Palace Museum is one of the most famous attractions, it is very unique, and is very important in Taiwan tourism . Let me introduce this famous spot to you:

The National Palace Museum is located in the heart of Taipei, one of Taiwan's largest museums and one of the ancient Chinese art history and sinology research centers. It began construction in 1962, Completed in the summer of 1965. It covers an area of about 16 hectares , magnificent momentum. It belongs to the Chinese palace architecture, the main building a total of 4 layers, the whole building solemn and elegant, full of national characteristics. National Palace Museum is different from the Beijing Imperial Palace, The difference lies in the National Palace Museum to the main cultural relics, The difference is that the National Palace Museum to showcase the cultural relics, the Beijing Palace Museum to show the building.

Visit the National Palace Museum , you will find the royal old possession from different places. Museum of cultural relics more than 696,000, Including Shang and Zhou bronze, ancient jade, ceramics, ancient books, paintings, they are extremely valuable. The exhibition will be changed every three months and will be held from time to time.

The National Palace Museum has three treasures, they are meat-shaped stone, jade cabbage and Mao Gong Ding. Jade cabbage and meat-shaped stone are exquisite handicrafts, lifelike shape enough to fake. And Mao Gongding is by far the most engraved inscriptions bronze, extremely precious.

In general, the National Palace Museum is very attractive. Of course, there are many attractions in Taiwan, if you want to travel to Taiwan , please contact me, I am happy to help you.



If you travel to South Korea , you must not miss Jeju Island .it is Korea's largest island and is also a typical volcanic island.it was listed as one of the world's new seven natural wonders. In the center of the island is formed through the volcanic eruption of Hanna mountain, It is more than 1950 meters above sea level, is the highest peak in Korea. Jeju Island is known as "South Korea's Hawaii",The beautiful Jeju Island not only has the unique beauty of the island, but also inherited the ancient folk culture of the ancient kingdom. If you want to travel to Jeju Island , I will give you some suggestion: Three days of the island tour.


First of all, visit the strange leading rock, it is Hanna Mountain volcano erupted lava condensed from the sea, shaped like a dragon. And then visit the magic of the road, feel no engine car, automatically run up the strange phenomenon. Finally visit the 2002 World Cup soccer field, after dinner at their own expense to enjoy the world famous lamb show.


After breakfast you will visit the Teddy Bear Museum, which shows a small teddy bear interpretation of the 20th century human history, 11 major events. Then you can go to the sunrise peak, and the Heaven and earth waterfall. And finally go to reflect the Korean national culture of the city folk village, after dinner at the hotel.


Hanna mountain is one of the three famous mountains in Korea. It is a mysterious mountain, you see the angle of different mountains is different, seasonal changes when the mountain has changed. On the top of the hill is not only the volcanic lake white deer lake, but also around it there are more than 360 small volcanoes, very spectacular!

In my opinion, visiting Jeju Island will be an unforgettable journey. If you want to go, do not forget to contact us, we are happy to help you.



Speaking of Chinese tourism , you must know Guilin. it is China and the world famous tourist city, it is known for its unique landscape. The Lijiang River Scenic Area is the essence of Guilin landscape, is the world's largest and most beautiful scenery of the karst landscape tour area.

Travel to Guilin , you will find the Lijiang River Scenic Area has many attractions, they are very beautiful and unique, Which is one of the representative of the Elephant Trunk Hill is one of the essence of Guilin landscape. It is called the city emblem of Guilin.

Elephant Trunk Hill area in the Peach Blossom River and Lijiang River confluence, It is 200 meters above sea level, 55 meters above the river, 108 meters long, 100 meters wide, the mountain area of 1.3 hectares. From 3.6 million years ago the seabed sedimentary pure limestone composition, from the appearance point of view, much like a giant elephant to stretch the nose to drink the river, very interesting and very special. Elephant Trunk Hill formerly known as known for the magic. By the nose between the legs created a round of water moon, constitute "like the moon" wonders. Therefore, the Elephant Trunk Hill has become a representative of Guilin landscape, Guangxi local products to Elephant Trunk Hill as a mark.

Water on the hole in the Elephant Trunk Hill between the elephant and elephant legs. 12,000 years ago, the crustal uplift, Lijiang narrowing, accelerating the development of water on the hole, forming a transparent hole in things. 17 meters long, 9.5 meters wide, 12 meters high, an area of about 150 square meters. "Like the moon" is a wonders of Guilin landscape, and the south of the mountain rock relative, a hanging in the sky, a floating in the water, the formation of "Lijiang bimonthly" strange landscape.

In general, visit Guilin you must not miss the Elephant Trunk Hill, it will not let you down.



Brunei is located in the southeast of Asia, between Sarawak, Malaysia and Sabah, Land area of only 5765 square kilometers, it is one of the smallest countries in the world. But it is such a seemingly unknown small country, but because of oil exploitation, has become one of the richest countries in the world. When you visit Brunei , you will find that there are not only white sandy beaches, inland swamps and original jungle, but also a unique exhibition hall, These show the natural and unique side of Brunei. Let me introduce you to Brunei's exhibition hall:

When you travel to Brunei , The Royal Regalia Building is one of the most worthy of your visit. It was located in the center of Sri Lanka Bay, which was set up in 1992. This memorial is the world's largest private accommodation, built for the 25th anniversary of the Sudanese basement.

The memorial has 2200 rooms, including mosques, helipad, 3 km underground road and air-conditioned stables. The whole palace can accommodate 2,000 guests, the banquet hall can accommodate 400 people.

White round roof is spectacular, the interior is more luxurious. When you enter the door before taking off your shoes, covered with thick carpets on the ground. The show includes photographs, oil paintings, which introduce the life of the 29th generation of the present in Sudan, the real scene of the ceremony and the independent history of Brunei. The royal souvenirs collected in the museum include a gemstone crown, a gorgeous traditional royal chariot and a copy of the throne. On the second floor, it also shows the souvenirs given by the countries to the incumbent Sultan, and there are some people from all over Brunei, in addition to a Brunei Constitutional History Museum.

Of course, these attractions is only a small part of Brunei. If you want to visit Brunei to experience more happiness, you can contact me. I'd be happy to help you.



Speaking of Indonesian tours , you will be able to think of the Bali first time, that’s right, Bali is the most famous tourist destination in Indonesia, it is also the world famous tourist island. Due to the variety of Bali style, the scenery is very beautiful. someone called it: "Magic Island".

Bali is located in the eastern part of the island of Java, it is the most important tourist destination in Indonesia. In Bali, you will feel the same different beaches and cultural and artistic landscapes in Indonesia. Let me introduce its uniqueness:


When you want to visit the Indonesian cultural and artistic landscape, Ubud is a place you can not miss. It is the traditional culture and art center of Bali, it is worth visiting. And, you can choose here as a rafting or tropical jungle trek. In addition, Tegallalang, known for its terraced and handicrafts, is near Ubud.


If you travel to Bali , Kuta is also very attractive tourist destination. The main reason is that Kuta beach is Southeast Asia's unique surfing sanctuary, In addition to the tourists from all over the country, you can also see many locals enjoying the sun and the beach on here under the sunset. Kuta is also the tourist shopping and entertainment center of Bali, which concentrates on the island's most important shopping mall. In the evening, all over the Kuta Street all nightclubs, it is young people's favorite. Stay in Kuta, you should arrange more outdoor activities such as surfing, shopping, SPA, tasting local cuisine and clubbing.

Lovina Beach

Where you can rent a boat to the sea to see dolphins, you can also be arranged to go to Nusa Menjangan snorkeling. Compared with other beaches, this should be the most suitable place for watching coral and tropical fish in Bali.

Of course, these attractions is only a small part of Bali. If you want to visit Bali to experience more happiness, you can contact me. I'd be happy to help you.