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One day…
I'll be hanging in a hammock under a curved coco-nut tree that stretches out toward the shoreline of a white sanded beach with light blue water surrounding it and slow and hypnotizing waves crashing in while I just lay there swinging and sipping on a drink that is juicy, fruity and stuffed with alcohol. I'll be in the half-shade from the big leaves that sprout out from the coco tree above, as I don't need as much sun as before, for I have been in this paradise for quite a while. My feet will be crossed and slowly rubbing against one another, but I will not be aware of this, for it will simply be a reaction of the beauty that surrounds me and a relaxing massage tic that scrubs of the sand that stuck there. I will be free… I will forget about every bother of this world that haunts me like a plague – like most people do every day – if it only is for a while, but it has to be there, and I must arrive in paradise, eventually. You wanna come?!

Through the hardship we grow… We grow slow… The sun sets down and on the motionless water shines the moonlight glow… Escape the madness of the world, for it is too much to bear, for one man alone, when no one else cares. I dare jump into the void and the abyss… Of the unknown future while to my past I throw a goodbye kiss… A time that I might not miss… For it has come to grow wild… The destiny calls all those with balls and I'm heading back out on my dark path, for I am that wild child that does his math…

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