{what i am}

Hi everyone on Nouw. So, I've never really done this before, but I just wanted a place to vent. I know not many people are on here, and my life is quite boring, but here I go! Don't forget to love me and follow my tumblr! I'm always on. But any way, I guess something to make this post sort of interesting is my current mood. I'm quite tired, but also kind of dissociated. I might just be tired, but I'm pretty sure I'm spaced out while writing this. I feel like my heart is filled with pearls right now, I'm super slow. My mood seems to be steady, currently, but we'll see. 

But hey, overall, I feel pretty fucking hot today. And you look pretty fucking hot, too. I've been giving myself room for improvement, but also telling myself that it's okay to fail, and that I have so much potential still. One failure doesn't mean I am a failure. Many failures doesn't mean I'm a failure. I think I'm getting the hang of this? Maybe? haha.