Okay, my dog doesn't have the best reputation. Because she's scared, yes she have bit a few people, but that's because she's scared. Some people say that she's aggressive, but I don't like it when people say that! So I wil explain why she's scared;
When we went to the old owners to buy here, she already was sceared, but we thought it was normal for an little puppy. So we took here home, an second after she got out the car, she had to go to the toilet, but she did it on the ground... From that point she was always scared. She was scared for her tack, still now. She barks to people she don't know, but when you're inside en she come, it's fine by her. She did bit a few people, but one time it wasn't Indy's fault! That girl was playing with her in the field, and randomly runs away and screams. Only because Indy brought her the frisbee. But she really can be very sweet, every morning I Play with her! Cuddle and just running around. When she knows you, she can be very sweet. A Lot of people always say when they're outside they're scared for her' but when they're inside, and Indy know them, they think she's really sweet! And she is, my parents actually wanna sell her. But I love her! I wil not let here go, if they wanna sell here, I go with here! Nobody can take here from me! I'm training here right now, to let here meet new people. An time ago a little girl could pet her! That's really brave from here! I trained her to go with me with the bike, skate's and with the step. In the beginning she didn't liked other dog's, but now she's very sweet to other dog's! I really do realise that we can't do this with Indy, I know that she's dangerous, but I keep my hope. I'm not giving up, whatever people say. When I need to train here al night, I will! When I need to sleep in the barn with here, I will! I never give up on here, because she's an amazing dog, she can do allot! I love here en never let here go!

Iris Voskuilen

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Horses and fear,

My opinion is that fear is connected to horse riding, when you're an horse rider, you will get through allot of fear. I faced my worst fears during horse riding! A few times I looked at my horse and thought, why do I still love him so much, even when he hurts me so much? At that moment I tell myself; because I love him, he's my soulmate, I could never let him go.

Horse riding isn't about the riding, but about the bond between you and the horse. Trust, love and faith. About falling and standing up again, pain and suffering. People who have there own horse, wil understand me with what I'm saying. In the beginning my bond was very bad with Boy. I didn't trust him, I was afraid of him. An time ago I had an liberty training with Boy, it was amazing! Now he can do the jambette and parking out very well! I trusted him with my life. I felt an bond I never feld before! I finally felt like I can trust him.

The moment that I couldn't trust Boy again was, when I always fell off...


The bond between me and Boy was very bad, so I choose to take an liberty lesson from @unipown on insta. During that lesson I learned so much! At first on this blog I'm going to thank her for everything she have teached to me and Boy. I especially had problems with doing his halter on, because then he always walked away. She teached me that he wants me to walk after him, but that it isn't good. That after you walked to him, he has to take the last stap, during that we noticed that he was scared for the rope halter... And we also worked on that, we letted him feel the halter, and we were give him an sort of massage. And then he wasn't scared for the halter anymore!

We also had problem with the jambette, he knew how to do it, but he just didn't wanted to do it. But now, he does! I was working on something else and then he was just randomly parking out! And she tried to park him out and it worked! He never did it in his life, but now he can do it amazing!

The day after the lesson, I trained him. The halter took some time, but it worked! Again he did amazing with everything! I'm so proud, because our bond is strong again.

I really love to know what's your story, so please comment below!

Iris Voskuilen❤️




Hello everybody on my blog, on my first blog I will tell you something more about me, I'm Iris Voskuilen, 13 years old and life in the Netherlands. We have one horse named Boy, an donckey named Sandra, an dog named Indy, an Rabbit named Flappie and seven sheeps. I really love my animals, and zi love to work with animals, I ride my howle life horse, because we used to have two shetlanders, but I became to big for them. And now something about Boy, Boy is an Haflinger , he's six years old, and 1.51 meters high. I have two people that help me with riding on Boy, they called Rachel and Esmee.

My story,

I had horses my howle life, sinds I was born we had little horses, they never did anything, but I became to big, so we had to sell them, a year later we wanted an another horse, we went to friends of us, he had an castraded horse, an 3 year old big Haflinger, the first time I rode on him (we didn’t bought him yet) it went wel, but when I could ride by my selve he got away I lossed control, I felt with my back on the gate, it hurted so much! My howle back was open, I cryed so hard, but I don’t know how, but I was in love with that horse, his caracter was amazing, I saw something in him, I loved him. So we bought him, sometimes I think, wasn’t it the biggest mistake of my life? I rode him a few times with a girl how was bigger, so helped me with him, I almost never rode him, without falling off…. That’s girl is now gone, but in that time, once Boy (so is my horse called) ran away again, I faild of him, very little next to an tree, I was so scared, now I have to incredible girl riding my horse, but I’m scared to ride my own horse, I don’t dare to get up my own horse again, terryble isn’t it?


Boy is an 6 year old big Haflinger, he's as high as an horse, but his bread is officially an pony bread. We got him when he was 3 years old. He's has a lot of energy, and is scared for a lot of things. I work (almost) everyday an half an hour with him, but not riding, just walking and longing in the field. Boy's standing in an field with his best friend Sandra.


Sandra is an 4 years old donkey, she and Boy are really good friends. Sometimes the have to be separated for a few days or weeks, if we do that, Boy is really stressed, than he's running and rearing nonstop! And they're 'talking' to each other all the time!


Indy is or dog, she's 2,5 years old, here bread is an Border Collie. I often go with her to the sheeps and shepher with them. She loves to run around and be active!


Flappie is my bunny, I really love her! But she's already very old, so I don't know if she will l be around for long...


We have 7 sheeps, they're pregnant right now, for the first time!!

My familie,

I live in The Netherlands with my mother, my father, my big brother, my big sister and my little sister.

I hope you anjoyed it,

Iris Voskuilen