​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​I have made the decision to start my whole blog all over again as thanks to the last 3 months or so I have been pretty busy with doing my final placement of my 1st year in nursing but now that it is over with for the summer I can finally get back into blogging again as my 1st attempt was a complete fail and because I love writing about stuff I love so I'm gonna try my hardest and work more on the blog 

Peace out 

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Ah skin the part of your body you need to look after through healthy eating and drinking plenty water that helps the skin underneath to heal and rejuvenate. But what can you use to help the skin heal on the outside I have some products I'm going to discuss that have helped my skin.

A little history of my skin I have been quite lucky as a teenager as my skin was quite normal with only the usual hormonal spots here and there but nothing to major but as I got older in particular near the end of my teenage years my skin had gone from quite normal to really bad dry skin on my face but also my body. I feel that as I get older that I'm finding skin care is something that I believe that if you find something that works stick to it so I tend to buy things that work for me. Below are some of the products which have saved my dry skin so far and I'm so glad I got them:

First of is my ultimate facial scrub the Nip + Fab Glycol scrub fix because I suffer from dry skin I need to keep up with my skin care routine with a scrub. I usually do a face scrub twice a week. I like to do my facial scrub when I'm in the shower as I feel I get a better result from it. I haven't found a scrub that works for dry skin except this one and I don't have enough nip + fab skin products to know if different products in the ranges I will like but at the moment I love this face scrub I'm currently on my 2nd tube of it. 

My 2nd favourite skin care product at the moment is the famous Emma Hardie amazing face moringa cleansing balm I've only recently purchased this product from seeing my favourite youtuberrs using it I decided to bite the bullet and buy it I only bought the 100ml version with the cleansing cloth to try it out. and oh my god this stuff is amazing it removes my make up with such ease and I used to always wake up with the last of the mascara or eyeliner but since using this product that never happens I absolutely recommends this to anyone to help remove make up

My final product for this blog post is my favourite face mask at the moment is the Glam glow youth mud which helps leave my skin soft and smooth and I feel it really does work I'm tempted to buy the hydrating version as well to see if I like that one better for when my skin is more dry.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post if anyone has any types on how to improve my blogging please let me know down below.

Have a great day or night where ever you are 

Born to geek 



I'm one of these people who rarely gets ill. I get the occasional cold but thats it but nope not today I have got the start of a chest infection and it sucks and every time I cough it hurts. I'm hoping it doesn't get worse over the weekend so I spend my day doing nothing exciting except university work and as I type this I am in my bed wrapped up trying to heat my body up and reading Stephen King's IT book which I absolutely love and is one of my favourite authors and this is definitely one of my favourite books from him. As you can tell I love the book by the state of it from all the readings 



Been lacking in the blog department after my introduction post but been so busy with university and placements to actually concentrate on the blog as this is still a new concept for me so trying to learn how to juggle the whole university life and blogging. My plan at the moment is I'm off most fridays so I'm going to try and make a blog post and post on a Saturday till I can figure out a way to juggle everything.

So I figured I would do a short blog post on what I feel is my favourite holiday destination. I try and getaway on holiday every year if possible and for the last three years I've been traveling to dubai with my mum for two weeks during the summer I know a lot of people don't like Dubai because it is very hot all year round and because it represents wealth, greed and just a generalised way of living for the rich and for fake people since the place is manufactured and built from the ground up. I love Dubai because it's where I get to spend two weeks holiday with my mum just me and her and no one else as there is always something going on in our family where we can't spend time together just the two of us so thats the main reason why I Dubai has a special place in my heart the other reason why I love Duabi is being able to relax without any worries about life plus it gives me a chance to catch up on all my reading aswell.

I like going shopping aswell. The shops are a mixture of high street and going onto the more high end side of shopping however what I do like about shopping in dubai is the prices as certain things are cheaper there than in the uk. When shopping I mostly buy from the normal places like forever 21, bershka, pull and bear among others however I do try and go into shops I'm unable to get in the uk or from shops that I can get online but don't ship to uk till I found out about websites that ship from america to the uk however I try and get into shops such as sephora, make up forever and bath and body works. It's not just the shopping I like but it is also the weather aswell I'm a weird creature I love really warm weather but I also really like cold weather.

Besides from shopping and lying on the beach I also love the culture of dubai and it's not the place to go if you want to party with your friends as it's not in their culture which doesn't really bother me as I'm not too bothered about having alcohol.

To add bit extra to the post the places I want to visit the most are:


New Zealand











Thats the countries I want to visit I also have cities I want to visit it aswell but thats a longer list

Hope you enjoyed reading and leave any comments you want below



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Ahhh the first blog post always the one that shows readers who the person behind the blog is and well this is my first piece and it will be just a rambley post as I get used to the whole blog process should probably make this an about me post and my plans for the blog in the future.

My names Vikki and I'm a 27 year old student nurse living in the wonderful city of Edinburgh. I have my lovely boyfriend Ross to thank for keeping my sanity and making sure I keep grounded I would definetly say I'm the female version of him except he's more of a gamer than I am however I still love him all the same and I don't know what I would do without him he's my rock.

You could say I've always been bit of a weird creature in the sense that I don't feel I fit into societies ideas and norms of how a person should be I'm defiantly not a tradition girl in the sense that I have both male and female traits in my personality and with our society getting more and more away from traditional gender norms it is definitely something that I'm starting to relate to different ideologies. I will eventually do a blog post on my thoughts on the whole situation. I am an introvert and I'm living with depression and anxiety everyday I fight to overcome them and it's something I used to hide from and pretend that didn't exist in my life however I have started to embrace my inner demons and try to live my life as best as possible while fighting for my sanity. I decided to start this blog as an outlet for my ramblings on everything that I love to talk about it's also a way for me to connect with like minded individuals and a place for me to rant now on about the post.

I'm also a massive book nerd I am an avid reader and my favourite genres are horror, scifi, fantasy and young adult. massive geek in many ways. I absolutely love Deadpool he's my hero and I find his so amazingly funny and I was a fan of him before the movie was coming out and before the horrible movie aka Wolverine which ruined Deadpool for me. I'm a gamer a ps4 user and occasional xbox 360 user too I try to play as much as possible in my spare time which at the moment is becoming less and less due to university and work Movie and tv wise, I love horror, documentaries, scifi, disney movies, children's movies, thrillers and so on and so forth.

I'm a lover of tattoos and piercings I used to be a lot more pierced however I took most of them out the question I get lost about my piercings is how big are your ears and they are 18mm and I've been that size for about 4 years now. Tattoo wise I have  13 at the moment and I'm always planning to get more done. I am also in the middle of getting a few tattoos removed.



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