Hello World.

This is the first post on the blog, so I decided to take is as an opportunity to introduce myself. A bit like a "20 Things you didn't know about me!" But I'm only gonna do 10, because I'm just not that interresting. So here we go...

1. Before 2017, I would always say that I hate three things. Nuts, jazz and the color orange. But since then, I have grown to love them all.

2. I am the oldest of five children. Some of them are only half-sibling, though it doesn't feel that way.

3. I'm absolutely terrible at German. I've never been good at it.

4. My life is so boring, that sometimes I imagine different scenarios, and then forget if it really did happen. Did I dream it? Did I make it up? Or did it actually happen?

5. When I get older I'd LOVE to live in England. Right now I'm thinking London or maybe Brighton? I've only ever visited London once, but it was the best few days in my life.

6. When I was younger, I believed that the black market was a real market with black tents.

7. The number seven is my favourite. It started when I read on Instagram that it was Luke Hemming's favourite number too.

8. I got my first period a few weeks before I turned 12. I got it just after my first One Direction concert.

9. I've been to 4 big concerts. Two with One Direction and two with 5 Seconds of Summer. (And then a few small gigs here and there)

10. My Hogwarts house is Slytherin.. hiss hiss mofos

Anyway.. bye!