The situation is simply this. Big earrings is the "thing" this springslashsummer. SO if you yet don't have any, best you drag your ass to the store and purchase some. No one can guarantee huge earrings will be the next "hit" in fashion, but I guess it will. At least the stores have taken in a lot of beautiful jewelry. I'm not saying this big earrings is a new thing, but it hasn't been a big thing lately. Huge necklaces are still in, as big coats and everything else. So is it massive earrings next? I really hope so. At least I'm gonna wear these as much as I can!! Love 'em.

Asia on nyt vain niin että pysyt muodin hurjan vauhdin kyydissä, kun menet ja ostat isot tai valtavat korvikset. Roikkuvat tai napit nyt on se ja sama, kunhan on neliöitä ! Luvata en voi, tietenkään, mutta riittääkö usko? Ainakin kaupat ovat haalineet uusia ja nättejä koruja, mukaan lukien suuret korvikset. Ainakin itse aion käyttää näitä mahdollisimman paljon, koska en pysty olla niistä erossakaan!!

Blue flowers - 6.99e (HM), Big golden - 7.99 (HM), Smaller titanium colored - 4.99e (HM)

Big black ones - 7.99e (HM) - The rest: flee market, friend, not anymore available in store, sry.

--- IIDS x

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HONEY the Remedy.

It's a blessing when nothing helps and it also makes you warm and cozy. It tastes good (after 18 years of hating it), and is totally natural. THA BEST. I never found pharmacy medicine working. Talking of cough and sore throat. Honey heals. Believe me. I also read that honey have been used to heel scars for ages and is still used. It's (should be) 100% natural sugar. One spoon of honey a day keeps many creeps away! (Kiwi fruit has a lot of vitamin C!!)

If you wanna save some money and nerves from cough medicine, buy a can of honey and one lemon (or why not ten).


Choose your biggest mug and a big spoon. Press the spoon deep in your honey can and lift it up, put your enormous honey portion -wich is stuck on your spoon- in your mug. Boil some water and pour it over your honey in the mug. Mix. Squeeze some lemon juice from your lemon. Mix. Enjoy. Be healed.

I use lemon juice cos I don't exactly love the super sweetness that honey brings into everything. 

You do what you d so I do what I do.

- - - IIDS