Pressure. Pressure is in everyone and everything. There's all different types; Peer pressure, social pressure, but personally, the most significant kind is the pressure to succeed, not only by others but ourselves as well. We're taught from a young age that we want to grow up and be rich and own a booming company with a house on a hill and whatever, but is that really succeeding? What is success? I find success to be happy. Happy with the person you've grown into, happy with what and who you're surrounded by. The pressure applied to young children in schools to ace every test and excel in their classes is absurd. Putting a kid in a room with 20 or so others with a sheet of paper in complete silence with them thinking 'this is make it or break it,' is really not healthy. They were made to live, laugh and adventure. Let them roam, let them run, let them have fun! Don't lock them in a building for 12-14 years of their life. Kids should not be put under the amount of pressure they are in schools. Some people are made for the worlds so-called "success" but others aren't. Some people crumble under pressure, all people struggle, and for all times sake, some can't even make it through the first twenty years of their life. Knowing that kids aged from 11-18 are in high schools, leading up to uni and the 'outside world,' is scary. The amount of work students have to go through to prepare to suffice for themselves is imense. Thinking they've only come 18 years into their life and here they are, supposedly ready to leave home and make a living. Being in high school, i know that around 75% of the people that attend my classes have no idea what theyre going to do with their lives, including myself! And with three years to try and figure that out? It's really intimidating. Schooling systems should be teaching kids what it really is to succeed, not what society wants and knows it to be. It should be to be happy with yourself and your life. Not to grow up hating your race, class or appearance. Acceptance. Amongst most, amongst all. To be accepting and happy for what we've got. People will say it's for the greater good, or the fact that it's how the world works, but it's not too late to change or transform that. To redefine the meaning of success. To help those who struggle or dont know where they're going.

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