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How to start you own business? is it worth it..

Just for your information, I start writing that post on Aug 4 and because of my lizard brain (you'll understand that term if you'll continue reading), I didn't post it.....So:

Lately, I'm asking myself if it is worth to start my own business and where should I start.

I'm following some successful people on social media, youtube, where they share their stories or tips to success; as well I'm talking with people that I know about their business and lifestyle.

What I found out is that all of them have in common few things:

1. They are authentic. Jobs said: 'Don't live a limited life... ' or like Warren Buffett says: ' Don't care what others think (emotional stability)... "; you have to do it your way (Seth Godin) and that's it.

2. Have a Passion: you have to love what you're doing, because sooner or later you'll come to obstacles and if you're passionate about your product/service you'll cross them. Be patiently impatient as Seth Godin says.

3. Oprah is saying: 'Believe, believe, believe... ': stay hungry, stay foolish (S.Jobs)

Usually we hear the comments: "They can be who they are, because they have money and that's why people accept them." I think it's opposite. They don't care what people say or think about them, so their focus is clear.

4. Find your Purpose (Oprah W.): This is actually your story.

5. Always give your best (Oprah): Steve Jobs said: ' Don't sell a crap... ' Warren Buffet is saying that you need to model success and stay always competing. Oprah point it good with: 'Understand the next right move... '

6. My ex-boss told me that for being a good manager you need to have three qualities: Intelligence, Integrity and Energy (Warren Buffett), and make sure that you choose a team with the same qualities, because it's hard to win alone.

7. Create something Remarkable, because this is who you are.

Seth Godin pointed out some good advices:

  1. People are buying from you because they know you exist and they trust you.
  2. You need to care, you don't need a method.
  3. Consistency is a version of authenticity.

...and now what are 'lizard brains'

Lizard brain resists you to stand out or try to stop you before shipping your product. They are loud and try to convince you: ' You're not good enough .... , there are many products ... , nobody will buy it... etc.' What you do for living is 'shipping', because everything what you do is about finishing and not starting. Your business is your obligation and you build your world around it.

You need quite lizard brains and if you're trashing, do it at the beginning, because it will cost you less.

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If it’s meant to be it will happen.

Lately, I’m trying to push some things in my life and I talked to some friends/people who had the same issue.

How are you facing that kind of situations? Do you believe that if it’s meant to be it will happened and you just let it go?

I needed a signature from my landlord to get a permanent state. She is the best landlord you can imagine. Why I’m starting with that story is, because it was for me meant to be to live in apartment where I’m leaving.

Three years ago I decided to move to Vienna and two weeks before my movement, I met her. She offered me WG (WG means in Vienna that you are living in a shared room) in 18. District, which I didn’t like it so much and a few days later she wrote me that she had one free room in another apartment. When I checked the photos, I was so excited, because apartment looked like it was made for me . But the thing was, that I couldn’t afford it, well I thought I can’t, so I decide to stay at my friends place to reduce my costs. A month later friends decided to move. I was happy for them to get an apartment with terrace and the most beautiful view of Vienna, but at the same time I was worried, where I’ll go and if I'll find apartment for symbolic price. Luckily my other friend offered me to stay at her place during the summer, because she was anyway out of the town most of the time, but we agreed that I’ll move out at the end of the summer. Very soon I got a job, so I could start looking for a new flat. I found a WG with two guys, which was still kind of acceptable, but the room was super small.

One day I thought of my 'dream apartment' and decided to write (just for fun) to the owner. She remembered me and replied: "What a coincident!! One girl is just leaving in the middle of September."..yeeey. I stayed at a friends place a little bit longer and since then I’m enjoying my time in my ‘meant to be’ apartment, that my heart would pick at the beginning, but my head needed some security for the step 😉

...and with most of the things in our life is the same. We just have to hope that our heart will remind us long and loud enough that the head will hear it and accept it.

Who knows, if it’s better to follow the heart from the beginning…maybe yes. If I would accept the flat immediately, maybe I would get my job quicker and with better salary or it just had to be like that and I had adventure, which I wouldn’t had if I would choose ‘left’ instead of ‘right” ...so, maybe no😊

My ex-boss ones told me that every day we have to choose between left and right at least 10 times, but when we look back it seems like it was a destiny (or meant to be).



Where to go for summer holidays

Which type of person are you when it's coming to holidays. Do you like to plan your holidays months in advance, or are you a spontaneous type? Do you prefer all inclusive hotels or adventure?

We are different and everybody is feeling safe in other circumstances, but I'll give you a few tips which I found them useful and stressless while planning or enjoying holidays.

1. The most important is going on holidays and coming back home

No matter when (a week or 5 months in advance) will you book your tickets, hotels, camps etc., make it simple. The only thing, which is important in reality, is that you go on holidays and that you come back home. Decide where you'll start your holidays and where you'll end it and book just those tickets in advance.

For example, I flew to Madrid and back from Valencia, last year. I was sure to visit my friend in Zaragoza after leaving Madrid, but at the end I stayed 2 days longer in Madrid (I fall in love with the city 😍) We met in Madrid anyway, but in stead of visiting their home, I change my schedule and travel with the bus directly to Valencia. So, I put Zaragoza on the list: 'Places to Visit' in the future.

Don't stress yourself if you don't see everything what you've planned. You'll come back privately or you'll be on a business trip and you'll 'check' it out.

2. Don't exaggerate with luggage

What do you need:

  • swimming suits (2x)
  • T-shirts 5-10 (if you have 5 dresses is 5 T-shirts enough)
  • Shorts
  • Mini-skirt
  • Long-skirts (2x)
  • Flipflops
  • Sandals
  • Towel
  • Underwear
  • Cosmetics: suncream, tooth past, tooth brush

That's it.

Maybe I forgot something, but who cares. As a woman you'll for sure find a dress or a shirt which you'll desperately want and you'll buy it anyway, even if you'll have 20 of them with you. So don't stress yourself with clothes that you take - it's always good to have an excuse to buy yourself something😉

3. While on a holidays keep your schedule simple

If you don't like to spend the whole day on the beach, choose a destination where you can explore the city and surrounding. Again don't stress yourself to see all the monuments

If you prefer adventure, you have two options: plan it on your own or book trips/adventure treks.

If you prefer solitude check where to find the places that are free of use and not everybody knows or can reach them.

If you like all inclusive offers - start enjoying your holidays already on the airport.

Remember you're on holidays, where you want to relax yourself - actually you want to be you. It's that time of the year where you don't want to play any role (role of mother, employee, co-worker, daughter, wife, sister ..). just keep calm and be who you are. So, if you have opportunity to have a long-weekend or week (or two) just for yourself, it would be awesome 👌 to recharge your mind, body and soul. Otherwise improvise and be spontaneous😜

4. Make photos or/and videos

Winter will come afterwards and on the cold evenings, you'll keep your hearth warm with memories from your summer holidays 😍 ☀ 🌴. So, make photos!

I have no idea, where I'll go on a vacations this year. My wish is visiting the South, where is a good food and sea (Mediterranean or Adriatic sea). Last minute decisions are my favourite, because they keep me flexible and spontaneous. You are not expecting anything because there is no time for pre-thinking and usually you experience them as a surprise/present.

My best vacation ever was, when a friend called me half an hour before departure if I'm ready to join them and spend long weekend on Kamenjak (Istria, Croatia). I was cleaning and reorganizing my flat. I left everything and spent unforgettable time. We were hiding and sleeping on the beach, cooking on the gas burner and partying at night. A story for my grandchildren 😉



Bluwiiii T-shirts painting and lettering

In May 21, 2017 I've started a 100 days project where you can get one T-shirt a day for FREE. The idea is to give myself 100 days for training and improving in fabric hand-painting and lettering.

You can write me an 📩 : tanjadobovicnik@ gmail.com and I'll send you back a finished T-shirt in max 2 weeks.

How we are going to do it?


☀ I'll get a T-shirt for you - don't forget to write me your SIZE in email.

☀ Let's save the Planet - you can send me one of you old T-shirt and I'll do some makeover.


☀ You leave a decision to me - I choose design and/or quote

☀ I can make your wish come true😉 - so don't forget to send me your favorite picture and/or quote in the email

I have to admit, that most of the graphics or pictures are not my art. At the moment I'm just practicing hand-painting, but usually I always give some personal note although it is not completely my design.

If you are interested in my work, check my Instagram account, that I've opened recently: Bluwiiiitshirts🔍

I'm waiting for your E-mails📫



Hand-printing on T-shirt by Bluwiiii


I was always dreaming to become a blogger and I've started it already many times, but I always got lazy or I couldn't manage the blog-site. The "Nouw" I found it easy and trendy.

Ok, let's give another try to myself and maybe I'll soon become a real blogger 😉

I'm going to use blog to share my passions (described in presentation) with you, and to improve my English and writing. So, I must apologize for the mistakes that I'll make, but you'll see I'll get better with a time 😊

Bluwiiii is my brand, it describes me completely. As a cancer in sun and sagittarius in ascendent I'm always striving for a new challanges, new places, new people... Bluwiiii itself is 'Wise Sun' and I love sun, people that shine like a sun, and I never stop learning.

I like to observe people and think how is their life, especially when I'm traveling with metro, tram, train or airplane. You have time to relax enough that you can open your heart to see and feel other people's souls without judgement . Expression on their faces tells you more than thousands of words. Usually you find a person (I must admit that mostly that person is female) who has the charm, s/he shines and you think 'wauuu what a person, so fulfilled and happy with a life!'..BUT if you have opportunity to get to know s/he in person, you will realize in 99,0 % that you couldn't even think about so many difficulties that that person went through. You found out that obstacles are the keys to appreciate and live better life every day.

Despite everything you should know, that even if it's cloudy the sun is always shining over you.

... and with a moon in leo I love beautiful things.

You'll see that I've started some projects long time ago, then I put them aside and take them out of the closet again after some weeks, months or years. It just seems that they needed time to grow inside and with me.

At the moment Bluwiiii focus is on:

☀ Hand-printing on T-shirts

☀ Home-made deo

☀ Projects - proposal preparation for EU and Internationl programme

☀ BrainLab - where I'm selling my crazy, out of the box, ideas

☀ ...and lately I saw on the FB how make up was made years ago and I found it so luxury and personal that maybe I'll start it soon for my special, fabulous and beautiful women.

I would like to thank to my friend Barbi for designing my logo. She has many talents, but she's also struggling with laziness of writing a blog, although she has a lot to offer; beside graphic design, she is real pro in watercoloring. Check her webpage: Barchi and chocolate

I'll end for know and will soon come back with some stories, news, tips, ideas or just everyday blabla 😉

Until then, stay fabulous 💝