The expression "chasing waterfalls" is probably one of the most overused phrases when sharing photos of a picturesque drop of water, cascading down a ridge. It is catchy, I have used it myself a couple of times. It just summs you discoveries in to simple words.

I love waterfalls. They are probably the highlights of my hikings, wven the goal with some treks I have done. The best ones are magestic and I can spend hours watching those powerfull streams break up into tiny little beads before they disappear in the mist at the bottom. It looks so dangerous, so intriguing, so compelling. No matter the size or shape, a waterfall always has a magical sense to it.

During my travels I have come across some breathtaking waterfalls in iconic places like New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia and Hawaii. They are all incomparable, all outstanding in their own way. But the waterfalls we came across in Laos is different.

Not only because of the surrounding beauty, it was the amount of levels it had. Whe we first spotted Kuang Si, I was stoked. But the path kept going and we kept following it, and around every corner my jaw dropped a little bit more.

We followed a path winding up in the jungle. It was a steep ascend, we were basically climbing for maybe 15 min until we reached the top of the fall. It was a gentle little stream with fresh, clear, cold water bravely making its way over the vertical edge to freefall into the multiple levels of pools making up the Kuang Si waterfall. It was an astonishing view from the top as well. So quiet and peaceful, nobody else but us had made their way up there. We walked along the bamboo path layed out for us to not soak our feet. But the curiousity took over and I waded up the the edge to get a proper look at the scenery. - It was beautiful.

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Vang Vieng is a beautiful little town located by a peaceful river, surrounded by impressive mountains covered in greenery. It is not big or crowded and if I thought Luang Prabang was quiet, this was a whole other level. Much as in our previous stay the locals speak hardly any English which is quite strange if you ask me, concidering it is the tourism that has built the town into a world known attraction.

Backpackers from all over the world has for many years flooded Vang Vieng for one reason - the tubing.
What is tubing? -Basically, you get a tuk tuk up to the river, you make yourself comfortable in the inner tube of a tractor tire and you float down the stream. As you go past a bar you either get a rope thrown out to you and you haul yourself in to the bar or you simply steer there yourself. Up till 2012, there was a lot of illegal bars along this 2-3 hour journey, offering everything from harmless alcohol to opium and mushrooms in different forms. Combine this party mode with rope swings and flying foxes in to the river and hundreds of backpackers every week, you get yourself a recipi for a disaster. A lot of people died. In 2011, 27 people lost their lives and the pressure from the grieving countries finally made the Laos government sharpen the regulations associated with the tubing. They shot down almost all the bars and instead of mushy shakes and naughty opium, they are getting is excited with buckets and cheap beers. The tour we did only had two bars that our group stopped at, and though we didnt get fucked up on drugs, we still had a really good time jumping off trampolines, flying foxed and playing volleyball and getting dry by a fire.

As I have pointed out before, we have just entered the wet season and there has not been a day without rain since we came to Laos. On the day of our tubing, it was pissing down so hard I was pretty keen to give it a pass. Not because its wet, you'll be soaked in the tube regardless of the weather, but I didn't want to get hypothermia and catch a cold! I consulted Google in the matter and was strongly adviced not to do it on a rainy day for that very reason. Luckily, the weather got better by the afternoon and we all decided to go ahead.

It was one of the best things I've done here, the whole concept is just brilliant! We met some really cool people and a unique view of the scenic landscapes. And yeah, nobody died. That was great! And as far as the weather conditions go, it started raining a bit after our first bar stop and it did get a bit colder than it was before. I didnt really mind it myself, but as a few of our fellow tubers came up to me with very concerned faces asking me how I was feeling (my lips were beautifully blue, kind of shifting in the colours of the lagoons in Thailand), I suppose some people might want to keep that in mind that it is preferred to do it on a not-rainy day.



We hadn't really planned on going to Krabi, but the best way of getting back to Bangkok from where we were was to fly from that airport. That's why we had to spend one night on Krabi main land, a place we had no expectations on. I have heard so much about Krabi, it is one of the places people tend to always visit when going to Thailand. Therefor I thought that Krabi Town was a top notch place to visit for shopping, party and a crazy beach. After consulting google in the matter, it turns out I couldn't be more mistaken. Krabi Town is a small, local place. No beach, not much party, not much anything really but a cheap and quiet place to visit if you want to get up close with locals and away from the touristy parts surrounding the town. Apparently, when people say they went to Krabi they refer to Krabi Province, and then mainly the islands in the region. Realising this just in time for booking our accomodation we quickly changed our desired destination to Ao Nang, a town 30 min from the ferry with a beautiful beach and a lot of food and shopping. Basically designed for tourists. And yes, I have said before I left for Asia that I want to discover the more authentic places around and not just hang around the all inclusive areas. But guess what, I was excited to enter Ao Nang! It is pretty, it is not busy in the rainy season but we still have a lot of good weather and it is nice when the locals understand every few words you say to them. Knowing that we were heading to much more undeveloped parts of Asia the next day, we took the opportunity to enjoy the wide range of cheap food options,admire the brautiful lady boys and reject the countless amount of tuk tuk offers and tempting shops.

Ao Nang is amazing. We had such a good time just soaking up the sunrays and taking in the views of the landscape and the relaxed atmosphere.



We spent three nights in Koh Phi Phi, which we found was well enough concidering what there is to do there and where we chose to live. As our initial arrival was spent sorting out how to get to the hotel so we didnt have time to do much more than to get food that night.

The day after, we spend 4 hours on a longboat, snorkeling around the main attractions of Phi Phi. And even though we were back around 2pm we were knackered! The heat, the sun, all the swimming and snorkeling really took a toll on us. (I know, holidaying is a hard life!) We were also acting exceptionally stupid, not applying enough sunscreen during the trip so we are both horribly burned! So obviously, the days we had left was not spend chilling on the beach enjoying the clear waters and the sun. We rather had to do the opposite, marinate ourselves in sunscreen and cover ourself with whatever long sleeved items we could find and stay in the shade. In lack of things to do we decided to do the hike up to the lookout, and as for the rest of the time we just kept trying to avoid the devious sunrays.

As per the map above, our hotel was in Loh Bagau Bay and there is nothing else but a few restaurants, other hotels and resorts and beach up there. All the action takes place around Ton Sai Bay and to get between the two you have to take a taxi boat. The path marked on the map is a mere walking track over a montain top which is a sweaty hour or more trekk up to the lookout and down again. We have just entered the rain season in South East Asia now as well, so on top of hiding from sun we also had to take shelter from the rain. When the time of departure from this island came, we were more than thrilled to see the contours of its mountains grow smaller and smaller in the horizon. Just as it was about to disappear, a monsune storm hit our ferry and we had to run down inside.



As there is not much to do on Phi Phi when you have a sunburn that is like taken out of a horror movie, we decided to drench ourselves in sunscreen, put on a finest longsleeved tops and hike up to the view point. The path to this lookout is, from our starting point, pretty much a bush walk through dense vegetation on a small and steep, poorly maintained track. I guess that there is not that many people who come to stay on this part of the island, and whoever does it tend to spend their time relaxing in the resort.

But away we went and it was a sweaty one! We are probably the worst people ever when it comes to preparing and planning these things, so we started off just as the sun was at its highest point. After a few minutes we were not even dripping with sweat, it was pouring off us. It didnt feel like it was all that hot though, more extremely humid. After all, we just entered the rain season and theres been downfall every day since we came.

We loved every bit of it. Its nice when everything is not like a red carpet layed out for you. It turns into an adventure when you hike up an overgrown path after you've been warned about snakes, centipedes and the soaring heat, not knowing if you're actually on the right way all the time. It takes the experience one step further and I love that! Once you reach the top, you feel like you actually earned that view. It is a reward and I appreciate everything about it so much more. The fresh breeze of air, the little benches placed on the viewing deck and the lovely women serving you water.

Just look at that! I was in awe when we turned the corner and that was what was layed out in front of us! Amazing!

When we had soaked up the view we headed down the other side of the mountain to the main part of Phi Phi to eat and chill. We were told at our hotel that there was a daily shuttle boat leaving from there at 15:40 to take us back to the hotel. Judge our disappointment when we stood on the pier in the pouring rain,and that boat didn't turn up. We had to pay for another hotels boat to get back and I complained to our hotel manager. I got to talk to him on the phone and layed out perfectly well why we should get refunded for the trip. His only claim not to compensate us was that we apparently were supposed to tell him that we needed the service in beforehand. Which is fair enough, but we werent told about that little detail. So I ended up ranting at him for a good ten minutes until he hung up on me. Fuck it, I knew he wouldn't pay us back. I just wanted to give him some shit for not having any information about this.



Yesterday we spend the day on our private tour around the best spots of Phi Phi Island for snorkeling and viewing. We booked a tour with a guy that seemed nice outside our hotel. Pick up was at 10am and we were back at the hotel around 2pm. This time frame was just enough to get to see what we wanted to see.  We got to snorkel 4-5 times in different locations, seeing beautiful fishes in thw clearest of waters. It was amazing! Spots we visited included Maya Bay, Shark Point and Monkey Bay. The latter was probably the highlight as a baby monkey jumped up on me, bit my shoulder and stole my sun glasses! Luckily he dropped them not far up on the rocks and I could gracefully climb up there barefoot to redeem them, only for him to attack me again as I got back on the sand!

Instead of posting a heap of pictures, I thought I'd give it a try to make a short video with some of our recordings from the day!

I hope this works. Enjoy!



As we could not stick to our original plan to go to Koh Tao and get our diving certificates, we decided to go to Phi Phi island instead. This is a way shorter travel and everybody keeps talking about it.

Getting from Patong to Phuket Town is either a 30 min taxi ride á 500 baht, or you can easily catch the local bus that stops by the beach. It is 30 baht per person and you can wave it down anywhere along the road.

The bus ride took about 45 min and I loved every second of it. The views, the fan in the ceiling cooling us down, the authentic experience of using the same transport as the locals. It is quite nice to not always go with the most comfortable way of travelling, this sort of adds more to the story.

My little bubble of happiness burst as we rolled in to what apparently was Phuket Town and some little thai lad hijacked our bus. He jumped on to our truck way before we were supposed to stop and called for our driver to do a full hault! He then told us all that this was the final stop - in the middle of a roundabout, in the middle of the town, several kilometers to where everybody needed to go. You can probably imagine what he and all his friends did after that. Yes, they started harrassing us with their taxi offers. The whole thing pissed me off, I was convinced this was some sort of taxi maffia and there was no way I was gonna get in to one of their taxis! We refused their offers (ranging between 20-200 baht) for the 5 km ride to the pier, and stubbornly started walking down the street in the suffocating heat.

A few minutes down the road we realised we were walking to wrong direction. We tried our best to avoid the roundabout with the taxi maffia men, but had to push through there not once,  not twice, but three times until we finally got our asses on the right way! Our plan was simple; just keep walking until they stop following us and ask another taxi driver for a ride to the boat. And so, just 200 meters away we found our saviour that took is there for 40 baht.

The boat tour was smooth, we made the last departure for the day. A ticket from Phuket - Phi Phi - Krabi cost 1000 baht each. The boat was two storeys high and had a movie playing the whole trip to keep us all entertained, if we weren't out on the back enjoying the views, the fresh air and the sun.

The journey took two hours. As we swayed in to shore, we were in awe. Phi Phi island is so much more beautiful than the pictures you see, they can simply not make it justice. The mountains, the little houses, the streets, the beaches and the water. Oh yes, that water.. so clear, so crisp! All you want to do is to just throw yourself into those gentle swells and enjoy!

For anyone tempted to do what we did, I can recommend not making our mistake and book a hotel once on the island - have it booked before! All hotels that are not walking distance from the pier has staff placed there as you get off the ferry to take you to your hostel in their long boats.

What we did was to sit down at a restaurant and ise their WiFi during our dinner, and booked a hotel on the other side of the island. That is far up north east from where we were. We thought we could walk there, but guess what.. there are no roads on the island. The taxis are taxi boats. Taking you around the island. To our pleasant surprise, our hotel didnt have any shuttle boats after 3:30pm,meaning we had the choice of walking up a mountain and down the other side in the pitch black night, thunder and rain,accompanied by poisonous snakes and nasty creepy crawlies hiding in the bushes, or to pay 1200 baht for a taxi boat. We chose the latter, as every person we talked to scared us with their stories about the numerous dangers the hike meant. Everyone said to take the boat, as there is no way of getting help is youd get bit, fall or get lost until the morning. James did his best asking around, trying finding someone who would encourage the walk. He was, to his great disappointment, unsuccessful. So, due to the time of the night, we had to pay more for the transport to the hotel than we did for two nights AT the stupid hotel! And this was a pretty nice one. But what do you do, this is what happens when you wing your travels all the time. Sometimes you just have to pay the money!

Once one the boat we were pretty satisfied. The sun was just setting and the thunder was roaring over the mountains, putting up a spectacular ligtning show. And we got to our hotel in one, dry piece ✌



To get to Phuket from Bangkok, we were chosing between a 15 hour bus ride or a one hour flight. There is a grave difference in the prices, but saving time beat saving money.

Everything went smooth, and we landed safely in Phuket around 5pm. To get to out hotel in Patong, we took a van that costed us 150 baht (~£3) each. Once there, we just checked in and made the statement that living cheap in Thailand, you get what you pay for. The room smelled a bit mouldy and the window was leaking rain. But what does that matter, we're only gonna sleep there!

Once the bags were left in a pile on the floor, we headed out to discover what our new location had to offer. To our pleasant surprise, we were not only walking distance away from the beach but we also had a food market just around the corner! Jackpot!

So we filled our bellies with Pad Thai and sweet and sour chicken (total cost £4)and headed down to the beach. It was pitch black and very quiet, the low season has just begun and people tend to be elsewhere after the sun has set. This suited me perfectly as the thunder clouds came rolling in and we got to admire the lightning show by the horizon of the ocean, framed by the beautiful mountains surrounding the bay of Patong Beach, almost all by ourselves. Exept for the occasional local businessmen offering us weed and other tasty samples of drugs, and the busy little sand crabs building their holes in the sand for the night, there was not much going on and we just enjoyed to finally have reached the part of Thailand we came for.

During our stay here we hung out with James friend Simon and his girlfriend Kata as much as we could before they headed off to Surat Thani. Apart from being an awesome company, they also helped us getting around to Bangla road, the Kao San Road of Patong. And oh my god, we thought Kao San Road was extreme, but it faded quite fast compared to Bangla Road. It was just the same but so much more extreme. Kata told me to walk a little bit behind the guys with her, just to get our "own show". It didnt take more than a minute before lady boys and Russian Ladies and more girls on show were up touching and grabbing our guys. I had enough of that pretty fast and stayed close to James the rest of the walk. Concider me a guardian, or simply a barricade from these women.

A contrast to this scene was the day after when we took our scooters down to Kata Beach to celebrate James birthday. The sun was out, and we did our best to enjoy it. James played like a little dolphin in the waves, trying to catch the perfect one to body surf. I got heat stroke and past out in the shade, surviving by sippig a fresh coconut and iced coffee every so often. We all had a blast!

The last few days we spent in Phuket, we went for a scooter ride up to the Big Buddha on top of a mountain. Cruising back, the rain caught up on us and I belive this is why I am still battling a cold. We drove along the cost stopping only to enjoy the views and to eat some street food along the way.

We also saw someone putting up a show with a baby elephant. After all the articles I have read about the abuse of these beautiful animals I was not interested in paying for a ride or whatever they had to offer, we simply stayed to get a picture and then we were off again as they started to dress it in a white gown and baby hat (?).

After this adventure the plan was to go to Koh Tao and get diving certificates. But James got really sick for a couple of days, and due to our time frame we had to reconcider this. During his illness I stayed around making sure he had everything he needed, and once that was sought too, I turned to the hotel cat that was in desperate need for air con as he was suffering out in the heat

This pretty much sums up our stay in Phuket. Thanks for reading through such a long post, I am gonna do my very best to update more frequently!



Today is no ordinary day, because today is James birthday!

We are currently enjoying the cruisy life in Phuket, Thailand. The weather has offered us everything from heavy monsune rain to sweet, sweet sunshine and temperatures reaching well over 35°C.

As per the wish of the birthday boy, we started the day by going to the gym as the rain was pouring down. We were naiv and dumb enough to do this on an empty stomach, thinking we could get a good meal straight after the session and get down to the beach. Not that anything stopped us, but for various reasons we didnt end up getting that very well needed food.

We rented a moped and aimed to meet up with one of James friends, Simon, and his girlfriend Kata on a beach a bit further down from Patong. Doing so, we ended up getting lost and without internet it took us ages to get food and to finally meet up with the guys. But once we did, everything fell into place.

The water is so nice and warm, and the waves by this beach kept James well entertained the whole day as he was swimming, jumping, playing and crashing in the waves with Simon. Me and Kata just chilled in our sunbeds. Me staying put in the shade due to some patchy, nasty  sunburns from the day before. The fact that I was unable to move a muscle after the gym and going without enough food and water for so long was the main reason...

All and all we have had a good day concidering the circumstances. The sun is set and the temperature is getting reasonable, we have had some local cuisine down the road from our hotel and are now getting ready to recover our sore bodys. Tomorrow the aim is clear - chill in the sun and stay horizontal with short breaks for food and beverages.



Last night we got out of the cave late in the afternoon. We are still really tired, I dont know if to blame the jet lag or the night before...

We took a taxi to the city to explore some temples. Well, temple, we only came to see one. Bangkok is a big city to walk around in...

We got to see one beautiful temple just as the sun was setting, giving it a magestic appearence. Monks were praying inside the temple, giving the whole scene a euphoric feeling.

After that we went to China Town to soak up the athmosphere and the vibes.

Over all it was a beautiful night with great food and sceneries.