Windows are crucial for every house. It is very useful because it in every window will be the entrance of the natural sunlight to your house. But if the will be a calamity in your area you need to have a stronger window cover. Nowadays there is now available break resistant windows that will surely protect your home from any calamities. You should also start to decide on what type of windows you are going to have. In this article, we will discuss the differences between the standard type and the impact-resistant window.

What are Standard Windows?

When it comes to a type of window, the standard type of window is the common types that a homeowner used. Glass is very popular because this thing can be reused and reworked again. It can also be customized in different ways like polishing the edges, drilling holes in it, cutting and even reshaping it again. But the disadvantages of these standard type windows is that it very fragile and it will break into sharper pieces. Once this specification window break, it will be dangerous to the one who is near the glass window.

Before you are going to set up a standard window in your house, you need to consider the following:

  • An exact number of the temperature inside your home.
  • The air ventilation of your home.
  • Natural lighting at your home.
  • The whole appearance of your house

What are Impact-Resistant Windows?

The impact-resistant are the type of shatter-resistant windows that will surely give your window a safety and durable window cover. This kind of window is commonly used in the residential windows. Natural calamities like hurricanes, typhoons, flood and much more will destroy any part of your house. For the meantime, people uses a plywood as temporary protection for their windows. Other than plywood, they are using these alternative as window protection:

  • By using a hurricane shutters.
  • By installing a high-quality impact-resistant glass on every window at your house.

If you are going to use these type of break-proof windows, you need to think if your house needs these. Also, you should make sure that investing in this glass might cost you too much money. This type of window is highly recommended on the commercial establishments and even in the high-rise skyscrapers.

Which is best?

If you still having to pick the right type, you need to consider the things below:

  • Choose what is the best piece of your home- Consider the location of your home. If your home is located in a place that the hurricane or typhoon was usually coming, you need to start to invest in a high-quality one.
  • Cost- If you are on a tight budget, you need to find a budget friendly one or cheaper if ever.
  • Time-consuming- Installing window panels might be time-consuming. You can try to consider hiring a local worker that will install the glass pane for you .
  • Appearance- When its terms to the designing of your house, you should think the design too. You can ask for a window pane specialist To know what will be the best for your house.



The glass is now the latest trend in homes and businesses. It is not limited to doors and windows as it is also widely used as an alternative to walls and even inside as space partition. Using glass can allow natural light and even makes space feel large. However, you cannot repaint glass, and it becomes boring after some time. You can transform your window through installing a window film and glass etching. What is the difference between the two? Which is better? For you to decide accurately here are some pros and cons of the two.

Etched glass - This way, you create a permanent art on the surface of the glass. You can achieve this through sandblasting, applying acidic substance like etching cream, or molding the glass itself. You can choose from light etching or carve it deep within the glass depending on the technique used. You can create your design and produce a unique element at your home or workplace.


●Some etched glass are frosted, making it suitable for exterior use even during nighttime as it can give you utmost privacy.

●Its elegance and uniqueness give your home or business a personal touch.


●It is permanent, and you cannot turn it back to its original look or turn into a new one.

●If you do not have an existing pattern, you might need to hire a professional artist, as doing the design of the glass yourself can be a significant error you cannot remove.

●It is much expensive, as price may get higher with the complexity of the design and size.

●If the design is complex, it can also take the time to produce and can take you months.

●It attracts dust and fingerprints, but it requires special cleaners as designs are delicate, and a regular cleaning agent can ruin it.

Window film – This features a decorative film that you can attach to your windows, doors, or partitions. Like etched glass, you can also achieve different designs; however, it is just printed or curved on the film, not on the glass itself. It also comes in a variety of thickness, shades, and textures. Some also have features of solar protection and extreme security in holding windows in case of accidental or incidental damage. You can also maintain your view of the outside while keeping yourself hidden that is good if you want privacy.


●You can have a classy look with a minimal cost.

●Patterns and designs are already available; you will just pick whatever you want. You can also mix and match film prints if you would place it in an interior glass wall, doors, and windows.

●Installation is fast, and you can do it on site. It will not disturb anyone as you can do it quickly and quietly.

●You can change the film whenever you want to without damaging the glass. Hire a professional window tinting specialists if you want to change your window film.

●It can give you privacy from glares outside while keeping your view inside.

●It can block heat and UV rays, keeping your room temperature conducive for work and safe for human as it also keeps your furniture from fading.

●The films act as a protective barrier that holds the glass fragments in case of breakage.

●Maintenance cleaning is easy; it only needs occasional wiping.


●Some films tend to fade over time, the type of film used should be carefully chosen to fit what environment it should be utilized.

●Films cannot give you privacy during the night. It works by hiding the side that is darker, and that would be outside. If you will put it on your exterior window and walls, make use of other window treatment such as curtains, shades, or blinds.