I probably tipped you off about this site, meaning that your probably already know me well enough to skip the long, generic introduction as to who I am. If you happened to pop in here by chance, then welcome, and let me introduce myself a little bit.

Who am I? This is such a funny question to me. I couldn´t really tell you WHO I am, I can specify WHAT I do, and what I enjoy, but would that be answering the question? Just something I think about from time to time. I guess I haven´t decided who I really am yet.

Anyway, to not be too philosophical about life...I am 20....noooo 21 (still have not gotten used to that), I come from Hungary, but spent 13 years of my life growing up in Sweden. After high school was over I tried, and failed, then tried again to find my path in life. I took a gap year, which I spent working only to realize that I had to go back to school, because I felt incomplete. I then decided to go to medical school, which meant moving back to Budapest, Hungary. Well, let´s just say half of that plan worked out. I moved, but ended up coming to terms with the fact that medical school was not for me. So, I worked for another half year, all the while trying to figure out what my next move should be, future wise.

Currently I study Psychology at a Hungarian university, where I have 2 and a half years left, and then I´m planning on moving to another country for my master degree. Plaaaaans (which might and probably will change). So those are my career goals out of the way.

I LOVE to travel. Once I come home from a trip and get to rest for one full day, I am ready to go again. Thankfully I do get to travel quite often even though I have school as a full time job, which I am super thankful for. So hopefully I can share some of those travel experiences here on the blog. I´m pretty sociable. Not always the center of attention, but I dislike being alone and I love to be around people.

I hope you stick around to read some of my not so well composed entries (if I know you personally, you´d better, cause I will test you on the content the next time we meet).

Here´s a selfie to boost my narcissism rating :)

Till next time,


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