It’s almost that time of year – when the ghosts come out, headless horseman ride and all sorts of goblins are on the loose. In other words, it’s time for a London Halloween day party! What kind of party do you want to throw? Do you want to celebrate the Mexican Day of the Dead with colorful and traditional Dia de Muertos costumes? Would you rather celebrate the traditional American All Hollow’s Eve from olden times? Maybe you want to throw an adult super hero party. Whatever you want to do you need some guidelines on how to put together the best Halloween Party in all of London.

Planning Your Halloween Party

Here are a few ideas for planning your party:

  • Get a dry erase board and list – date, time, place
  • Generate options for the theme
  • Costumes or not
  • Who to invite
  • Create Invitations – out two weeks before party and include if it is costume expected
  • Food to be served – catered? Menu?
  • Drinks to be served
  • Décor – carved pumpkins
  • Photographs

There are other factors that can go into planning your London Halloween day party, but we will concentrate our planning on these types of factors. We are especially interested in themes, food and décor.

In considering your possible themes, food and décor, you should first consider whether you wish to hire professional help such as a caterer, party director or photographer. If you decide to hire a professional you should consider what each type of professional can do. For instance, a caterer can handle food, theme and décor if they are a full-service caterer. The party director can handle themes and décor but would have to hire a caterer to handle the food. Both a caterer and party director would have to hire a photographer.

If you choose to hire a professional, your best all round choice would be to hire a full-service caterer. This person would be able to provide not only your menu, but your theme, your décor, costumes, invitations, tables and table settings, décor and hiring a photographer if one is desired. If you really want to have the best ever – or even best this year – London Halloween day party you will want to hire a full-service caterer.



What are some of the best day parties in London and what can you learn from them for your day party? At an award-winning bar in Chelsea there is a great day party from 4pm to 12pm. At the Queen of Hoxton, the rooftop party will blow you away. A steadily growing social scene, London’s Day Parties have been increasing in number and sophistication. With a bottomless brunch awaiting you why not come out and party during the day?

What do these events have that your event needs? A good theme? A great location? A great caterer? Let’s find out.

London’s Best Day Party Venues

The day party in Chelsea offers an award-winning champagne and cocktail bar with DJ’s putting out music of parties gone by along with Hip hop, Afrobeat’s and R&B. Signature cocktails, incredible hord’oeuvres and specials.While the Queen of Hoxton offers a London day party with plenty fun on the roof of Never Neverland, the Sunday day parties are a big hit and London caterers delight in being called on to serve one.Some London Sunday day parties are intense and rowdy while others are bizarre and still others really relaxed and easy going.

At Brixton Beach there is a day party high above the Brixton Market on a beach filled with street vendors and cocktail bars. Every Saturday and Sunday during the season you will find a great catered day party going on.If dancing the day away is your thing then try the London day party at the Phonox. Here you will find a London day party for serious fans of dance music. This is serious techno music all day long.

Now it’s time for that bottomless brunch. This is the London day party for the young professional. For two hours you get to eat whatever you want from a prosecco brunch – spaghetti and meatballs or veggie spaghetti and meatballs...and yes Studio 338 is back and better than ever with their Ibiza-style clubbing. In Greenwich Peninsula lies the largest outdoor rooftop dance floor in London. Following a devastating fire, the day parties are back with a vengeance.

If you like roof top day parties, then we’ll just keep moving in that direction with the Dalston Rook Park Parties. This is one of the most relaxed and friendliest of London’s day party sites. With so many private bookings available here, event caterers face a high level of competition in order to run a day party here. Exotic cocktails and unusual appetizers and entrees are usually on the menu here no matter who the caterer is.

If you are interested in street food then Shore ditch is where you want to be. This beach themed party features a street food market. Day parties here start around three and eventually turn into night parties. Weekends at Shoreditch parties run until midnight. If you are looking for a turn at East London’s best club space and community hub, visit the Oval Space for all-day parties. These parties usually feature street food, great music and experimental drinks. Any caterer wanting to get a foothold here needs to be a little on the edge of the gastronomy of the culinary world.

Upcoming London Day Parties

This is just a sample of the day parties that are on the agenda in London and the kinds of things you can do if you want to host one. Some upcoming London day parties include:

  • October 21st, 2017 – Days Like This Brunch Party
  • Known as London’s “Boozy Brunch Party”, this October bash is a repeat from last year’s amazing party. This is another bottomless brunch party but this one features burgers! Both beef and vegetarian burgers are on the menu.
  • October 22nd, 2017 - Refresh Launch All Day Party
  • If you can’t make the Days Like This Brunch Party, perhaps you can make this London extravaganza. This party runs from day to night – from 2pm to 2 am.
  • October 29th, 2017 - Euphoria Exclusive Day Party (21 & Over)

This one’s been mentioned before but it is worth mentioning again. This is considered a winter day party. With a great cocktail bar and free flowing champaign, you can dance your heart out from day to night.Style, sophistication and R&B will dance you from day to night. This London day party is a great way to end your weekend, and your month, It’s also a great way to end the summer/autumn season and ring in the winter!



Are you throwing an adult day party in London for the end of the summer season? With a good crowd expected what are you planning to serve to eat and drink? What are the best foods and drinks for a London late summer adult day party? Should you do it yourself or hire one of London’s best caterers – like B&H– to handle the whole thing?

The Best Foods for an Adult London Day Party

Here are some of the best foods that will surely be a hit with everyone at your party. We would recommend that you hire a fabulous local London caterer to organize the entire event for you.

  • Deviled Potatoes – Your caterer will spoon out the tiny roasted or baked potato, mix it with the deviled portion of a deviled egg and replace it in the potato skin.
  • Miniature Tacos on 3-inch tortillas – any filling will do. It can be as traditional as seasoned beef or as untraditional as goat cheese and chives. Just let your caterer know what you like.
  • Lamb Sliders – this is an end of the summer season London day party and what’s better than a burger? Give your sliders a twist with lamb and gouda cheese.
  • Soup in a Shot Glass – put tomato soup in the shot glass and your caterer can make grilled cheese sandwiches about the size of a US half dollar.
  • Vodka-infused Tomato – set out many kinds of salts for dipping your tomato. Infuse small tomatoes with hint of vodka in shot glass with skewer for dipping. Salts should be exotic such as truffle salt, pink salt, and herbed salt. Don’t forget to include regular sea salt as well.
  • Potato latkes – great just as they are for any London day party
  • Figs stuffed with goat cheese makes a great finger food.
  • Miniature fruit skewers – tooth picks with one piece of fruit -pineapple, watermelon, cantaloupe with a small square of a sharp cheese.
  • Cheese puffs of any kind will be a hit at your end of season London day party.
  • Spring rolls – filled will fresh vegetables and served with a mildly spicing Thai sauce.
  • Variety of filling for deviled eggs – your caterer can make traditional deviled eggs along with cream cheese eggs, pate filled eggs.
  • Puff pastry wrapped asparagus makes a great London day party snack.
  • Endive bruschetta with variety of salads – fill a piece of endive with egg salad, tuna salad, lamb salad or beet salad. Offer you guests a variety of these.
  • Crostini topped with whatever you like. Your caterer will have an abundance of ideas.
  • Wonton crisps with filling of your choice – spinach and artichoke, mango salsa, shrimp in cocktail sauce will be a hit at your day party.
  • Scallop BLT – this is a great one bite variation on the favorite summer sandwich – the BLT. Take a small scallop and sear it nicely. Slice it in half and add a small piece of your favorite bacon, small slice of tomato and some microgreens. Put the other half of the scallop on top and hold it together with a tooth pick. This is sure to be a party favorite.
  • A variety of meatballs on a toothpick – traditional Italian sauce, stroganoff, lamb, or cheeseburger.

The Favorite Cocktails of an Adult London Day Party

Here are some cool apple cocktails that your guests will enjoy at your adult London day party. Since it is an end of the season party let’s start with

A Day at the Beach – mix coconut rum, grenadine, orange juice and Amaretto for a tasty concoction that everyone will enjoy. Put all the ingredients in a shaker with ice and strain it into your glasses. Garnish with fresh fruit.

Your second popular close of season drink will be the

Grateful Dead – yes, it is named after that certain band. This is a cocktail that Jerry Garcia could appreciate made with rum, gin, tequila, vodka and raspberry liquor. Put it all in the shaker with ice and pour it over ice. Garnish with lemon and lime of course!

Now how about some of those apples we talked about:

Applesauce – this drink is going to surprise people as we make the transition from summer to fall at your London day party. This mini cocktail served in a shot glass will fit right in with all your finger foods. Mix equal parts of cinnamon schnapps, Goldschlager, pineapple juice and apple schnapps in the shaker filled with ice. Shake and pour into shot glasses.

Washington AppleMake this shot glass size as well with a mixture of peach schnapps, cranberry juice and Jagermeister.

Hopefully this array of late season day party cuisine and cocktails will thrill your guests and be a hit for your London caterer.