In this day and age, being smart is the need of the hour. The smarter you are, the better chances of standing out in the world you get.

Here are 5 really simple ways to enhance your intelligence;

  • 1.Binge reading
  • A book is a man’s best friend. Stay updated about the best books in the market and try spending quality time on reading some great books of your favorite genre. Reading books, newspapers, journals, magazines not only makes you well read and knowledgeable but also improves your vocabulary
  • 2.Play interesting games
  • This surely is one of the most fun ways to enhance your smartness. Play bingo on, a fun game that requires your alertness and rewards you with cash prizes
  • 3.Socialize
  • Meet more and more people and have interesting conversations with them. Every individual has a certain level of intelligence, great ideas and beautiful perspectives about life. Socialize and get involved in striking conversations.
  • 4.Learn a new language
  • Apart from adding a value to your resume, learning a language makes you way too smarter and improves your grasping power.
  • 5.Install some good apps on your phone
  • Mobile phone Apps such as The ET, StumbleUpon, and pinterest are designed to comprise of the latest news and current affairs. Spend 5 minutes a day on these apps and get your daily dose of wisdom
  • 6.Travel
  • Traveling is definitely one of the best ways to enhance your knowledge. As you travel, you meet people, learn about the place and get an understanding of different cultures.
  • There is a saying “A man who is well traveled is well read”

  • These are indeed some really simple yet effective tips to make you intellectually smarter.
Try making use of either of these tips and get smarter with each passing day.