Hello friends.

I must admit - I suck at blogging. How long it was? 1 month or even more? Same with drawing. I'm sorry but I'm trying to change my "lifestyle" to be more productive, healthy and all that stuff. So many things are happening in my life right now and everything is going to change.

Couple days ago my perfect plan which sounds like "I'm going to take medical school and find additional job and then take another school and after graduating both of them I'm moving to the UK and finally go to University to study music technology or something related". But it turned out that my favourite "medical sterilization" is not going to happend and I have to wait 6 months or start studying "care assistant" course which sounds for me like "you're going to spend 1 month in a hospice, no one will treat you like a human and you won't get paid for that because it was a fucking placement".

It's pretty sad that I can't find any university degree or any vocational school because none of courses are fitting me well. So right now I'm just sitting and thinking about it all the time or just working/studying russian to keep my mind away from all this shit around me. But I have to get my shit together and make it through.

Just to mention - I don't want to write all the time about art or my life so be prepared - next posts can be very different than this one. See you very soon :)

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Hello friends! It's been almost 2 years since I have started to draw in more "professional" way so I thought, maybe it'll be better to know your opinions and start to be closer to you. I've got a lots of problems with organisation so it'll be way more simple to write about all plans and changes/events here than on facebook or tumblr (which I use once a month or less). I'm not very familiar with showing my face, art or my thoughts - even if I wrote and said so many dumb or f*cked up stuff in my whole life - it's still a little bit stressful.

To sum up, 2015 was quite of strange time - I had to combine university, life, work and hobbies. Hard time for me, but hopefully 2016 will be way better.

Couple works from 2014 & 2015. I'll try to upload some old and new pieces soon.

Oh, and I almost forgot - I've decided to write in English because it's easier to translate this language to any other (google translate doesn't work as well with translating polish to other languages as with english). There might be some mistakes in text -which I'll try to correct as soon as possible (guess what part of my job is the worst part - checking translations and making translations from PL to EN - it's like a hell on earth, but nevermind, it's not a good time to talk about polish and how awesome and awful at the same time some languages might be).

So thanks for 2015 and see you soon here and on other media: