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Hi everyone! I am in a mood to update my blog soo imma do that now. Thanksgiving, an american holiday as most of you guys know and I love it, food, family, friends, shopping, can it be any better?! I spent the whole thanksgiving decorating with my family and throwing away a whole lot of old christmas stuff. We decorated with lights and a lovely christmas tree and of course stockings over the fireplace, (love it). What's different from what I am use to in Sweden - Around here, most of the people use plastic christmas trees instead of real ones as we do in Sweden. Different from what I am used to but I have to be honest and say that its a lot easier with a plastic tree 😂.. Then you can discuss if a plastic tree is as beautiful as a real tree.. 😉

As the clock turned 6 (p.m,, obviously 😉) we ate the food we (dad n momma, oh and Kim n Shannon) cooked during the day and it was sooo yummy! A lot of stuff that I've never tried before and I can assure you that when I come back to Sweden, I will introduce y'all to thanksgiving food/American food because its sooo good😍 I am going to try to explain what everything is, with help by my brother and his girlfriend cuz I can't do it without them haha. The day before thanksgiving I helped Jeremy and his family to decorate their house and wow they had a lot off stuff and when I say a lot then I mean A LOT. Or well they might not think it's much but to a little swede like me it is😂...

This weekend we went to the boardwalk and watched the fireworks over the red river and it was sooo beautiful, wow! Now to all the pictures, 😍

Bro and I got bored so we went to Gullo's market to get something to eat, greaaaaat day :)

My Jearbears House (Jeremy's) 😍

A mess ...

that turns out to something beautiful..

My Christmas tree 🎄

Turkey, Baked Sweetpotato casserole with marshmallows, Mashed potatoes, Green bean casserole, Pecan pie, Chocolate lasagne, Chocolate chip cookie cake, Apple pie, Dinner rolls aka Fluffy dots, Cranberry sauce, Devil eggs, Stuffing/dressing, Honey butter

We went to horseshoe, which is a casino near the boardwalk before the fireworks, yesterday, and ate a huge buffeé, yummy tummy!!

Fancy som tusan!

YAYYY! (The third video wasn't suppose to be there but I am too lazy to remove it, sorry guys, hope you still love me)

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Hey y'all! I am sorry for not updating my blog as much as I should, i'll try to get better at it. Anywaaay lots have happen since last time I wrote. Wrestling, drama, school, bdays, just a whole lot of stuff. I'll start off by saying that Me and Gabe are not together anymore, we broke up about a month ago. Now when y'all know that we can talk about something fun instead. I am thinking that i'll tel you about last weeknd! Friday last was a normal cozy Friday. This Saturday tho, My 17 year old Bdaaaay! Oh yeah , I am 17 now!! Just one more year until I am 18 & an adult ;) My Saturday.. I woke up at 6 am and cooked some breakfast to leave for a wrestling tournament at 7 am. We went to a High School called Parkway and we started wrestling at 9. My host mom came and looked and I hade two competitions. It went great even tho I lost em both, still extremely fun! After the tournament, Me and my Momma went to Johnnys to eat some pizza and a drink at Starbucks, yummy tummy! We drove home and as I got home I walked into my room and I see a GIGANTIC LION!! I screamed so happy I was hah!! Thank you best host family for the gifts.. We ate a Ice cream cake and it was soooooo yummy, like it was amazing. I talked to my parents in Sweden and open some gifts they sent me and I got a lot off stuff, (2 kg candy for ex) they are just sooooo darn sweet. A really good Birthday!!

Now I am laying in bed extremely tired, had an really great day with my brother and some friends. I'll just post a a lot of pictures! I'll write this weekend again because tomorrow its thanksgiving and we are celebrating it and since its my first thanksgiving, I am sooo excited n I will probably eat too much food but after all it is my FIRST thanksgiving ;) Hope youre doing good babes, I'll be better to keep y'all updated <3 Goodnight everyone



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Right now I am sitting in My math class , bored n feel like doin something. It's thursday which means that it's 5 days until ... my first competition in wrestling.. extremely nervous. Like what if Im going to compete against someone that is really really good? I'm trying not to think that way but what if? 😩😅😬

äääschhhh, f**k it, I'll do my best and since it's my first competition I can't be pro ;) I have good coaches and a good team, so I think it will be alright. Right now , I am aiming for weight class 1,52 which means I gotta watch everything I eat. If my weight is for ex 152,3 I can't compete in 152 which means I have to move up one , I'll rather not do that. Anyway wish me luck, I'll need it!! This weekend imma go out and run and keep myself going. I can't lie and say that I'm not excited tho... hyyyyppeee.

Anyway things here in LA , is going good. My best friend Emmy, left this Monday , miss her so much :(. And to you guys who doesn't know , she was going back to Germany since she live there. Anyway , now Imma go back to sleep or something haha , hope you guys doin good in Sweden, I miss you more n more every single day



Just nu ligger jag i sängen efter en härlig lördag. Idag vart det hoco (homecoming). Morgonen started med att jag lagade scones & mös framför tv:en. Sedan åkte vi till brosans football game & kollade på han. Runt 2 så åkte vi hem & då var förberedelserna i full gång.. Emmy kom till mig runt 2:30 & vi gjorde ve oss tills runt 4 då Nora, Katie & Nick hämtade upp oss för att åka till LSUS (ett collage) i Shreveport för att ta bilder. Spenderade 1 timme där med att ta lite bilder & så. Runt 5:30 stack vi till Shogun, En japansk resturang där dem lagade maten rakt framför en & gjorde konster och så, fett coooooolt ;) Rutn 7:40 så kom Gabe och hämtade upp mig, Emmy & Nora för att köra oss till hoco. Och nej, Jag & Gabe gick inte tillsammans på hoco men han var så gullig.. Han körde oss dit & klädde upp sig med skjorta och allting så vi iaf ta några fina bilder, mega söt är han. Han hämtade till och med mig efteråt och vi stack hem till han & hängde med Austin & Matt, och jag hängde lite med hans syskon hehe, Ovanligt Miccan ovanligt (för ni som känner mig) ;) Och nu är jag extremt trött och funderar på att bara sova... Så det tänker jag göra nu!! Godnatt världen , du är bra du <3

Måste även skriva att homecoming vart inte riktigt som jag tänkt mig, sorry to destory it to ya but nah.., hah nä men asså det vart inte så kul, Vi gjorde det kul dock ;) Tur att jag hade mina girls!! + Dem älskar att grinda & twerka här haha!

Ps : kommer en massa bilder som vanligt & btw vart på homecoming football game i fredags så det kommer bilder från de också, VIKINGS <3

Bra härliga grabs <3

Getting ready - Glada som tusan!


Hgulligt, Btw - ni skulle ha sett klänningarna som tjejerna hade, helt gorgeous, notice the girl with the white dress in the picture :o



It's Monday .. again. This weekend went by tooo fast. We did have an awesome weekend tho. So , now you may wonder who he is? He is a guy I met in my math class the first day of school and we have been talking on and off since I got here. We started to hang out more and more.. and I started to like him a whole lot... and about a week ago was a wonderful day.. he asked if I wanted to be his.. and I said yes so yea - everyone meet Gaaabe, my boyfriend!!😄

Friday, was just a cozy Friday at home with my family, good movies and ofc food ;) Gabe came to my house after the football game & we just sat outside my house and talked, under the stars and it was just amazing, can't even describe it.

I woke up really early on Saturday morning for some reason which I cannot understand hah. Taylor (my little bro) had a football game so we went and watch it. After that we got home and went shopping, Me, Chase, Taylor, Kim and Wendy. Later that evening, Austin picked me up and we went to Gabe's house for the bbq. We ate, laughed, and just had fun. Yesterday, Sunday, started off as a really lazy day and then at 1;30 it was game on!! We played AIRSOFT!!! My first time and the first round, omg hahah I was so lost, I had no idea what I was doing.. still awesome tho. We started playing at 2:30 pm and stayed until 7 pm, crazy and just awesome.

After this - sweaty and ugh, we drove to home to Gabe's house and ate Chinese food and an awesome B-day cake!! So imagine this- Vanilla ice cream, chocolate and then chocolate ice cream and on top - cookie dough and whipped cream, wow like the best cake I've ever had! 😍

Thank you to y'all who was there and made this weekend a really really awesome one!!

Now - Pics 📷 😄



Hi! How ya'll doing? I'm doing great here, school is going great. Since I haven't written so much of what I've actually been doing, I figured why not write about that? So what have I been doing the last couple of weeks? Except going to school, I have been spending a lot of times with Him, Austin, Jear-Bear, Emmy, Nora and some other friends. They are extremely nice and I am so happy to met to them all. I have also been doing Gracie Jiu-jitsu. So here is the thing, at home I have been doing Brazilian jiu-jitsu without GI, and here I am, doing Gracie Jiu.-jitsu with Gi which is soo hard. Going from no GI to GI.. But it's so fun and I am working out with a really fun gang so it makes it fun and just awesome.

Tomorrow = Friday = the best day of the week! I got a feeling that this weekend will be really good. On sunday, it's My boo's B-day. So this weeken is like a birthday weekend, he is having a bbq with some friends and family and since it is a awesome gang, I am sure we'll have lots of fuuun! I'll write about that later on. Sunday, we might go and play paintball which I have never done before.. My little brother have been warning me that it will hurt but ääähh, little pain can't hurt no body and also - Om du är med i leken, får du leken tåla!! Go all in or don't , så jag är taggad som tusan asså!!

I am not going to lie and say that I am not having a hard time to come up with subjects for my blog... , Like what do you guys want me to write about? Because reading about what I am doing every single day aint that fun.. haha. So if you would like to comment or write to me what you want me to write about I would be really happy and appreciate it!!

I've also found my favorite place here.. Louisiana Boardwalk!! I love it , it's a place where you walk, eat or you can go shopping or you can walk by the red river, it's just so beautiful.. It reminds me of Sweden. Love that place so much!!

Thanks guys,. Puss på er <3

Pep-rally at school

"Swedish Fish"... Fake af ;) We all know what brand that is the real deal (Malaco, for you who don't know) ;)



Hey everyone! I am doing great here and me, Shannon, (My step-sis), Wendy (My American mom) just got home from our trip to Texas after amazing days in San Antonio. We drove to Texas last Thursday & after 7 hours, we finally made it to La quinta motel in San Antonio, Texas. We don't like San Antonio at all, they have so weird roads, they goes in circles and a lot of highways and roads and ugh, it was confusing!! After we arrived to the Hotel we were so tired so we went to sleep immediately (or at least me)..

Friday, - We went to my brother's Air Force Graduation Parade and I got to meet him for the first time!! 😃 He just finished BMT (Basic military training) , so cool! Congratz bro, you made it!🎉 After the parade he was released and could go off base so we went to the famous River walk and it's was so beautiful. We ate at an really cool restaurant called Rainforest Café (pics below). Then we just went to the motel and talked a loot.

Saturday - I draged Shannon t the breakfast at the hotel and we found Waffles that was shaped after Texas , fett coolt asså!! After that we went to get Austin and the search for a Mexican restaurant started, haha. First we found a restaurant called something and it looked so scary so we just walked away and ended up at another one called Jalisco Grill which was real Mexican food oh yiz. After that it was time to drop Austin off at the base and leave towards LA. I met Austin for 2 days and he already feels like my big brother and we had to leave him.. that was so sad :( But always look on the bright side of lojf, we will see him soon, 2 months or something like that. Now i'll put a lot of pics and stop writing! P.s. Notice the lady in the corner of the video.. (We had to tap-out Austin) Also Notice how cute they are!!!

... hahahah, its fun ok hahah

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​Hej allihopa! Idag tänker jag skriva på svenska för att jag känner för det. SÅ två veckor av skolan har gått och den är väll helt ok. Var tvungen att förändra mitt hår då min gamla hår färg ej såg "naturlig ut", knas. Ni ska bara veta vilka regler dem har här.. det är så många & vissa är enligt mig helt onödiga. Jag vill även säga att ni som går på gymnasie eller ja skola överhuvudtaget i Sverige , SKA vara lyckliga.. Har lärt mig efter endast två veckor att Sveriges skolor är helt enkelt underbara, Så uppskatta dem. Sedan är inte denna skolan såå dålig, ups and downs helt enkelt. Dock är ju detta bara min åsikt hehe. Ps. ni får inte uppfatta mig fel, jag har det bra det är bara skolan som är lite knas haha. Men det blir säkert bättre snart! Ska gå med i brottning teamet på skolan i oktober, TAGGAAAAA!

Idag var vi och shoppade en massa & så tränade vi imorse med hundarna. På kvällen stack jag, Taylor, Kim & Chase ut & handlade, och såklart gick vi på pokemon hunting ;) Kul som tusan even tho I don't play it! Imorgon ska vi ha en riktig slapp dag & dega i soffan. Ska dock plugga lite, har en form av rättegång på tisdag i min Law studies class, sjukt nervöst. Hade mitt första matte prov nu i fredags & jag tror att det gick awesome, får se på måndag var Ms. Bryant säger. Såg även min första Amerikanska fotbolls match i fredags, fattade ingenting tills efter matchen då min höstdad förklarade reglerna haha. 

Btw ~ första bilden är en storm som drog över & den fjärde bilden är vad kvällen bjöd på , underbart  😍

Ja, ska inte bli så långrandig, Hoppas ni har det bra hemma, saknar er en massa!



Hi Darlings. I'm not going to write much on this post. I'm actually just gonna post some pics from NYC inspired by GG. For people who watch Gossip girl - this is a post for you guys. But I am warning you, I will spoil some stuff so if you haven't watched the whole serie DON'T LOOK!! Just saying, so now you can't blame me for spoil something ;) Hope you like it, See ya.



Hej allihopa. Förlåt, har varit riktigt dålig på att uppdatera bloggen då jag inte riktigt haft tid.. allt är så nytt & jag försöker just nu bara anpassa mig till denna knasiga situation. Så jag varnar er - detta inlägg kommer bli lite längre, hope that's ok ;)

And.... Youtube is the winner (who would expect that?) 😜

Först av allt - Youtube är det som gäller.. video kommer upp så snart som möjligt, ska bara klippa ihop & redigera. Jag har varit hos min hostfamilj i ca 6 dagar nu & det är helt underbart. Helt underbart fina människor som är öppna & välkomnande, känner mig redan som en i familjen! Bilden nedan är på min hostdad - Mr. Tim sedan är det Jag & Taylor (lillebror). En bättre hostfamilj kan man ej få! På flygplatsen fick jag en fiiiin blombukett & en uber söt sköldpadda, blev så glad. & Vädret ska jag så klart nämna, ca 37 grader = helt underbart varmt! Njuter varenda sekund.

American Highschool - Airline Highschool 😁

Idag (måndag 8 aug) var första skoldagen & den var mer än kaos. Stor skola med ca 1000 elever & en nervös Miccan som inte hittar = not a good combo. Efter 15 minuter letande efter var man skulle hämta schemat hittar jag det & då kommer nästa problem - Var är min första lektion? Efter 5 minuter hittar jag, som tur, salen & jag var, faktiskt, inte ens försenad, lite stolt vart jag. Dock var det svårt att socialisera sig med andra så jag lyssnade mest, pratade dock med en tjej från Tyskland & några andra, bra start typ. Ugh, men, från tidigare erfarenheter, har man fått lära sig att de första dagarna i en ny skola, rent ut sagt - suger. Men någonting säger att det kommer bli mycket bättre - stöd från min fina, vänner, familj så ska det säkert lösa sig!

Vill avsluta detta inlägg med att säga att Jag saknar er riktigt mycket mina fina vänner , ni är guldvärda!