Because in every young man's life it is nice to happen some adventures to tell them to drag over some time, even if the moment didn't seem the nicest things, today I thought to write an article in which to describe 3 situations comical and also a little erotic that I went through over time. I'm not very extraordinary, that's why I believe that there are other stories experienced by other people who could certainly surpass those recounted by me on this blog now.

So, as I said, the next 2 comic situations combined with a bit of eroticism that I went through in my youth:

1. The two girls kinky
I was at a party on the occasion of the day of birth. There were invited and two roommates that everyone suspected that they were lesbians. When I noticed that they have disappeared from the landscape, I started to look for them around the house the birthday girl Not great was my surprise when I walked into a bedroom and I saw some scenes such as I had not seen any in some porn with lesbians. It remained our little secret since then and I'm still of the opinion that the two have a relationship like that today.

2. A high school which she loved with a teacher
That's right, the professor was at another high school, but all strange it is that kind of relationship. I couldn't catch exactly during sex, but I read a conversation from your colleague in which they were described very many positions and erotic gestures of which I couldn't figure out that between those two there is only a relationship of friendship classic.

I could write about other happenings, but I'll leave for another article that I will write everything on this blog, if the author will agree.