Although we are all different people, we have some cryteria universally valid when it comes to xvideos porn. There are some things which spice up a little the movie and to be honest, we are all search for those things, no matter how much it takes to find something that fits our expectations.

First of all, quality matters. By this I refer to the quality of the movie like preferably being HD. What is under 720p I do not watch because if I want to watch it, I wanna be sure I’m relaxing by doing so and not needing to stare at the screen with my eyes semi-closed to understand what is happening there. So the quality of the image is very important because details are very important. For example there are people who enjoy spanking. If I wanna see that, I wanna see it properly, not in slow motion and with interruptions.

Second of all, if I clicked the asian section, you better give me a smoking hot Asian girl because I wanna see something good, not a movie uploaded by amateurs. I wanna see something directed by a directeur with a story line and a good ending.

Another thing people are looking for is movies that lasts longer because they need to take some time to get hard (males) or get wet (females). Mostly females are looking for movies in which at the beginning there is a story. Like the girl being punished or the cop arresting her and make her do some things in order to release her, things like that.

People have various tastes but I believe that this cryteria I just mentioned is something universally valid. If not, I guess I am the only pretentious one who search for hours to find something good.



There may be instances when she doesn`t reply back. This is the time when you should do different things in order to get through this moment. When you start dating, nothing is more exciting than flirting with that special person over text. Flirting with her may feel like it will be the start of something new. Nothing is more nerve racking than waiting her to reply.

When waiting for a reply there is always a rollercoaster of emotions going through your body. You check your phone constantly and always worry if she will text you back or not. You should know that worrying can easily become a waste of time. You shouldn`t worry if she doesn`t respond. You should give the girl a day before sanding another message. Maybe she seen the message but she was too busy to respond to it. Perhaps she thinks that responding to your message isn`t her priority at the moment. Regardless the reason, you should wait for 24 hours before sending her a new message. If you send her a message and she doesn`t respond, and after that you send her another message, it will appear that you are disparate.

You shouldn`t wait more than 2-3 days to text her again. Guys usually avoid responding so they won`t feel disparate or needy. You shouldn`t avoid responding for more than 2-3 days. You can easily hit her up again after a few days in order to see if everything is ok.

You shouldn`t ask the girl if she got your last text. You will feel lost if you are reinitiating a conversation with a girl. If a girl doesn`t respond, she probably stopped responding foe a reason. Pushing her to reply like you were her dad isn`t appealing.

Another thing that you have to do is that you shouldn`t immediately invite her out again. When you text her again, she might have different feelings regarding you and it isn`t a clever move to invite her out. It is better to start the more casual and engaging talk all over again. Women usually feel awkward if they are telling a guy off twice. The thought that they make you feel rejected pops out in any woman mind and they don`t want to do this. You should get positive emotions flowing and only after that invite her out. Women need to feel that a date is going to be fun.



Because in every young man's life it is nice to happen some adventures to tell them to drag over some time, even if the moment didn't seem the nicest things, today I thought to write an article in which to describe 3 situations comical and also a little erotic that I went through over time. I'm not very extraordinary, that's why I believe that there are other stories experienced by other people who could certainly surpass those recounted by me on this blog now.

So, as I said, the next 2 comic situations combined with a bit of eroticism that I went through in my youth:

1. The two girls kinky
I was at a party on the occasion of the day of birth. There were invited and two roommates that everyone suspected that they were lesbians. When I noticed that they have disappeared from the landscape, I started to look for them around the house the birthday girl Not great was my surprise when I walked into a bedroom and I saw some scenes such as I had not seen any in some porn with lesbians. It remained our little secret since then and I'm still of the opinion that the two have a relationship like that today.

2. A high school which she loved with a teacher
That's right, the professor was at another high school, but all strange it is that kind of relationship. I couldn't catch exactly during sex, but I read a conversation from your colleague in which they were described very many positions and erotic gestures of which I couldn't figure out that between those two there is only a relationship of friendship classic.

I could write about other happenings, but I'll leave for another article that I will write everything on this blog, if the author will agree.