Hey my Kitten,

I love traveling around germany and europe, so a few weeks ago i went to Düsseldorf and Cologne. I found very cute, delicous and inspiring stuff there! It was a wonderful time <3 thankies for all my friends there, who took time for me.

This is the awesome Dom of Colgne. Its next to the station and a must see for a trip to cologne.

At this restaurant i had a quick lunch. The fries taste very different as the normal fries. But pretty good !

If you should ever travel to cologne, this is the absolute best restaurant, you should visit! a touchscreen order and a apple for the way home make the whole meal out of housemade limonades and burgers complete. I really love the lavendel-limonade <3

On my way back to Düsseldorf a Visit my fav. place in Colgne. Cologne Deutz - Bridge, where you can find thousand of love locks. Thousand of couples promise there love here with a lock. Romantic Level over 120% <3

Düsseldorf Promenade - view to the Rhein.

Düsseldorf is know as the city with the most japanese people and culture in germany. You can buy beautiful cups, onigiri and melon pam at much shops. I really fell in love with this Cup.

I Also bought very much japanese food there. I think a way too much of it haha.

So i hope you enjoyed at this little view of my travel :)



After a while of writing all my adventures into an notebook, i decide to start a blog!

I think, why not? So here i will share funny adventures, cute things and delicous foodporn photos with you.

I hope you will enjoy it ~