So I have now lived in my new flat for a good month and a half. Absolutely love it, good location for work and social life. Very central so cannot complain at all, takes me 10min to walk to work at 6:30 in the morning. Good for me who loves my sleep... (*giggles*)

Anyways, it has been a couple of exiciting weeks lately, I have found my station at work, part of my family have been over to visit. My friend Rebecca has been up to Abz and we had an amazing day together. I have finally discovered this cat café in Aberdeen (The Cat in the Window Café). Definitely something for all cat lovers out there to visit when in Aberdeen. And it also made me realize how much I want my own feline friend. So, right, it does not stop there, I am on the hunt for a feline companion to have at home. We will see what the future brings...

So once my family was over we spent as much time as possible together when I was not working. One of the big activities we did together was taking the bus to Oldmeldrum to visit the Glen Garioch Whiskey Distillery. It was a nice and interesting visit for something like me who does not drink alcohol. ^^

Well, this is a little update on my latest weeks. I am going to be better with the blogging. Remind me and ask me if you are interested in getting to know more about life abroad and such.

Love Bella

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Dear readers.
Exams are finally over and it's time to relax... Or maybe not. As some of you already know I'm staying in Aberdeen over summer so if anyone is coming around let me know ASAP so we can catch up.
I will soon move in to my new flat... I'M SUPER EXCITED!!!! Cannot wait at all... Work part time at two jobs during the summer so I am happy with what is coming.
To all of you who just sat your IB exams, I wish you the best of luck with results, you will have a huge advantage at university. You will do just fine and have super fun at Graduation. Miss you all incredibly much ❤❤❤




Recipe for 8 people (with loads of left-overs)

1 kg potatoes

2 cloves of garlic

4 dl whipped cream



1 dl Grated Cheese

How to cook:

1. Peel and cut the potatoes

2. Split the potatoes evenly in the form and spice with salt and pepper.

3. Mix the cream with the pressed cloves of garlic and salt and pepper (I honestly didn't use any salt or pepper...)

4. Leave in the oven on 225*C for 40-45 minutes.

5. Take out and pour cheese on top.

6. Leave to rest until cheese has melted.

7. Serve with a yummy steak and some Feta cheese (and veggies)

Hope you enjoy it.

Love xxx



Hello Gothenburg and the world. It is time for some updates on Aberdeen life.

I am currently looking for flats all around Aberdeen for the summer. This thing with finding the perfect flat is a full-time job. You need to search the web for some reliable letting agencies and then browse their websites to find the ideal flat for you (and if you are moving in with friends, your friends off course). Might feel like it is time consuming, but goodness, well worth it when you finally find that ONE flat you love to the moon and back.

Just tried a new recipe today... After weeks of barely eating anything but salad it was time to start cooking again and what a start. A nice steak with HOME MADE potato-gratin. How delicious and really easy to make. It is really easy to make without really thinking about it. Recipe in next blog post for anyone who wants to try it themselves.

What else..? Badminton tournament tomorrow means that my camera and I are ready for action. Not sure if I can share any pictures through social media, but happy days. If you have not done so already, please give my Photographer page a like click here. I will soon start to post again, I promise. I just need to find something interesting to post about. Any tips?

Anyone having any questions about studying in Scotland or questions in general are always welcome to PM me on Facebook and I'll be happy to answer. Do not be shy! I don't bite!

Love xxx



extTime just flies so incredibly fast. I cannot believe that I have lived in the UK for more than 6 MONTHS already. Incredible, unbelievable... I do not know what to say, unreal might be a good word. These 6 months have been amongst the best ones in my life, I have done so many things and I have kept myself busy with going to the local pub every once in a while to watch some football and attend a Quiz night with the gals.

Now over to the more exciting stuff; I have started to look for my own flat that I am going to stay in over the summer and for next coming 3 years. I am so excited about it and had a viewing last Wednesday and 3 booked for the coming week. UNREAL!!!! And then some of you already know about my other plans when moving into my own flat... (If you are interested in knowing, send me a PM and I will happily tell you)

Recently I have realized that some brands that we have in the UK, do not exist in Sweden so if anyone wish to get some Cadbury Mini Eggs/Golden Eggs, I would be happy to send it to Sweden (Message me for more details). Also, to the lovely friend of mine waiting for a gift, I hope it has arrived or arrives on Monday. Let me know when it (has) arrived...

Any questions about living and studying abroad are always welcome, if you need advice about how to choose accommodation, send me a PM. I am happy to answer any queries (questions) about those matters.

Until next time (and I promise I will be in touch weekly), I will leave you with some beautiful pictures of Aberdeen Beach and the surroundings in Aberdeenshire.

Take care lovely friends and I will be in touch soon.




So Uni has finally startedagain after almost 2-3 weeks of vacation after exams. I cannot be happier ofbeing back as I get to meet all the awesome people in the class and inBadminton. This semester, I will be studying Digital Media Platforms andPractices, Introduction to Management Accounting and Managing in the Creative Industries.Away from these modules, I will also finish off the Industry ExperiencePortfolio 1 where I have been working alongside some of the greater companiesin the UK. Sounds interesting..? It is interesting... Having placements/theindustry experience portfolio has been of great help for me to understand howthe events industry works and actually participate in all pieces of an eventfrom set up to hosting the event. 

Speaking about uni, only thing that scares me about uni is thecost of all material we need to buy. Without joking, some of our books cost£35.99-£41 per book. It is expensive as **** but well worth having your ownbook if you're like me and do not like reading online copies (as you willalways get distracted with something else called Facebook). 

Lately, I have discovered that there is ice hockey in Aberdeen.Aberdeen Lynx plays not far away from where I live so it is nice to be able tokeep up the hockey spirit in myself even when I am not in Sweden. Today(Sunday), I joined RGU Res:Life to my favourite place (away from Aberdeen) inScotland: The Highlands & Loch Ness. I do not know what it is, but I lovethis place incredibly much. Attaching some photos below from the trip today toLoch Ness and Inverness. Unfortunately, there were no sights of the Loch Nessmonster this time either. 

Might be coming with some news tomorrow so keep reading. 

Love, Bella 



Hey babes!

I am currently back in Aberdeen and has been so for the last 6 days (since Friday) preparing for my marketing exam tomorrow. Should do fine and so thankful for doing IB (believe it or not but IB made me more prepared than other people because of the way they have structured the course with exams).
Also a huge thank you to my sweet friend in my class for helping each other out now when we revised for the exam. Made a huge difference and it's nice to exchange ideas with someone else. Let us get that high mark we both want...
What happens after the exam? I will be back at Pittodrie on Friday and I have started skating. Going slowly but Im learning, let it take its time. I will be back on the blog and hope you continue to follow me here.
Until next time (tomorrow post exam), I will leave some of my photos that I took with my CrapPhone (iPhone) when I flew in over London on my way back home to Aberdeen and also from when I flew over Denmark.
Take care and much love ❤💚❤




Can you all believe that it was three months ago yesterday that I took all my stuff and left Sweden for Aberdeen to begin a brand new life..? I cannot believe that time has flown so incredibly fast... It felt like I moved yesterday. Increíble... Oh well, I have had a lovely three months in Aberdeen so far and I cannot wait for the next 3.5 years to follow as I have a lot of things I want to accomplish and that I dream about.

So I swapped my hockey loving life for the love of football. Having worked at Aberdeen Football Club for the past weeks have made me realize why I would love to work within sports events, but also because of a great ambiance.

So over to a wee surprise. Some of you already know this; but I am coming home this Thursday until the 6th of January. So anyone who wants to meet up for a cup of coffee or spend some time with me, make sure you get in touch soon as I have a very tight schedule during this week. Looking forward to coming home to Sweden for a while, even though I know I will miss Aberdeen like crazy.

Hasta Luego Suecia

Love / Con Amor



Dear all!

I just had to get these thoughts of my mind as it does affect some of my very best friends back home in Sweden. As some of you are aware of, UHR (Swedish University Authority) has changed the grade scale for Swedish IB Students and their admissions to Swedish universities. Getting 20 points in the Swedish system now requires 45 (!!!!) IB points. That is absolutely ridiculous and wrong. This basically means that Swedish IB Students will more or less be forced to apply to universities abroad. Not that we mind but Sweden is losing out on some great talents.

Why is this so absurd? UHR does not really understand how difficult and demanding the IB Diploma Programme actually is on the students taking the programme. They underestimate the IB Diploma Programme to 200% which is completely wrong; in other countries they "die" to get IB students as IB students are seen to be more prepared for university. Why are we more prepared? We have a completely different system and external assessment which rules out bias amongst teachers. Just like at university; everything comes down to what you write on your essays/final reports/Internal Assessments and Exams.

I can write down many more arguments to why IB is better than the Swedish curriculum. IB is a lot like university. Most of my friends that have been studying/are studying at university have said that FIRST YEAR OF UNIVERSITY IS EASIER THAN IB12. How is that a drawback?? University is (to some extent) hard, IB is hard, Swedish system is a piece of cake compared to IB... Never underestimate IB and the students taking the programme. We are encouraged open-minded, risk takers and so on.

Anyways, I cannot really care about Swedish universities as I am not attending one, but it does have an impact on most of my friends who are still in high school and plan on apply to Swedish universities. It is now easier for them to get in to, let us say Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard. It is easier for them to get accepted into top universities in the world than attending university at home. What the actual fuff??

I am so sorry for you guys that are being affected by this... Despite these awful news, I still hope you achieve your dreams and are accepted to the university you really want to study at; whether it is in Sweden or the UK or US or somewhere else.





Hey there!

Yes, I know, I have not blogged for a VERY long time. Sorry about that, but please let me fill you in why. Following are a number of reasons to why you have not seen "Isabelle Carlgren shared a link" on Facebook. I have swapped sport so I am no longer playing handball. I am now in the badminton club trying to learn that. I have had my family coming over to visit me and we did a wee bit of a tour in Scotland. Drove up to Inverness and down along Loch Ness to Clansman and Drumnadrochit where we later turned back towards Inverness, Elgin and later on Dyce and Aberdeen. If there is one place I love exploring and visiting over and over again; it is the home of the Loch Ness monster.

What else have I been doing? What else do you do at university? Oh you study... Nap, grocery shop. God knows how much money I have spent at ASDA and Morrison's'. But let me tell you one thing; shopping at ASDA and Morrison's (if you live in the UK) is going to save you MONEY! Especially as a student on a low budget, you really get value for money.

Also, some of you know my BIG secret, which I am not going to reveal yet until I know what is happening next. But it is good news for me as an events student and I am making progress in finding out which type of event I want to do when I graduate from University. How about a wee "Question & Answer" Session soon? Do you have any questions about studying abroad in the UK? Living in Aberdeen/Scotland? Send those through and I will answer them.

Until next time, I am just going to drop a couple of photos from my favourite place in Scotland (away from Aberdeen): Loch Ness so you can explore the beauty of it yourselves.

Cheers <3