Rome away from Home 🇧🇬

Rome Rome Rome...what's the first thing that comes to you when you say Rome?!

Food? History? Sweet romantic language?! Well, food was my first thought and the feeling deep within me. Hours on a plane and only eating a hot dog in the morning we needed our loving food

As you remember in my recent post "We Don't Belong In Berlin!" we have another tale to tell you.

Today we packed our huge interrailing bags and off we trot to the airport. It began well, with a soft flight for 3hrs and landing softly on the earths crust. No time to waste we grab inka's bag, walk half an hour to find where we can buy a bus ticket and again, we sit for another hour till we reach our destination.

Finally the time has come to find our hostel (Belvedere Termini). Unfortunately, our minds got out to the test to where this place might be but Google maps beat. After one hour of searching for our hostel, a women directed us the right way, and thankfully we found it (on 2nd floor in another hostel building).

Feet hurting, splinters popping, muscles...Gone. We walk upstairs to find out we have to call the receptionist to enter the building. As soon as we get in we find out our payment was not successful, waiting, stressing out, crying inka, We find no proof on booking.com or in any emails, we ring up customer service and they find no evidence. 4pm to 8pm we pay the extra money, and get taken to a different room that says word "Private" accross it, leaving us confused, more broke and a little scared.

Bellies rumbling, we finally leave and run off to the nearest restaurant. A few blocks down we finally found a fantastic fun place that ended our night in joy.

Today's Highs:

Easy flight

Hot weather

Fantastic views

Nice people

Amazing food

Today's Lows:

Hidden hostel

Selling guys (while eating every minute the selling guys wouldnt leave us alone)

Hostel took another €100

Loud hostel (can hear everyrhing inside and outside)

Itchy blankets

Guys whistling at us, wanting attention and sometimes following us.

Knowing we cannot hold hands without glares.

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May Hibernation Be Over.

The moment May comes it feels like the comfort of piling your body with clothes, getting chubbier as the day progresses and stuffing your cold belly with warm hot chocolate through winter hibernation is finally over.

It takes two days for the seasons to change from white wonderland, to sunny green you never thought you would see again, within these two days every person who is immune to the Finnish weather comes out of their hibernation holes, grabs their dusty piles of summer clothing and pops out for a nice (very) breezy picnic to catch the beginning of their lobster suntan.
For so long you get used to being in the privacy of your own home and not many people walking around town, suddenly hibernation is over, you forgot (can’t be arsed) to exercise and end up not being able to fit into last years summers shorts, (i‘m not saying everyone is like that, just me and the few people who understand my meaning).

The moment you step outdoors everyone is finally out and about, fares are open, festivals are setting up and summer parties are blasting.

As for me and my fiancé, we spent the begging of this glorious month with a BANG (I wrote about it in one of my recent posts “The Spiked One”) and so we are ending it with a BOOM!

During the middle of this warm month we spent it with an unfortunate cold that kept us from away from the sun, we were dreaming of through all winter, now the end is here and all we have done is plan, plan, plan for our Interrailing trip, have a picnic in a park that was presented with very nice food and have a chilling out get together with a few friends.

June will be the highlight of this year and you will be expecting allot more posts, pictures, categories and fun times during our inter railing trip.

Top Tip: If you are planning an Interrail trip, go onto the inter railing website and make reservations through there, it is quick and easier than the app.
Reserve train seats up to 2 months before leaving.



Estonishing Estonia, Tallin 

My fiancé got us two tickets from Helsinki to Tallin for €3 each 😲. 10am we grabbed our thingy-ma-bobs, rang for a friend to look after Iita (our dog) and off we went to the ship.

With only 10 minutes and an anxious partner beside me worrying we will never make it on time, I put my stress to autopilot and concentrated more on my hungry, growling belly.
Finally making it onto the shit with an extra 5 minutes, everywhere became more and more packed.
With a few hours on the ship and our screaming whale bellies, we followed the instructions to a wonderful restaurant for brunch. Quickly dropped our things onto our table and ran to the buffet line, as a British person who enjoys pizza more than fancy sushi and different types of cheese's I notice beside me the glorious kids' table filled with chips, sausages and piles of pizza. I turned to inka with a huge smile, little laughter as her line was a long way from the buffet.
(Now I’m not going to bore you with my meal, no matter how delicious it was).
With 1 hour left, we strolled the busy corridors for a seat yet everywhere was taken so we dropped ourselves next to more unlucky people, together we looked like a bunch of homeless creatures waiting.
Finally making it to Tallin, we walked to the shopping mall where I finally bought my first Disney shirt 💜.

After hours Inka took me down to the old town where I felt like I walked back to the old medieval times, it is so beautiful and very photogenic. There stood people wearing medieval clothes and playing amazing tunes😊

I love these last two because I feel like it is a sculpture I want to sit there in the street and paint!

I took as many photos as I could through the time we was there, I hope to go back and give you readers some more magic.

*some have not been edited



A Boost Of Wildlife!

With the high technology, these day’s I doubt myself with every photo I take, whether it’s about a town or landscape there are teenagers who can take much better pictures than me with their camera’s from college and schools. I see these amazing photography, art in museums and up on the walls, then I look down thinking “how can I make that? How can I do this with such a tiny camera? How do I get the money for a perfect camera that creates more beauty. Or is it me that only see’s the good in others and not myself?”

It took me years to find what path I wanted to walk down. You know the feeling when you are becoming a young teenager and everyone around you is asking the exact same question over and over again “What do you want to do with your life?” or “what do you want to be when you grow up?” These questions as a child were easy, a princess, a fireman, a singer, or my vision an actor. As we grow older, our dreams began to change (for some they stayed the same).

I got asked repeatedly the same question and never did I have the same answer, because I wasn’t sure what I wanted in life, as there are so many things to become and also to keep them quiet :D.

(There is one dream I always wanted and I will fulfill one day, as for now I will focus on this).
I knew photography had a place in my life, but I only thought of it as just a hobby and nothing special, I have always taken pictures of landscapes, buildings and people, but never felt like it was more than just a little hobby, I enjoyed doing, until a few days ago, I caught a little red squirrel outside our window and only two things popped into my head, “I’ll sit here and keep this as a memory to share” (That lasted a few seconds before I grabbed my camera) “I can try to be as quiet as possible and snap shots of this beautiful creature!”
From the moment I stood there taking pictures of this amazing creature to flipping through them on my camera, I knew right then this is what I want to become, this is what I want in life. I need that Boost of Wildlife..

I woke up one lovely morning at 7am finding these two wonderful creatures outside the window. I not perfect at this, but for a first try I think I did good hehe 😊. I hope I can figure out a way to get better and become a wildlife photographer.



The Spiked One!

Friday 28th April we ended up paying all our bills, with hardly any money left and so we ended up staying indoors watching Disney movies while snuggling on the couch, while all other 18+ peeps were gathering all their mates getting drunk at clubs.

As for Saturday, the weather hit us with a surprising last snow storm of winter. Me and Inka went on a stroll around the city of Helsinki to find items for the amazing 1st May picnic day and also to go eat in a lovely restaurant. Unfortunately, we didn’t find anything useful to us so we headed home empty handed in the middle of a heavy winter reminder storm, where we screamed into the misty air “your drunk April, go home!”

Sunday was the day we finally had plans. Heading out to buy cheap wines and ciders from Alko, security everywhere and drunk Uni groups wearing their majestic overalls with silly wigs.

The day progressed, we got invited to a house party that began at 3…pm. After hours and hours of us trying on every piece of clothing we had left that did not need a good wash, we finally set off at….. 5.
Arriving around there at 6, everyone had left and we were left with a drunk hostess, two peeps who left 10 minutes after our arrival and a tipsy Bella, what do we decide to do….CLUB!!!

Mistake. Big mistake. HUGE mistakes.

Sorry for the blurry images, being drunk while snapping shots isn't going to go well.
All of graduations caps I see.

We all arrived at the club finishing our bottle of cheap white wine beginning on the red. The place was packed, me and Inka grabbed our drinks and the night began. Our friends arrived minutes later nursing me back to sober with pints of water, as time flew by so did my vision (now i prefer the drunk sight inside a club).

Drink after drink, more friends came, going out into the cold waiting for them to finish their cig, moments wiggling in the endless pee pee line at the toilet door and finally on a big celebration day, one spiked person who grabs all the attention with panic attacks, falling over and losing things. While out in the cold weather, Inka dropped our friends drink so as an act of kindness with the last of our money she spent it on our friends + our drink.

Regrets. Regrets. Much Regret!!

The Spiked Drink vvv

t finally got to our home time, me and Inka had a little mishap where I stormed off with our last drink of the night, after a few minutes of laying my head down on the bar counter drunk crying Inka came back for me. We hugged it out and left with a BANG!

Inka drank the last of our drink (I didn’t touch it), after a few minutes she changed drastically from tipsy to spiked. We gave in our labels for our coats and bags, but only one was found, being an unreasonable coat checker he does nothing but push us aside. Inka falls to the floor crying, I try to solve this tragedy of the missing coat, working my powers budging everyone aside, I ask the rude coat checker some questions, finally, after a hard “get out” look he directed me to the bouncer who was the previous coat checkers, HE very nicely tracked Inka's coat down and we all ended up with smiles (I found €2 on the club floor too so my smile was mostly for that).

Resting on my shoulders Inka spaced out for a few moments before completely falling over outside the bus stop, thankfully a girl helped us get back up and so Inka decided to yell “Bus, come here busbuzzz”.

For that hour on the bus, she went from slurring words, panicking, falling off the chair and getting a little angry. At home, I got us both finally to sleep with shocking regrets in the morning.

Monday 1st May arrived, the day we planned for a sweet picnic in the sun. As you can imagine our plans went to bust. We spent the whole day eating pizza, making smoothies and sitting watching How I Met Your Mother while the sun beamed outside laughing at us.

As for Yesterday (2nd May) my wonderful friend came round to interview me. No Spoilers !

Thank you for hopefully reading our glorious painful night, hope i did not bore you too much or perhaps make you yarn. Always remember "keep your eyes on the horizon, and your drink"



Finland First Of May! 

First, let me describe what 1st of May in Finland, Helsinki is like. Then onto the following post "The Spiked One!"

As a new incomer to the Finnish culture, 1st May came to me as a surprise. Let’s begin on the 28th April where the fun really begins. Imagine being a big time student in University working weeks and days with not enough caffeine in the world, huge assays, boring lectures, exams and work pilling up feeling like it's the end of life (am I right?).
Now picture 3 days of celebration, no essays, no exams, no boring lectures and sleeping (forget sleeping), what would you do in those three days (two being the weekend). PARTY!!!

The highest university students in Finland and Sweden get to wear coloured overalls (boilersuit) that match the field, they are studying (If you are doing Nursing you get Purple overalls, get the picture?), in these overalls find other students in the same field as you, (plus the overalls are awesome making many people including me very jealous).

As for those who have graduated from high school (yes age 18) they get their very own graduation caps (I call them sailer caps).
28th April is the beginning of a grateful weekend and the start of a wonderful celebration of Independence day 1st May.

As for me and my fiancé we unfortunately are not one of those top high students in the cool Universities. We on the other hand, are small, cute, little and less smart humans with one graduation sailer cap to share between us both (it’s her cap, in UK high school and college we don’t get a cool souvenir. Why don’t we?).

Hope this clears out your wandering minds. If you look above, you will see the following post "The Spiked One!" about our festive (not so festive) night.



We Don't Belong In Berlin!

From Finland to Cyprus takes one stop in between and for us that stop was one of the worst days we have ever come across together. We set off from Finland to Berlin around 11:00am, thankfully it was only 1hr and 39mins flight travelling with Norwegian flight that was very pleasant.

We had 7 hours to spare in Berlin so what better way to spend our time other than hopping on a bus to the city, we arrive hungry and determined for some pure German food (our minds thought German style while our bellies rumbled for McDonald’s). So off we trotted to McDonald’s lol.

Having only 4hrs left, we turn our heads to some teenage girls noticing their Primark bags, and so the quest begins. With 30mins left of free McDonalds wifi we search the web for the nearest Primark, taking our big tourist maps out X marks the spot and off we went. Grabbing our metro tickets from the information desk, with the only instruction to take a numbered metro to Alexanderplatz we decided to find Primark.

Steadily making it to the metro stop, we still had no idea which side this glorious shop stood so I asked a bike taxi driver who spoke very good english gratefully pointed the way.

Me and Inka both running for our lives, we stood staring at the biggest Primark shop we have ever come across, dragging each other along the way it ended up being completely packed, realising we had only a few hours left, we bought a few little items and off we went back to the starting line, just as we was about to step out the metro we got stopped by a very frightening ticket inspector who yelled at us multiple times “I take you to police station now or pay €60 here!”
Thankfully a very polite inspector comes along and finally gave us the instructions we never received from the information desk (the ticket had to be placed in a ticket machine before entering a metro), while Inka cried, scared and terrified of bad cop I gave my information to good cop and within 1hr left to get back to the airport, we rushed to our plane to Cyprus holding a €60 fine and two Primark bags

As for on the way back from Cyprus to Berlin, we had again to wait another 7hrs but this time deciding to stay and sleep inside the airport. As we barely find a decent spot to lay our sleeping bag beside an information desk, without any warning the lady inside walked up to us knowing the metal bar No Entry door smacked Inka hard on her ear and the lady just pointed and said “next time look”.

And so now we have decided Berlin is the one place we cannot return to.
(AirBerlin on the other hand is beyond the best flight I have ever had, they gave us pillows and blankets, dinner, tea and biscuits, then dimming the lights for bedtime ending the flight with free Lidt Lindor chocolate. I suddenly felt 5 again)



First Entry...
Blah Blah Blog...

among many other hobbies, Photography is a passion for me so I decided to start a blog and share my experiences with you. I used to have a blog with my fiancé but as our life became hectic, we had no time to update it together. Now I am starting a new chapter in life and welcoming you guys to become a part of it.

I will be sharing many of our stories with you from how to deal with anxiety attacks to planning a wedding across seas.

A Little Bit About Me:

my name is Bella (yes from Disney and no my fiancé isn’t a big hairy beast 😂 ).
I am 22 years old, agender, originally from the north west of England, I moved to Finland in 2016 to be with my beautiful fiancé and her old little pup Iita.
As you can tell I am a bit of a creative person with photography, travel, playing guitar, drawing and video editing, but what attracts me the most is writing children’s books, I love to bring my visions to real life (my imagination has gotten me in trouble a few times in school).

So sit back, relax and enjoy.