That's it! New beginning! The only thing I want to show you by having this blog is that dreams come true! Actually... not always - sometimes dreams will never come true by themselves, sometimes you just have to make them come true!

I'm a dreamer since childhood and my "dream board" has never became smaller... On the contrary - it's bigger and bigger.

Some of my dreams are very hard to fulfill them but I believe and going to make them true! All you need is self-confidence and sometimes some luck - it depends!

After this short preface I'll tell you something about my plan of guiding this blog.

I think it's a good idea to write a month summary (what I managed to do and which dream it approached me to - I hope you know what I mean 😂) and goals for next month (what should I do to be closer to fulfillment of data dream)

I think that's all. Hope you'll enjoy reading next posts 😜 And remember - never give up!