Hi there, I’m Bek.

This’ll probably be my first post on this blog so I’ll tell you something about myself, so we can get to know each other better.

I’m a 21 year old visual designer that specializes in editing and filming, I was born and still live in Rotterdam, a city in the Netherlands. This city has taught me a lot and it has shown me that being open-minded isn’t a crime, it’s a gift.

Growing up in a city where there’s a ton of cultures really teaches you a lot, 60% of Rotterdam consists me non-Dutch people, so it’s bound to happen that you’ll learn about a couple of cultures or two. This has made me expand my interest in the world and it’s cultures, and the best way to present & show that in my opinion is through video!

You see, I’ve been interested in Visual Design ever since I could remember, as a kid I remember going to my parents computer and just checking if I could get footage off of YouTube so I could put something together in the 2006 version of Windows Movie Maker.

Of course, it looked horrible for what I could put together, but it would make my day to just sit down and make something I put my time and effort in. Slowly I started learning more and more about certain editing software such as Adobe Premiere & Sony Vegas.

After about a solid 3-4 year I’ve mastered Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere and have also starting using Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D. I’ve mastered most of the elements.

I also went to Media School where I didn’t feel like I wasn’t progressing and learning, but where I felt like I was going more and more into debt. After about 2 years I quit and tried to pursue my passion on my own.

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