BE GOLDEN BY: Thea Petersen


The last couple of days I have made some changes in my life that I thought I would write about. One of these changes is my lifestyle, and how I chose to eat and live my life. Two years ago a dear friend of mine gave me a book that she thought would interest me since I was so into training and eating right. The book was Crazy sexy diet by Kris Carr. A young and entrepreneurial woman who saved herself from an incurable cancer by the way she ate. She was diagnosed with a very rare cancer disease and was told to only have a few years left to live, and she decided to do everything in her power to survive and let her body heal. She contacted many scientists and doctors all over the world, went on different retreats and started studying nutrition. Today she is strong and healthy, and the cancer in her body that once threaten to end her life was now gone. This book changed my life and opened up my interest even more for living a healthy lifestyle and eat what is good for my body. She taught me that everything i put in my mouth either makes me more or less healthy. Overnight I changed my diet and haven't consumed meat ever since.

This was two years ago, and then last week something happened that really made me think about my decision on still consuming animal products like cheese and eggs. 

I sat by my desk at work and was just about to have a bite on my standard breakfast; one boild egg with caviar. I took the small teaspoon and cut into the egg ready to take my first bite, when I felt something with the spoon in the middle of the egg. The spoon couldn't cut through the egg and I opened it up to look what it was. Inside the hard boiled egg yolk there sure was something hard, beige-grayish that had stopped me from taking my first bite. And there it was. A 2-3 cm long, 1 cm thick hard lump that I realized was supposed to develop to be a baby chicken. I could see it. I had a fetus in my egg. Or, not in my egg, I had an egg which was a chickens egg with the chickens baby fetus inside it. I was so disgusted and threw it away in the bin and found it hard to find an appetite for the rest of the day. The next day I didn't search for my standard breakfast but found something else, and the couple of days ahead I did the same.

At the time I spent my days at my parents house in Kvicksund. It was wonderful to get closer to the countryside and escape the big city, loud noices and concrete.

I also happened to have the house for myself since my parents had gone on vacation and my brother was at a music festival, having tons of fun. So I took my time to relax, to enjoy the sun and to finally find the time to do some reading. I had bought a new book, one that wasn't focusing on mindset, health or how to maximize your life, but a traditional novel. I had been looking forward to read an actual story so when the sun decided to spread its shine over our house I was quick to take the opportunity to just relax with my novel by the pool. And I did so for hours. The second day I had finished the novel and had also managed to buy a new one. I was getting into that summer-reading-mode. When I read the beautiful story about the blind boy in Burma, who had to rely on his ears instead of his eyes when walking around in his village, my mind opened up. He wasn't blind, he just couldn't see, but he had realized that it was far from the same thing. When I read about the lives of the people in Burma, the monks and the poor old man, the woman who lost her husband and how people during a few months were walking around hungry due to a bad harvest during summer, I felt how lucky and privileged I am, we are. How grateful I am but how easily it is to be blind and not see all the possibilities we have and how easy our lives are.

I started to think about veganism and one of the earliest arguments agains me going vegan that appeared in my head was saying; "don't go vegan. It's just difficult when you eat out or when you get invited for dinner. It is already difficult at times with being both gluten free and vegetarian"

And then I thought about the stories I've read. The stories and the reality for far to many people. I started to think about the problems and difficulties in my life and could see that even if they were my problems, they were not really problems at all. Not really. Not in comparison. Thats how my first argument against myself going vegan disappeared. My second argument against myself was weather I would miss having the parmesan cheese on my pasta, not being able to indulge in haloumi burgers or (even if I wasn't craving eggs by that time) if I would want to have an egg for breakfast. Basically my two arguments were related to inconvenience or flavor, and of which both were killed rather quickly by myself thinking "oh come on, so you can't have cheese on your pasta? Buhu! And no more eggs in the morning, ever? You are really choosing a difficult life for yourself" and then it was settled: From now on I'm vegan. I realized how the excuses not to go vegan were ridiculous especially when I put them in relation to problems other people have in their lives, and even more ridiculous when I compared the two arguments inconvenience or flavor with the massive list on WHY to GO vegan. If you dont know I can tell you the list is looong.

The following day I jumped out of bed, made myself a green vegan smoothie, sat by the pool with the sun shining on my already tanned legs and started to read my new novel. 

I was satisfied and happy with my choice, a bit proud of that I finally actually did it. I made a decision by heart and it felt good into the roots. Maybe because I can feel how Im changing and developing. From how I two years ago went vegetarian mainly for me, for my health and longevity, but how i'm now not going vegan for me, but for the animals and our planet. Finally the reasons why didn't matter, the main thing was that I had decided and now there was no turning back.

The second change I did in my lifestyle I did together with my brother. We talked about how often our society arn't present, always scrolling on our phones unaware, or not recognizing that reality is outside of it. I will tell you about what change we made in my next post. Until then, take care. (And I'm not sorry for my love of writing long posts. Eventually I think I could write a book without blinking, just because how much I love letters) Until then, live life, be happy, and respect those around you. Lots of love, Thea.

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Friday the 10th of June my class and I graduated and got our bachelor degree in market communication.

And I wasn't there.

Instead of spending my graduation day at school with my friends I started a 3-day intensive course in investment, a course I purschased about a year ago.

Do I regret not attending my own graduation you might think? I have never attended a more inspiring and at the same time knowledge-filled-course in my life! And I have gone to school for many many years, attended private courses held by successful companies and I have attended some courses focusing on passive income, on mindset and some on time management. And here I am, just graduated and feel more powerful and inspired than ever, having spent my whole weekend tomorrow from 8.20 am to 7pm with a bunch other super interesting and driven people who truly believe that all of us are in control of our own life - and won't settle for less. So no, I do not regret it for a second. I am so grateful for whatever in the universe that made me openminded and interested in attending classes like this. If you havn't yourself, do yourself a favour and attend a course that you believe is an investment in yourself and your future.

What average do you want to be?

There is a saying, a statement that all of the courses I have attended outside of school have had in common. Have you ever heard that YOU are the average of the five people you spend the most time with? If not, I'm telling you now. You are the average of the five people closest to you. What does that mean? That means that you have the average go-power, the average values and visions, the average strive for success/freedom and so on, as these five people. If you are a swede you have probably heard the Swedish expression "Man blir som man umgås" which basically means the same thing. That is why it is so important for those who strive for always learning, being better, more successful, happier, making more money etc to surround yourself with people who have the same or higher goals than you, because then you will become the average of them.

This is why I love attending events like this. And especially this event where Edward and I have met so many driven, inspiring, hungry and positive people, that only the social exchange makes it worth taking the course. The knowledge exchange also happened to be massive and I've got cramps in my hands after 3 whole days of taking detailed notes.

Believe in yourself

Today was the last day of the course and I believe in myself, for whatever mission i might have. Thinking, wishing and believing are not the same. And if you truly believe in yourself, I don't think there is anything that can stop you if you just keep your momentum. For all the people who has made it their mission to help and inspire others towards success, positive thinking and being open minded I am grateful and in awe. Thank you. I wish I someday can stand where you stand, to inspire others and make them believe in the most important thing in their lives - themselves.

And now it is up to me to create my momentum and to keep it for whatever it takes. To face my fears, to crush my comfort zone and to say "thank you" to those who say "you are crazy".




The single most important thing in your life is yourself. Like the oxygen mask on an airplane, you should help yourself first so that you in turn can help others. When I say that you are the most important thing in your life I mean your physical and mental wellbeing. BODY, MIND & SPRIT.

My boyfriend asked me the following question about two years ago: "How come we study subjects in school to teach us how to draw and how to play the piano but we never talk about or study positive thinking, goal setting or happiness?" This evoked many interesting thoughts inside me and I still can’t seem to figure out an acceptable answer.


Because my true beliefs are that you can teach yourself to be happy. Through mind exercises where you practice gratefulness and positive thinking, you will come to realise and see so many beautiful things in our world that are unseen by to many. And if practiced regularly it will become your state of mind and you will experience a greater level of happiness. Now of course, you will also experience sadness, or great loss or frustration in your life, but that has nothing to do with how you can teach yourself to be happy. Like they say: Take control over your mind before it takes control over you.


If we are happy, everything gets easier. Your perspective will change and you will look at your problems or difficulties with eager eyes and be able to handle them in a new, more empowering way. Now, imagine that we are being taught this in school, as one of the main subjects that everybody has to take; like math, social sciences or grammar. After math class comes goal setting class where the kids and students get to practice goal setting, followed by grammar and at the end of the day its the happiness subject. Wouldn’t we all have a totally different approach to life and be very successful goal-seeking organisms? What they teach us when we are young are the principles and values we will focus on when we get older. No wonder our society is more stressed and faced paced than ever, that people collapse at work after too many months of too many hours of work. Now I wonder - who’s gonna start teaching these important subjects to our kids? And when are you going to start learning it for yourself?


This lay the foundation to why I came to start this blog. I have during the last two years consumed quite some information about health for both body, mind and spirit, nutrition, goal setting, positive thinking, personal development, mindset, communication, spiritual quests, brand management, happiness and how on earth to find your true life purpose. And as it turns out I have become quite passionate about all of it. I start this blog to be able to track my own progress of learning as well as I wish to inspire you to take greater control of your life. To set high goals. To be eager to learn. To be better and happier and of more use.

I would be pleased if you decided to make this journey with me, slow or fast paced. There are no rules, but only to strive towards living the best life possible for YOU. 

Here’s to BE GOLDEN.