Pics from a day in Ronda





The fancy drinks and good music kinda place

The best tapas according to moi

The pre-party place

Fabulous place for first dates and girls night out (and every night...)

The birthday party place


You already know what this means

Casa Fuster treasures (They also have a fab restaurants called galaxy)

The Only Breakfast place (I probably won´t move because I just love there coffee)

Pasta bar and they are two sisters making pasta all day.

The "I´ve been there but never tried the food, but the drinks are supergood!"

The "I´ve been there once and the wine was super and the food too." (I need to go back there)

The Perfect place for a instafreak

The "I just want to eat good and have a good glas of wine" (I serious got a foodgasm there)

The place that made me vegan (not for life tho)

Perfect place for birthdays, when mamas in town and...yeah

After beach pizza (and like they have truffle pizza? Need I say more!)

The all day/night place to be

Give me 3 bottles of wine, good food and best company (this place have it)

Good drinks (and I can crawl home)

I had to but this in (because let´s face it, it´s a rooftop party and those are fun!)

The place everyone knows about

​Wine, wine and red hamburger buns 



1. Marbella 1998. 2. Barcelona 3 & 4. Netfish top 5. Ricardo Bofill 6. Amanda Lear on a terrass in London 



  • Det var något som fick mig att gråta då jag satt vid flygplansfönstret. Jag gömde mitt ansiktet från passageraren som satt bredvid och tittade ut på den tindrande staden med mina gråt fyllda ögon. Varför jag grät vet jag inte. Jag skulle snart få se honom igen. Kanske var det mitt medvetande som sa att det var sista gången vi skulle vara på en resa tillsammans.
    Våra bråk i new york var för mig ganska dimmiga då jag nästan varje gång hade druckit lite mycket vin och suttit envis och tyst i taxin på väg hem till honom. Vi hade alltid lyckats bli sams hemma hos honom och älskat till vyn av en upplyst Brooklyn bridge.
  • New York 2013