Albert Einstein and his furry shoes

Bill Gates mug shot

Salvador Dali and Walt Disney, plotting away in 1957

Marilyn Monroe Filming The Seven Year Itch

Martin Luther King and Marlon Brando

Muhammad Ali trying to stop this man from committing suicide

Jimmy Hendrix and Mick Jagger

​Buzz Aldrin Selfie in Space 1966

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Audrey Hepburn and Pet Fawn, Pippin

Artist Frida Kahlo and Pet Deer, Granizo

Artist Salvador Dali and Pet Anteater and pet ocelot Babou

Elvis with Pet Kangaroo

Josephine Baker and Cheetah, Chiquita



Pics from a day in Ronda





The fancy drinks and good music kinda place

The best tapas according to moi

The pre-party place

Fabulous place for first dates and girls night out (and every night...)

The birthday party place


You already know what this means

Casa Fuster treasures (They also have a fab restaurants called galaxy)

The Only Breakfast place (I probably won´t move because I just love there coffee)

Pasta bar and they are two sisters making pasta all day.

The "I´ve been there but never tried the food, but the drinks are supergood!"

The "I´ve been there once and the wine was super and the food too." (I need to go back there)

The Perfect place for a instafreak

The "I just want to eat good and have a good glas of wine" (I serious got a foodgasm there)

The place that made me vegan (not for life tho)

Perfect place for birthdays, when mamas in town and...yeah

After beach pizza (and like they have truffle pizza? Need I say more!)

The all day/night place to be

Give me 3 bottles of wine, good food and best company (this place have it)

Good drinks (and I can crawl home)

I had to but this in (because let´s face it, it´s a rooftop party and those are fun!)

The place everyone knows about

​Wine, wine and red hamburger buns