So I'v decided to start blogging again. So I stopped blogging for about a year ago on this blog. But then I have also been on other social media, so you could follow me still. I have deleted all the pictures and blog posts on here, so it's like a new start! 

Also my Animal Crossing: New Leaf is back now. So today I'm going to start a new town with a new mayor. Which is very exiting. 😁 So you will see a lot of acnl posts comming up in the future, but also on my instagram page. Where I'm most active most of the time. And no, my snapchat is not open. It's just for friends. 

And a big thank you to all of you who still looked in on here whilst I was gone. I never thougt so mny people would read my blog from the beginning! But thank you so much for reading and commenting. And I know there is a problem so some of you guys can't see the comments or comment either. But I just don't know what to do.... But this is probably all I have to say right now, Byeeee!