Hey again

I got some pretty good new to share with you guys :)

The handsome young man you guys are seeing ont he pic right beside me is king, Man that bring joy ang happiness in my life.

I meet this handsome man through my cousin boyfriend, the first time we talk on the phone is was like i been knowing him for so many years it was magical we both felt in love at the first sight, and den we immediately hit it off. We chatted pretty much, mostly about the future and life.

I found him very attractive because has a good sense of humor, he's sweet, caring, considerate, gentle and everything Iv'e ever wanted in a partner. We faceTime a lot that literally lasted up to 7 hours or even more some night and some weekends, but mostly weekends.

we dated for like 1 year and then broke up because of me cheating on him, I didn't really cheated on him, He just didn't understand. since he couldn't under stand then he broke up with me, and that was it. But He was also having the feelings that we are never gonna see each other. So become friends we still used to talk on the phone sometime, we both still keep the chemistry we had but it was on another level like a friend level. At that time he use to live in the Ohio, a state in the USA and I stay in Sweden located i Europe.

After som moths later he called me and being to serious talking about we need to get back together, we need to work things out. For me I was just being all mean to him, he told him to stop calling me that our story has ended. But I was actually wrong, when to people were meant to be together nothing can take them a part, not even enemy.

He and I got back together, after som weeks he told me that he's gonna be moving to London to follower his dream, which is to play soccer. And i supported because I always wanted him to do what will make him happy and make him a great man in the future.

Anyways, few moths later we decided to meet in real life and see what we had online or on social media was a amazing in real life. My handsome man and I were so so desperate to meet face-to-face and see what would happen oh!, I was so excited to meet him at the same time nervous. We a phone conversations as usual about our meeting together both good and not so good. I decided to go see him because I'm the brave 😊, I didn't y parent about me traveling because I don't stay with them and didn't wanted them to know, I wanted to avoid to much complaining and stuffs, we all knows Afrikan parents its not strange, but I did told my friend, only the one that was close to be I told. I wasn't scare cuz I know some of this familj and so on.....

Anyway we book the tickets booth come and return tickets. When my arrival day came, You was the one that pick my up with his uncle and som friends. I was nervous both excitement and fear, I had never done anything like this before, but i knew deep in my heart it was gonna be great. 👌

All girls would love to change their outfit to attract guys, but I didn't change any outfit, I would black jeans, white sneakersand a top blouse with a light brown jacket fur,that's my normal cloth I wear to school or anywhere, I like it simple 👌

We se each other face- to face oh it was love ar first sight. I couldn't imaging I actually meet the guy I want to spend the rest of my life with. Once I got in the car I meet his friends and his uncle, I was really friendly wit them, I'm a friendly person so its not strange 😉.

When we got home we talked a lot it was like we plan about talking.......... it couldn't have been more perfect seeing each other for the frist time wow like wow really wow 😘.. We made a promise to each other that noting will com between us again. Oh the best part (the future) We have talked about the future at great length as well and it was so great that i even wanted to cry.

We don't know for sure but we're very willing to take the next step and do whatever it takes to make our relationship work. I cant wait to meet him tomorrow :) . Anything is possible if you want it badly enough, don't fight for it and don't let crazy gossip, enemy or anything destroy it. We all need a better man and woman in our life.

I got problems with spelling but I just hop you guys would be able to under :)

Please give me some comment I really need to know what you guys think :) ad of course som tums up

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​Hey guys I'm back again,

I'm very sorry!, I haven't been having time to share my lovely story with you guys because I been busy with my school and my work, after all I got a lot of responsibility​to take care off, one of is school.

Finally I have graduate from high school and it feel so great. I just want to give a big thanks to my lovely friends. who have been there for me all these years of my life, you guys are my everything, I really appreciate everything you guys done for me, by pushing me to do the best thing for myself and I love you a lot.

I will be returning​ back to school in Agustin to continue studying at nurse​, it's about 1 and a halv year school, then take the next step at university​ for 1 year ro maybe more. 

Graduated 2017-06/15 at Jenny Nystrom 

Program: Aesthetic programs



Good afternoon folks. Hope you guys are doing great? as for me im fine as always.

Oh! it ´s been a while I haven't been on my blog. But now im ready, it's just that I have been so busy with homeworks and other stuff. You know high school problem, So many things to do and take care off. Plus moving to another city alone without parent t's not easy, but so many people think it is. Everything seems new to me, new school, new friends, new teachers and new a enviroment. Its kinda hard tho. But right now i guess everying is under conrtol, Not the way I expected my life to be. But I know that everyting will be alright or even great. Its better than nothing ,Life is always about pushing yourself and make yourself proud, cuz if you dont who will?

I'm a strong black girl that will always fight for what I want in life. I promised myself that when I grow up I want to be an intelligent woman , respectful and love my kids and family. Right now I guess that I'm changing, not gonna act like a teenager anymore, now I feel like I'm a woman. Off course I'm 19 years but if I start to be intelligent right now then it wont be hard for me in the future.
I love writing but I'm not that good at spellings

I got an exciting things to say, it may not seems exciting to you guys but for me it is. Yesterday like omg I dont know if you guys can see something different on this pic but yesterday I actually cleared all the hair that I had on my face, by my girlfriend OBS! EXCUSE MY LANGUAGE! If i used the word girlfriend i meant friend so dont get me wrong plz. So I dont really know how she could took all the hair from my face but I'm really loving my face. Plus lol my eyebrows are really on fleek yeah :)

Thanks to this my other sweet friend Oyeme for making my hair I'm really loving it, but I'm not really into this kinda  long hair but it's ok I'm loving it :) thanks to my friend Vicki for the picture its really lovely.



Good evening everyone! or I can say good night cuz the time is almost 12 oclock in the night over here.

Anyway today I had a great time plus I had so much fun with my friend and it's feels so great :) . We went to a small town in Stockholm call Fittja, I guess that may be the name of the place but I"m not quite sure. 



Wazzup guys

Last week Friday I was in Falun and it's a small village in Sweden. I was there to visit my aunty and my lovely cousins and it was great. The next day I went out with my cousin Debra to get som shopping, she and I had a lot of fun we did a lot of things  But we didn't buy a lot of stuff. I bought two blouses and I bought her one blouse and a lipstick because that is what she wanted.

And I really had a wonderful time with my cousin <3

I really love these blouses it's so cute <3





There are friends I've met in so many years and friends I just made this year, and I love them all but not equal to this my gorgeous friend that I'm carry on my back :) She is on of my friend that I trust and can do anything for her. I asked God to give me a friend that I would trust a friend that I will not be afraid to talk to, if anything is eating me up and then he did. Right now I'm happy and sad at the same time because my best friend My friend has just graduated from Hight and it feels like I'm gonna be alone :(    it’s easy to stay in touch after graduation but it won’t be the same anymore. That is how I sees it. I will be graduating next year I can't wait :) <3

The closeness and bonds will fade and we will make new friends. But I will always treasure my childhood pals. I love you Joy and I'm gonna miss you so much <3



Hey Ya'll

Hope u guys had had a great supper weekend?

Mine was super and a little bit special because I don't usually do something special but this time I spend my weekend at one of my cousin who  lives like 10 hours from me in a small town in Sweden call Ljusdal. I have not seen him in several years, since 2009  so it was really exciting and special for me to meet him. It was special because he just graduated from high school and I when there to support him as a sister and a best friend, I'm really proud of him and I wish him all the best in life :) I when there with one of my close friend call Adama the best friend ever <3




I guy saw me on snapchat and decided to draw me and send it to.

And then after he said that he will love to meet me in really life. :)



Yes Weekend and I call it my study week <3

oh yes it's finally weekend don't have any plans and I don't even want t0 try to have any plans. This weekend I'm just gonna stay at home and take my time to study and get all my homework done. I know it's crazy to study doing the weekend but I really have to because I got only 20 or 21 days left in school which is only 3 weeks left to fix my assignment.

Today I'm gonna do my Swedish test about cyberbullying. Gonna write 2-3 pages about bullying on the internet and I just can't wait. <3

We all know that is different from the normal working days or school days, and of course weekend need to feel different from the weekdays which means that you can do your activities the things you like doing that you can't do during the weekdays for example shopping, gym sleep and other things.