How do you feel about beauty, and what is beautiful for you ?

There was a time when our world had a different expectation on beauty. Women envied a curvier body, because that meant they had enough money to feed themselves. They didn't use Botox or hide their wrinkles, because wrinkles meant experience in life. They wore long dressed with beautiful lace and jewels, because that was in fashion back then.

Today's world couldn't look more different. Women wear designer clothes witch all are the according to the latest trends. They use Botox to fill in their wrinkles just so no one knows that they age. People spend thousands on anti-wrinkle cream and Beaty treatments to look younger. They also wear a lot of makeup to hide imperfections and starve their selves just to be skinny.

I think everyone is beautiful in their own way.
My opinion on makeup and fashion is that it's a way to express yourself but everyone is beautiful without starving themselves or wearing tons of makeup.

So, what is beauty ?


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So, how should i start ...

I'm a 23 year old girl from Finland with an education as a beauty therapist. My interests are makeup, beauty and interior design. I live in a house in a tiny town with my boyfriend and our cat and I work on a rather big company.

In this blog I will mainly write about makeup and beauty products but also a little bit about my life.

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog ♡


Så,hur skall börja ...

Jag är en 23 årig tjej från Finland med hud terapeut som yrke. Mina stora intressen är smink, skönhet och inredning. Jag bor i ett hus i en liten stad med min sambo och vår katt. Jag jobbar på ett ganska stort företag som hud terapeut.

I denna blogg hade jag tänkt skriva om skönhet och smink, men kanske också lite av min vardag.

Jag hoppas att ni kommer gilla att läsa min blog