I wanted to share my Brighton experience with you all, just incase you have never been or you live in a different country. If you do get the chance to come to England then definitely come to Brighton & Hove! I am considering about moving to Brighton in the future but for now just visiting there every month or so. From where I live, you can easily catch a train which takes about two hours as its a high speed train or you could drive there which would take longer. We took the longest option, as we could stop off and have half an hour breaks.

I have never been to Brighton and this was such a good experience to see what the pier appeared to look like in reality. It was actually so fun to go with my family as we went in the late afternoon, so we arrived in the evening sort of time. And this beautiful Brighton pier sign was lit from a far. 

So we arrived, and firstly we parked our car. Parking our car was a hard experience as our car is very big which limits space when parking and the parking tariffs and tickets are so expensive. The ticket for parking is about £8 for all evening. But it was worth it as we enjoyed every moment of it!

The pier was a amazing experience, as this is the only pier available to view in England as some other ones are actually burnt down. I stepped onto the boards of the pier and looked down to see the salty sea water and this was a scary moment as I hate heights. The first place we proceeded was the arcade, this was actually so fun to explore the 2p machines and 10p machines. Next, we got some food from this churos plaza. Churos take me back to when I was on holiday in Florida (aka my hometown). 

There are so many amazing things to do on the pier, there is even a theme park where you can go on some terrifying   rides  (my worst nightmare). I definitely enjoyed visiting Brighton and Hove as I had never been before and I know many of you will too! We didn't stay for long in Brighton as it got late and we live far away from Brighton and so we had to head home. 

I hope you enjoyed my very first blog post on Brighton! More coming soon!