I love reading peoples reviews on products so i thought i would start writing mine :-)

Vaseline intensive care spray moisturizer..

Iv recently come back from holiday 1 week in sunny Cyprus, i can definitely say i burnt to a crisp!! i have really sensitive skin anyway so any moisturizing products are usually a NO GO for me... HOWEVER i found this great little number in Morrison's ( it was on offer at the time ) its now approx £3.50. It is amazing!! you just spray and rub absorbs in seconds and it has made a huge difference to my skin.

I suffer with psoriasis on my arms which causes red dry patches ( means i can never use fake tan or anything ) and this is the only product that i have been able to use without flaring my skin up. I would HIGHLY recommend.

Liz Earl hot cloth.

I love this product!! i have been using this now for approx 3 months ( boots always have this on offer so keep an eye out! ) currently £14.00. It comes with 2 hot cloths in a cute little handy bag to keep them together. I use this everyday after my shower the cream and the hot cloth opens your pores in your face and then you splash cold water to the face afterwards to close the pores.

I dont suffer with spots ( lucky me ) but i have noticed that it has reduced black heads around my nose area and when im due on.. i usually get the odd HUGE spot this has also been reduced since using this.

My skin has gone so smooth since using, i wont use any other cleanser now i am set on this product!

Clarins one step facial cleanser.

​LOVE this, i got this in a Clarins pack from the airport on the way home from Cyprus i will 100% be buying this again when i run out.. it makes my skin so smooth and fresh i use it after my Liz Earl cloth at night - i apply with a cotton face pad. I have noticed a huge difference in my skin as i normally have quite Oily skin, this has minimised a lot since using this. My skin tone has also evened out massively. If you want to test before you buy go get yourself a tester from Clarins counter you will not be disappointing!! 

Im always up for trying new Beauty products so comment below with any recommendations! 

Beck xox

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OH MY GOODNESS! So today i got my food plan/fitness plan ( this is an 8 week plan ) i cannot believe how much food i have to eat!! never mind the 4 liters of water each day - i wee enough as it is!

and yes - that is 2 shortbread biscuits SHOOT ME i start tomorrow :-)

This isnt my first time following a strict plan i did one for 8 weeks just before my holiday in July i was so shocked at how well i did and how determined i was! (maybe this was because i knew i had a holiday coming up and i needed to get into a bikini LOL). I now dont have anything planned so im not sure how determined i will be - is this my excuse for another holiday maybe ;-)?. I HAVE TO SAY this food and Gym plan is like nothing i have ever seen before at least 6 meals a day.. by the last blog i will infact of turned into a chicken or a sweet potato. i will post my before and after pictures for you all to follow my journey with me and the odd snap in the gym ( i say odd because i hate myself when people take pictures of themselves in the gym ) #gymselfie #nofilter and all the rest off the BS ;-).

So, your probably wondering why i haven't started today? well.. i only got my plan last night and as it was a Sunday ovcourse all the big shops shut at 4pm LIBERTY and im not one to go do a shop at the CO-OP far to expensive for a week shop! and im done with the isles within 5 mins. I cant be the only one who brouses each isle for goodies that i definitely dont need? like Tupperware - i cant tell you how many little pots and box's of this stuff i have!!. So after work today my night consists of a trip to MORRISON'S for my big weekly shop and i will start fresh tomorrow.

I also didn't realise how many vitamins you can take in a day! i swear my plan makes me take at least 6 different vitamins so thats also a trip to Holland and barrett later ( i have seen they have a buy one get one half price offer on though ) save me a few pounds. Im 100% going to need to get myself organised to be able to take all of these before each meal.. i will be sure to picture my food prep and how my kitchen looks afterwards ha - ha (SORRY MUM)

Whilst im here talking about this i may aswell drop it in that i have also signed myself up for a 10k in DECEMBER the coldest month of the year yep well done Becky.. i have never even ran before never mind a 10k.. any tips for training would be much appreciated. WHAT KIND OF TRAINERS DO I NEED?? i was told my good old Nike Gym trainers just wont cut it! HELP ha - ha.

Keep an eye out for my Day 1 Blog tomorrow ( will probably be Wednesday Morning as im not sure how my body will react to all of this food and training ) ill probs be in bed for 9pm HAHHA

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. This is my quote of the day, what is yours?

Becky xox