Hey babes!

I've been wanting to start a blog of my own for a good amount of time, and now I'm finally doing it. Let me tell you few facts about me: My name is Emma, but my friends (the closest ones) call me Ems. I'm 16 yo and I live in Finland. I love photographing, fashion, makeup, music, food and dogs. I've never really been good at introducing myself, but I guess you'll get to know me better and better during every new post.

This blog will be based on my life (obviously), but will also include a lot of fashion and makeup. Outfit of the days, favourite makeup products and all that. Maybe I want to rant about something or just let you know how my day went. I'll probably post more often during weekends and holidays, but I won't be having a schedule. Ten posts in a row or one post after two weeks? You'll never know.

- Ems