I adore a good pasta sallad mainly because you can have a million different combos, (they are much like snowflakes in a way! ) but the best part is how easy they are to make taste good! You only need a few tasty ingredients to combine and you are there!

For my stupid easy jackfruite sallad you'll need;

Romain sallad, about 4-6 leafes

Cherrie tomatos, 2 cups

Lental pasta, 2 people serving

Jackfruite, 2 people serving

We start off with boiling the lental pasta, it boils quickly so check it often to get it to a nice consistency!

As you boil the pasta, start to fry your jackfruite, i store bought pulled jackfruite!

Cut your veggies

When your pasta in done rinse it and put vegetable brouth on it for maximal flavor!

Put the pasta in a bowl and put the romain on top!

after that you take your jackfruite

Top int of with the cheerie tomatios, salt+pepper

When you are done it sould look something like this! ;

Enjoy it with a simple mayo dressing like i did or with whatever you prefer!

( 2 tbs mayo

1tbs mango chutny


1 chilli)

AGAIN; what you use is super importante to get the right flavore!!! use good tomatos, eco friendly tomatos has a sweeter tast usally and try and finde a good and crispy romain!

Peace // Alva M

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Sometimes the easiest and cheapest way to travel the world is trought food! So if you've ever wantet to visit Greece then here is my Greek salad+ dressing recepie, just close your eyes, take a bite & you'll be in Greece!

What you'll need;

1/2 Cucomber

2 tomatos

2 cups of Greek olives

1 Red onion

1 Cup of green beans

For the dressing you'll need;

Olive oil



How to cook it;

It's very basic!

Start oss with peeling half a cucumber and cut it in to small triangles, but them on a plate. Take your tomatos and cut them up and place them on the cucumbers. Cut the beans like stripes and place them ontop. Sprinkle two cups of greek olives on top. Lastly you dice a red onion and sprinkle it ontop aswell!

Optional; Dairy free feta cheese is a thing, add on some authentic feel and put diced feta ontop if you'd like!

For the dressing you'll need to put olive oil into a cup, put some salt and pepper in it and a shit ton of miced garlic!

optional; I like to add som balsamic vinager too for extra flavor

..... And when you are done it should look something like this!

There it is! A beautiful Greek masterpeice! Dream away my friends // Alva M



Sadness is inevitable, as is any emotion! Its good to be sad, but not to the extent that it makes your day to day life a mess. As someone who've struggled with sadness, depression, dossocination etc iäve gathered a few trix to help myself when im deeply sad.

1. Make a list of what to do when sad, and force yourself to do it when you are!

- This is a great way to feel incontroll of your sadness, you choose if you'll do these things or not, your choose your own happieness. (ofcourse this is harder to do if your have depression, and if you try your hardest and still are not able to get out of bed, that is okay! Remeber, selflove is key, its okay to have days like that every now and again! Be nice to yourself)

Examples of things to write are;

Go for a walk

Buy flowers

Watch youtube, or a funny movie

Listen to happy music

Light candles


Down below is my "when you are sad" list, of things I do. Remeber to write things that are duable when you are sad, you might not have the energy to do anything.

2. Take a long shower, and put on a face mask!

when you are sad you tened to neglect your needs, such as eating good food (we'll get to that), washing yourself etc, something that helps me is just to take a long shower, and care for myself and my body! Put on a face mask, hair mask or scrub your legs. If you dont have that at home you can make a sugar scrub (search pintrest for great recepies).

3. Write, write, write!!! why are you sad? did something happen? How do you feel and why?

-Sometimes our thoughts can be so messy when we are upset! It might be one thing that happened to you, it might be a million things or nothing at all! Regardless of what it is, writing it down is a great way to get perspective on what's wrong.

I like to wite exactly what i feel and then a "solution" (if there is one) under it, for example;

"Nobody likes me, Iam hated by everyone and my friends dont care about me"

- I am married to my best friend, just because im not on great terms with all my friends dose not mean im hated, If someone hates me it's there issue not mine! Aslong as I keep being repectfull and loving to myself and others I'm good"

4. Chocolate+tea+book, or anything that makes you relax really! Sometimes we create caose, relaxing might help us get a new perspective on the problem

5. Fresh food!

Dont get me wrong here, I love eathing junk food when im sad, but "rewarding" sad behavior with a pizza might make you stay sad, try to treat your body with somthing nice and fresh, dosent need to be healty but still something freash! And order yourself a pizza when you feel happier.

Before i go i want to make it clear that im not educated in anyway about this, but i have presonal experience and thats what im basing this post in. I hope these things work for you but I cant garatie it!

// Alva E



Carpe diem med denna skönheten till havregryns gröt!

Billigt är de också och tog 5 minuter, lovar! De hade till och med kunna vart en nyttig start på dagen, om de inte vore för att jag dunkade en helt förpackning Majskakor efter jag hade ätit klart ..

Men hur som helst, här har ni receptet till 2 peepz snyggingar;

3dl havregryn

6dl vatten

2 Apalsiner


Agave sirap

kokos flingor

1. skala apelsinen (duh?) och skär den i små bitar.

2. Koka ihop havregrynen, vattnet, kanel, agave(socker går också bra!) och apelsinbitarna i från 1 apelsin i en kastrull.

3. Släng i den i en skål och pynta den med bitarna ifrån den andra apelsinen + kokos flingor

Du är klar nu!