In Halle, Clara and I bought ingredients for dinner one night, without realising that we bought so much that we could use the same ingredients for not one dinner, but 3! All for under 10€. A perfect concept if you are a poor student. So here comes a recipe for food for 3 days.

What we bought:


Vegan cream

Vegan cheese

Dried soyabits that you soak in hot water

Cherry Tomatoes



Coconut Milk


Day 1

Cut potties into wedges, slice onions and aubergine, and cut the cherry tomatoes in half. Spread everything out on a pan. Season with wished flavours and add some oil. Put in the oven until the vegetables are done.

While waiting for the vegetables to roast, soak some soya bits in hot water. Once soaked, fry them in a pan with wished seasoning and some tomato sauce. They are done when they have enough color.

Right before the vegetables in the oven are done, pour some vegan cream on top and sprinkle with cheese.

Taste it off with salt and pepper.

Day 2

Take the leftover roasted vegetables and cut them into smaller pieces. Make a stew with the vegetables and add some chickpeas and coconut milk. We added some more fresh tomatoes and seasoned it all with curry, to add extra flavour.

On the side, soak some bigger pieces fo soya bits and fry them, once soaked, until they get color.

We ate all of this with rice.

Day 3

The last day there wasn't that much left, but luckily enough we had a lot of rice. So we just mixed everything together, added some leftover vegan cream and added tomato sauce. It turned out to be a very nice stir fry.

Hope this gave you some foodie inspiration!

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This is Clara. Clara and I met about 4 years ago (or was it 3?) at an international Church Camp, south of France, called Taize. The funny thing with how Clara and I met, is that I don't really remember getting along with Clara. I thought she connected well with my friends, and I never thought about getting to know her myself. And she only remembered me from our Swedish group, and not my friends. Although we did start following each other on Instagram, and have for the past 4 years been kept updated on each others where abouts.

It wasn't until I decided to come to Berlin that we started talking again. And though we haven't met for 4 years, or even know each other that well. Clara invited me to her Halle, planned a fantastic weekend, and welcomed me with open arms into her life. She talked to me about her boy problems, her hopes and dreams, her family, and her life expectations. Clara showed her creative side (teaching me how to fold stars and to make DIY notebooks), and she introduced me to her beautiful friends. She even explained how you can live a more environmentally friendly and cheap lifestyle, by doing small changes everyday.

This is Clara. She is an inspiring young girl, born on the same day and year as me (!!!), who I think will change the world some day by spreading her kindness and love to everyone she meets.

Clara, and Halle, I will be back. You made me remember who important it is to be kind and how to fall in love again (doesn't necessarily always have to be a person). And I can't wait to see what else you will show me or let me experience with you.

Environmentally Friendly Tips á la Clara

1. Close the door hen you leave the room, to keep the heat in the room

2. Sort your trash and recycle

3. Wear layer on layer, so you become an onion, and keep warm

4. Buy clothes at flea markets, instead of new ones - both cheap and good way to support the local community

5. Try to switch out as many products as possible to vegan alternatives

6. Don't throw away food, there is always a way to cook something new from it



Last night in Halle, I got to meet Clara's parents. We drank some hot chocolate, ate newly baked kanelbullar (recipe coming up!), and played German board games. After that we met up with Esther (Clara's roommate) and walked around the corner to eat dinner at Bewaffel Dich.



For my last day in Halle, Clara wanted to show me her church.I may not have told you this, but Clara and I met at a church camp in France 3 years ago. So its more than right that I should see her church. Normal church people things, hehe.

And then Clara showed me the famous Halle park Ziegelweise.

Riding past Clara's family street

Outside Pauluskirche

At Ziegelwiese

Brücke de Freundschaft in the Ziegelwiese Park