The 22nd August, 2017 I arrived to BWI (Baltimore International Airport) about three months after I received my invitation for my further education and work at Maryland Institute College of Art. During my study in Educational program at Konstfack, University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm it gave me resources for my personal research on about today’s diversity and indifferent rights in society. Before and even today I working as substitute teacher and lecture while I worked freelance as production designer, and even my work was in the media arena I think I always had an interest for human nature and her relation to art and culture. My work as a teacher for young refugees and immigrant was a turning point when I realized what I wanted and how I could use art for a greater than just entertainment.

The reason I want to study abroad is not just for experience or personal development, but I am sure it would strongly enrich my future studies and work. Moreover I consider Maryland Institute College of Art as a great opportunity to get in touch with their earnest multi-culture and education system. The institute’s rich context for art education, learner-centered pedagogy ground on studio-practice, cross-disciplinary inquiry and focus on teaching and learning in urban contexts. Another reason for choosing USA is because of the English Language, and want to experience the culture as much as I can and also make me more open-minded person. I also think it is important to leave your comfort zone, because the best way to discover who you are - and what you want to be, is to take a step outside your comfort zone, and experience a new way of living. Even thought it is western countries, is so much different that ours and the people are very friendly and open.

I believe that American and Swedish society and culture are very similar, but I do believe the different is that USA have a long tradition of multiculturalism and management of people with different backgrounds. I have the ambition to become someone with understanding and involvement of people's visual world, which extends globally and different socio-cultural origins of postmodern society. I think Sweden is still a country that does not have the history of multiculturalism and integration as USA because political triumph organizations and invisible cultural differences. That students with different cultural or religious backgrounds may not have the same opportunities as those who belongs to the norms. Even of we start to take us to a standard critical school system, we lack the knowledge and strategies to make it work practically. I want to not only find differences by social and education strategies, but also to find similarities that brings globalization and multiculturalism in development; equal visual education for everyone.

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