Part two - Living in Bath

So, it's been a long time since I wrote the first post about my time in Bath and about my Erasmus experience. It's been too long I would say. But better late than never, right? Anyways, I thought that this post would be about my actual time there. My last post was about getting ready to leave and if you haven't read it you can do it here.


I arrived in Bath on the 5th of January, after about 17 hours of traveling. I was pretty tired to say the least, but so excited to actually be in England and in the room that would be my home for the next 6 months or so. I'm not gonna go into detail about each week or even each month, since that would be too long to even write about but also since I've already been writing about everything that was worth writing about. But I had a lot of stuff to do during my time there and when I look back at it I feel like I couldn't have done much more to be honest, which is a great feeling.

It didn't take long time for me to actually settling in and find good friends, I think it mostly was because I lived with other people and that's how I became really good friends with Amber, since she lived next door to me. But I also found friends amongst the other Erasmus students and one of my first friends in Bath was Emma, who lives in Denmark. So, luckily for me this part was never an issue for me. I think it also might be because the people who goes on an exchange semester is really open-minded and friendly, since we all go to get to know new people and experience a new culture. I didn't have any problems with homesickness either. I obviously missed my family and my friends at home, especially when someone had their birthday, but I was never homesick. That's also something I'm really grateful for. Something that I thought was a bit strange was the fact that I had to speak English all the time, I wasn't surprised of course but it was a bit strange. I'm good at the English language so I didn't really have any problems with using it, but since I wasn't used to speak it that much it was a bit weird in the beginning and I had a headache every single night for the first two weeks since I had to think a bit more about what I was saying and how I'm supposed to say it, if that makes any sense? But as the time went by I was so used to use English as my main language, so when I was talking to someone from home on the phone I actually forgot a few words in Swedish haha. It sounds so weird to say that I forgot a few words in the language I've been speaking my whole life, but it was like that sometimes because I was more used to speak English than Swedish at the time and that's why only English words popped up in my head sometimes.

My time in England went by way too fast, it was so much fun and it felt like I'd just been there for a few days when the time came for me to go home again. But at the same time it felt like I had been there for years and years, that's probably because it felt that way when I was talking to my friends there - it felt like we have known each other for several years, but the fact is that a year ago I had no idea who these people were.

My overall thoughts about this is that it was a great experience; I've met some amazing people, I've seen some amazing places and just the fact that I lived in one of the most beautiful cities I've ever been in is surreal to me. I would recommend everyone that have to chance to go on something like this to go, don't hesitate; just do it, you won't regret it.


Hopefully you understand what I want to say with this post, it was a bit difficult to say exactly how I felt during my time in Bath, but I think the post turned out pretty good in the end. I still have one more post like this to write; how it felt coming home to Sweden again and I think I'll post it sometime during next week.

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Some pictures from the past few weeks!

Hej på er!
Längesedan jag skrev här sist. Har inte riktigt haft motivationen till det denna sommar, har mest bara jobbat. Förutom två veckor när jag hade besök av Amber, åkte till Stockholm med henne och sedan över till Finland. Det är typ så min sommar har sett ut. Tänkte att det var dags att dra igång uppdateringen här igen, då motivationen har kommit tillbaka nu. Just nu håller jag på med skolan för fullt, denna termin kommer i princip bara bestå av projekt i skolan. Så roligt! Just nu har jag ett projekt med några andra i klassen, där vi kommer göra en reklam för en organisation. Kan berätta lite mer om det senare när vi är klara med det!

När jag kom tillbaka till Kalmar så var jag ju fadder under nollningen, vilket var superroligt! Vi hade fullt upp i två veckor och mycket sömn fick vi inte, men skulle definitivt göra det om och om igen. Annars då? Jag har umgåtts en del med Jenna, en av de bästa sakerna med att vara tillbaka i Sverige är ju att man kan umgås med alla vänner igen. Jag är dessutom mentor till 3 utbytesstudenter, jag har träffat en av dem än så länge men hoppas på att de andra vill träffas någon gång snart.

Mycket mer än så har jag inte att berätta nu, kommer väl fler inlägg i veckan hoppas jag! Känns skönt att vara tillbaka :)

Hey everybody!
It's been a while since I wrote here last. I haven't really had the motivation this summer I guess, I've mostly been working anyways. Besides two weeks when Amber came to visit me and we went to Stockholm and Finland as well. That's how my summer has been. But I thought it was time to start updating here a little more often now again, since the motivation has come back again. My courses has started again and this semester will mostly be focused on different projects. It's gonna be so much fun! I have a project with a few classmates at the moment, where we will do a campaign for a organisation. I'll write a little more about it when we're done with the project I think.

I was a tutor at the freshers weeks when I came back to Kalmar, which was really fun! We was really busy for two weeks and we didn't get a lot of sleep, but I would definitely do it over and over again. What else is going on in my life now? I've been spending a lot of time with Jenna, one of the perks about coming home to Sweden again is that I can spend some time with all of my friends here. Oh, I'm also a mentor for 3 exchange students this semester and I've met one of them so far. Hopefully I'll have the chance to meet the other two soon as well.

I don't have much more than that to tell you at the moment, I think there will be more posts next week! It feels good to be back again :)



Part one - Preparing for the exchange

This post took me long enough to write. I know I disappeard from my blog for a good while, and the reason? Well, I have been busy ever since I came home from Bath and I have felt that I haven't had the time or energy to write good blog posts. So therefore, I chose not to write anything at all. But here it is. I am gonna divide the posts about my erasmus experience in to 3 different parts to make it easier for me to write and for you to follow. This post is gonna be about my thoughts about everything that was before take off. I might throw in some advice as well for everyone in the same position.

So, my university in Sweden gave me a nomination to Bath Spa University in February 2016. What does that mean then? Well, my university basically let Bath Spa know that I will be able to study there - that I have enough credits and that my English is good enough to study on English. I couldn't do a lot after that until October 2016 when it was time for me to apply to the university. This is more a formality, since you are most likely to get accepted to the university. My coordinator in Sweden told me that during the years she have been working with exchanges to another country, she has never heard about someone that didn't get accepted once they were nominated. Besides this, I also had some problems with everything. I had been nominated in the wrong faculty. Instead of being nominated to study media and communications - which is my major - I got nominated for English literature. So, my coordinator told me to be prepared not to go. There was about 1% chance that they could fix it. So, I was extremely nervous for a few weeks. But obviously, they could fix it. Then it was another problem - Bath Spa didn't have enough modules in my major at the level I am at. So, my coordinator and a teacher of mine had to sit down and look at alternatives. They found two modules in media and communications that I could do and one in sociology.

This was basically the first half of my fall. After that I got to apply for the univeristy, got accepted and then I had to fix with everything else such as insurance and find someone that could rent my apartment in Kalmar when I was away. It was a stressful fall, but so worth it.

My top 3 advice before your exchange:
1. Try to not stress to much. I know it's easier said than done, believe me. But everything is going to be fine once your nominated for your exchange. If I managed to get away despite all the problems, then you will as well.

2. Look closely at the modules you will be able to take at your host university. Is there enough to choose from? If you look at this before you apply for nominations, then it will be so much easier once you're going to choose when you're gonna apply to the university later on.

3. Start preparing for everything early. I couldn't start looking at insurances and stuff like that early on since I didn't know if I would be able to go after all. So, if I would do something like this again, I would definitely start preparing early.



Already miss these lads!

Hej på er!
Vet mycket väl att jag inte har bloggat på alldeles för länge - igen. Men nu är det så att jag verkligen inte kände för att blogga tidigare. Den sista veckan i Bath hade jag fullt upp med att säga hej då till alla mina fantastiska vänner, packa och förbereda mig inför att flytta hem till Sverige igen. Kom ju hem i lördags kväll och har sedan dess börjat på ett jobb - en restaurang i Vadstena - och även umgåtts med mina nära och kära här hemma. Livet har helt enkelt tagit fokus från min blogg :)

Har även tänkt skriva några inlägg om mitt utbyte över lag. Alltså, hur kändes det i början med att vara i ett nytt land, hur det kändes att lämna samt hur det kändes att komma hem typ. Kommer väl skriva ett av dem senare i veckan, alternativt nästa vecka! Så håll utkik efter det :)

Hello there!
I know I haven't updated the blog in a while - again. But I really didn't feel like doing it earlier, because I had a lot to do in Bath the last week. Saying goodbye to all my amazing friends there, packing my stuff and also preparing for moving back home to Sweden again. I came home last Saturday night and have since then started a new job - on a restaurant in Vadstena - and I have also been spending time with my loved ones. To be honest, life has taken my focus from the blog lately :)

I also have a few ideas for blog posts about my exchange in genereal. For example how it felt in the beginning of the year and being in a new country, how it felt when I left and also how it was to come home again. I think I'm gonna write the first one later this week, or possible sometime during next week! So keep an eye out for that :)



A few pictures from the last few days

Igår var en speciell dag, med många olika känslor. Igår var det nämligen exakt en vecka kvar innan jag åker hem och lämnar mitt äventyr i Bath. En vecka kvar med dessa fantastiska människor på ett otroligt vackert campus i ett underbart land. Därför har jag haft lite blandade känslor både igår och idag - precis som jag hade i mitt förra inlägg; jag ser fram emot att komma hem och kunna träffa alla hemma igen, men på samma gång är jag ledsen att allt här kommer vara över snart. Jag måste helt enkelt njuta av min sista vecka här och fylla mina dagar med massa roliga saker att göra, få dagarna att räknas helt enkelt.

Sedan mitt förra inlägg har jag hunnit med en till picknick, jag åkte till stranden med Amber och Lukas en dag - vilket var roligt trots att vädret inte var det bästa - har även spenderat lite tid i stan och njutit av de fina dagarna vi har haft här. Har inte gjort så mycket mer än så, bara haft en underbar tid helt enkelt! Så, hörs igen i nästa inlägg, förhoppningsvis under nästa vecka innan jag åker hem!

Yesterday was a special day, with many different feelings. It was exact one week left of my adventure in Bath. One week left with some incredible people at a stunning campus in a amazing country. Both yesterday and today has therefore had some mixed feelings from my side - as I said in my last post; I am looking forward to going home and be able to see everyone at home, but I am at the same time sad that it is all coming to an end soon. I just have to enjoy my last week here and fill my days with fun things to do, in other words; make the days count.

Since my last post, I have been on another picnic, I went to the beach for a day with Amber and Lukas - which was fun even though it was not the best weather - been spending some time in town and enjoying the sunny days that we have had. Nothing more than that really, just have had a great time! So, I will see you in my next post, hopefully next week before going home!



Så, tiden har kommit. Eller, nästan i alla fall. Jag har ju ändå tre veckor kvar i denna fina stad, Bath. Men det mest viktiga, jag har tre veckor kvar med mina underbara vänner här. Som många av er antagligen har förstått, det är otroligt blandade känslor som jag skriver detta inlägg och som jag upplever varje dag nu. Det händer ofta att jag inser att det är otroligt kort tid kvar här och de senaste tre veckorna har jag mina skratt blandats med tårar. Det är verkligen en berg-och-dalbana och jag har insett att denna berg-och-dalbana kommer bara bli mer intensiv ju närmre jag kommer till hemresan. Jag har fortfarande en tenta kvar, men efter det har jag två veckor då jag kan hitta på alla roliga saker jag fortfarande har kvar. Hur det ska gå till är en bra fråga, med tanke på hur mycket det finns kvar att göra. Det kommer i alla fall vara väldigt roligt att åka hem igen - jag får ju då se mina närmaste vänner och familj igen. Vilket kommer vara underbart såklart, bara tanken av att kunna krama om min familj ger mig tårar i ögonen. Men det innebär också att jag måste säga hej då till alla här, vilket jag inte riktigt är redo för än.

Vad jag försöker säga är att jag har extremt blandade känslor nu för tiden, men trots att det blir sorgligt att lämna denna plats så ska det bli så roligt att se alla där hemma igen. Jag ville bara dela av mig med mina tankar om allt som pågår just nu. Och om jag inte uppdaterar bloggen så mycket nu så vet ni varför :)

So, the time has come. Well, almost. I now have three weeks left in the beautiful city that is Bath. But most importantly, three weeks left with my wonderful friends. As many of you might understand, it is with mixed feelings I write this post and that I experience every day nowadays. On a regular basis, it hits me that it's such a short time left and during the last three weeks I have been laughing as well crying. It truly is a rollercoaster and as I have come to realise lately, this rollercoaster will only get more crazy the closer we get to the going-home-date. I still have one exam left, but after that I have two weeks of just having fun left. Two weeks to do all the things we yet have to do, how that is supposed to happen is a good questions. Going home again sure have it's beauty - I get to see my closest friends and family agan. That will of course be wonderful, just the thought about being able to hug my family makes me tear up. But then I realise that I have to say goodbye to everyone here, which I'm not quite ready for.

The point is that I have extremely mixed feelings nowadays, but even though it will be sad to leave this place, I will see everyone at home again which is going to be amazing. I just wanted to share my thoughts about everything, now that it's getting closer to the end. So, if I don't update the blog very much now, you know why :)



A few photos from our picnic

Hej alla fina!
Här har bloggen visst stått tom, inte riktigt meningen om man säger så. Men tiden har bara flugit iväg nu på sistone - pluggar varje dag och försöker samtidigt hitta på roliga saker eftersom det är min sista månad här liksom. Bokade min flygbiljett för ett tag sedan, åker hem den 10:e juni igen. Det är lite blandade känslor om man säger så, kan göra ett inlägg om det lite senare. Denna vecka har jag i alla fall jobbat på två olika uppsatser, som båda ska in idag. I onsdags var vi även ett gäng som hade picknick, det var runt 20 grader och strålande sol. Kan inte klaga :)

Sedan har jag inte gjort så jättemycket mer denna veckan, bara umgåtts med alla här liksom. Nu ska jag i alla fall återgå till plugget, ha det bra! :)

Hey everyone!
It was a little while ago since I last wrote, which wasn't the purpose to say the least. But the time have been flying away lately - I study every day and at the same time trying to do fun stuff here since it's the last month here. I booked my planeticket home a while ago, will go back on the 10th of June. I have mixed feelings about it to say the least, but I can do a blog post about that later. I've been working on two essays this week, and the deadlines for both of them is today. And on last wednesday, we were a few people that went for a picnic since it was around 20 degrees and the sun was shining. Nothing to complain about :)

I haven't been doing much else this week, just been hanging out with everyone here. It's time for me to study now anyways, take care! :)



Så var det dags för inlägget om Paris. Vart ska jag börja? Paris var underbart! Hade så roligt med Anni. Vi kom ju dit på torsdags morgon och sedan åkte vi direkt till vårat hostel. Vi gjorde inte mycket mer efter det, åkte till Champs Elyseés en sväng, men ingen av oss hade mycket energi efter bussresan. Tog därför nya tag på fredagen då vi åkte till Arc de Triomphe och sedan gick vidare till Eiffeltornet och hade picknick i den parken, sedan gick vi vidare till Notre Dame. Låter inte som att det var tillräckligt mycket för en hel dag, men eftersom vi gick mellan allt så tog det verkligen hela dagen.

And now it's time for the post about Paris. Where should I begin? Paris was wonderful and I had so much fun with Anni! We arrived on thursday morning that week and we went straight to our hostel. We didn't do much the rest of that day, we went to Champs Elyse'es for a while, but neither of us had too much energy after many hours on the bus. So, we did a lot the next day instead. We started our Friday by Arc de Triomphe and then walked to the Eiffel tower after that and had a picnic in the park. And then we went to Notre Dame after that. Don't sound like it was that much for a whole day, but since we walked to everything it took the entire day.

På lördagen strosade vi runt lite på Champs Elyseés då det regnade på förmiddagen. Sedan på eftermiddagen åkte vi till Moulin Rouge och Montmarte. Blev med andra ord lite att göra även den dagen med några kilometers promenad haha. Vi köpte även macaroons på Ladurée och jisses vad goda dem var. Dyra, men fruktansvärt goda! :)

And then we were just walking around on Champs Elyseés a bit on the Saturday since it was raining in the beginning of the day. Then we went to see Moulin Rouge and Montmarte when the weather was a bit nicer. So, it became a few kilometers of walking that day as well haha. We also bought macaroons at Ladurée and they were sooo delicious, Expensive, but really delicious! :)

Och sen kom söndagen, dagen då vi åkte hem. Däremot hade vi hela dagen på oss att göra saker, då vi åkte med nattbussen. Så vi lämnade vårt hostel ganska tidigt på dagen och åkte till Versailles. Behöver jag ens säga att det var hur vackert som helst där? Vi gick aldrig in i palatset då kön var för lång, men vi gick några timmar i trädgården och bara det var ju himlans vackert. Rekommenderar verkligen att åka dit om ni någon gång befinner er i Paris och har några timmar över. Sedan gjorde vi inte mycket mer efter det innan det var dags för oss att åka till bussen.

Resan till Paris var helt enkelt underbar och nu kan jag checka av ännu en plats på min bucketlist. Däremot har jag en känsla av att det inte är sista gången jag åker dit om jag säger så, finns fortfarande saker jag vill se där :)

And then the Sunday arrived, the day when it was time for us to go home again. But, we had the whole day of doing things before we had to go, since we went with the nightbus back home. So, we left our hostel pretty early to go to Versailles. Do I even have to say how beautiful it was there? We never went in to the palace since the queue was way to long, but we walked around in the gardens there for a few hours and that was really beautiful. I can really recommend to go there if you ever find yourself in Paris and have a few hours to spare. We didn't do much after that before we had to go to the bus.

This trip to Paris was amazing and I can now tick off one more place on my bucketlist. Although, I have a feeling that this wasn't the last time I go to Paris, there is still a lot of things that I wan't to see there :)



Då var det dags för det första inlägget om min resa. Tänkte att vi börjar med Dublin, med tanke på att det var där jag var först. Eller, för att vara exakt så var vi ju även i en liten by precis vid Cliffs of Moher också. Vi spenderade i alla fall 3 hela dagar där (både Dublin och Cliffs of Moher) och vi hann se det mesta utav Dublin. Vi promenerade runt ganska mycket denna dag, vilket gav oss chansen att se staden. De stora "attraktionerna" var dock St. Patricks Church, Guinness och Trinity College. Men självklart såg vi mycket mer än så, just för att vi promenerade istället för att ta kollektivtrafik.

So, time for the first post about my trip. I thought I could write about Dublin first, since that was the first place I went to during this week. Or, to be exact - we went to a small village by Cliffs of Moher as well. We were there for 3 full days there (both Dublin and Cliffs of Moher) and we got the chance to see the most of Dublin. We were walking a lot that day, which gave us the opportunity to see the city. The big "attractions" must have been St. Patricks Church, Guinness and Trinity College. But we saw a lot more than that of course, mainly because we chose to walk instead of taking a bus for exammple.

Enligt mig var nog det bästa dagen vi spenderade vid klipporna dock. Vi var i den byn, Lahinch, mellan måndagen och tisdagen, så två dagar. På måndagen gjorde vi inte så mycket, utan spenderade våran dag i Lahinch och laddade upp för tisdagen då vi visste att det skulle bli en del promenerande. Det var helt fantastisk utsikt och perfekt att vandra vid Cliffs of Moher. Det enda tråkiga var väl att vädret inte var på topp, men annars var det bara bra! Finns egentligen inte så mycket mer att berätta om det, jag tror nästan att det är ett sådant ställe som man måste besöka själv för att förstå hur fantastiskt det är. Bilderna ger er nog en liten uppfattning, men ändå inte helt.

Summan av det hela är väl att det var en lyckad resa till Irland och en lyckad början på den veckan. Håll utkik imorgon efter inlägget om Paris :)

I think that the day we were at the cliffs were the best about this trip though. We went to the little village by the cliffs, Lahinch, on the monday and we went back to Dublin on the tuesday. We didn't really do anything that monday, we were just strolling around in Lahinch and recharged for the tuesday since we knew it was gonna be a lot of walking that day. It was an amazing view and perfect for a little bit of hiking by Cliffs of Moher. The only "bad" part about it was the weather that was a bit cloudy and rainy, but it was really good otherwise! There is not a lot to say about it really, I think that this is a place that you have to visit yourself to understand how amazing it really is. I think you can get a pretty good picture about it from the photos, but not entirely.

The conclusion of this is that we had a good trip to Ireland and it was a successful beginning of that week. Keep an eye out for the post about Paris :)



Så var man helt plötsligt hemma i Bath igen. Eller, jag kom ju hem i måndags men har helt enkelt inte haft energi till att blogga först nu. Har varit sjukt trött sedan jag kom hem, vilket kanske inte är så konstigt då jag har haft en väldigt intensiv vecka. Hade det i alla fall sjukt bra i både Dublin och Paris, såg mycket och hade en allmänt bra tid med mina vänner. Hade även relativt bra med vädret, vilket alltid är ett plus!

Idag åker jag till Amber i Southampton, kommer hem till Bath igen på lördag förmiddag. Igår blev det även bestämt att mamma kommer hit på söndag, så har lite att se fram emot nu också kan man säga! :) Tänker att jag skriver varsitt inlägg om Dublin och Paris, som kommer upp nu i helgen! Hoppas ni får en bra helg!

And then I was home in Bath again. To be honest, I've been home since monday this week but I haven't had the energy to post anything until now. I've been really tired since I came home, which isn't that weird since I have had a very intensive week. Anyways, I had a really good time in both Dublin and Paris, I saw a lot and had a great time with my friends. We were lucky with the weather for the most part as well, which is always positive!

I will go to Southampton today to visit Amber and I will be back in Bath on Saturday again. And yesterday, we decided that my mom will come and visit me on Sunday as well, so I have a lot to look forward to now! :) I will post about Dublin and Paris this weekend, so have your eyes open for two new posts! Hope you'll get a great weekend!



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