I'm pretty sure no one is ever going to read this blog, but that's fine. I just have a lot of thoughts in my mind that i want to let out somewhere, and that place is here. So, let me introduce myself.

My name is Zel, I am 16 years old and I'm from a town called Gothenburg in Sweden. My biggest interests are music, reading and basically every activity that doesn't involve any kind of physical activity. I am a vegetarian, if that's any interesting. I try to use products/clothes that are cruelty free(aka not tested on animals), and I am also a pretty hardcore intersectional feminist. Woo. Equality rules.

I am genderfluid, and I prefer it if people use the pronouns they/them. (For those assholes that for some reason can't accept that, yes I have a vagina and boobs, you can use the pronouns she/her but that does not mean that I am a girl.) I'm also pansexual or asexual, I'm still figuring stuff out.

So uhm yeah I guess that's everything you need to know about me for now? idk. Also the grammar in this post is probably the best it's ever gonna be, since i am a bitch that doesn't like to use capital letters or apostrophes.

Anyways byeeeeee