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There are so many breakfast places here in Sydney that serves Acai bowls and they look delicious. But when you are trying to stay on a budget you can't really go out and eat breakfast every day so I decided to make it myself!

So what is an Acai bowl?
It's a Brazilian dish made of frozen or powdered Acai berries and it's served as a smoothie. (Looks like ice cream) The Acai berry is packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

I made a mixed berry Acai bowl and here is the recipe:
1 banana
1dl mixed frozen berries
1 dl almond milk, soy milk or other milk
1 tsp Acai powder

Mix everything together!
Toppings: fruit, coconut, chia seeds, granola etc.



Throwback Thursday is back and today's throwback goes to last year. Last year me and my friends were in Myanmar and we started a 80 km trekk between Kalaw and Inle lake.

It was three though days but it was absolutely amazing! We saw so many beautiful sceneries and met amazing people during the trekk. I could totally do it again!

Myanmar is amazing I really hope to go back one day! If you have the chance, go there and explore.



Summer has definitely come to Sydney! Blue sky and 38 degrees, this city is hot! Yesterday I had a day off from work so I decided to take the bus to Manly and spend it on the beach together with my friend. Have to work on that tan!

Walked over to Shelly beach, it's much smaller and not as crowded :) Manly is so cozy!



I feel so lucky to live so close to Darling Harbour. It's definitely one of my favourite places in the city. It's so beautiful in the night time and there is always things going on there.

For the moment they've built up a small beach at the pier with chairs and lights, so pretty when it gets dark.



Worked the whole weekend and had 6 cruises in 3 days, so busy but so much fun! And the weather was absolutely amazing, blue skies and perfect summer weather.

You never get bored of the views when you work, Sydney is such a beautiful city, love the fact that it's surrounded by so much water.



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Friday luxury! Today I decided to invite my friends over for a cheese platter and fruit. This is the perfect way to spend a Friday night



Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a good 2016 and that you will have an amazing new year.

I spend my New Year's Eve on a yacht in Sydney harbour. Can't get any better then that? I was working but it was an amazing night with amazing food and beautiful fireworks. Finally I got to see the Sydney fireworks in real life, it's usually something they show on TV back home.



So lets continue with the throwback to 2016, another amazing year and I look back at many beautiful and incredible memories with amazing people and places.


First part of June were spent in Thailand together with my two lovely Canadians and my first Full Moon party in Koh Phangan. In the end of the month I flew home to Sweden to surprise my family for the Swedish midsummer.


Had an amazing summer month together with my family. Relaxed, enjoyed every day with friends and loved ones.


Celebrated my mums 50th birthday with a nice weekend and had a mini vacation with my baby sis.


Mostly worked in a supermarket and enjoyed the Autumn and all the blueberries I could pick. Ended the month with a nice weekend in Stockholm together with the family.


Said bye to my family and headed back to Asia again! This time it was time to explore Sri Lanka where I also reunited with my very good friend Kim.


Had an amazing time in Sri Lanka from north to south, beaches, tea plantations and a lot of exploring. Left the country with many new memories! Said goodbye to my loved friend and started a new adventure in Australia.


Got my self a share flat and started working as a stewardess on private yachts. Had an amazing Christmas with my friends and celebrated New Years on a yacht in Sydney harbour.

I'm leaving an amazing year behind me, a year filled with so many new memories and experiences. I've met so many amazing and beautiful people this year and I feel so lucky! Let see what 2017 has to offer ☺️



What?! I can believe another year is almost gone, I've asked myself so many times but where does the time go?! And everyone says time goes even faster when you get older...

I was looking back at 2016 and it has truly been another amazing year so I thought it was time to do a throwback of the year.


Started 2016 in Khao Lak, Thailand with my beautiful family and when they flew home I met up with my friends and we started our trip through Myanmar with temples, incredible people and a 3 days trekk though beautiful sceneries.


The most of February were spent in Myanmar. This beautiful country that I hope to return to one day. It's truly amazing and definitely one of my favourite places.


March was spent in Vietnam were we bought ourselves motorbikes so we could drive from Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi. Driving through rain and sunshine, so many good laughs and beautiful views.


In the end of March I went back to Malaysia and Perhentian Island to work in the bar again. My two friends from back home came and visit me and after two months on the island it was time to move on.


Went back to Cambodia for a little bit and had an amazing time on Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloem. Beautiful islands but they are changing fast so go there now!!

That was the first of 2016! The second half of the year will be up shortly :)



I want to wish all of you out there a Merry Christmas from Sydney. This year was a bit different from the usual Christmas celebration.

To spend Christmas away from your family and loved ones can be really hard. I had an amazing time with my amazing friends, we went to Bronte Beach and had picnic in the day time. And of course we just had to take Christmas pictures at the beach.

In the evening we went back home and cooked food, beetroot salad, Swedish meatballs, potatoes and gravy. Ending the night with Donald Duck and some Swedish GLÖGG!

Couldn't have had a better day down here in Australia thanks to my amazing friends. Sending some extra love to my family back home, love and miss you!