We are moving fast, one day in one place and then off the the other. It's fun but also tiring but there are just to many things do do and see here in Sri Lanka. We have now arrived in the small town Haputale located in the southern Hill Countryside on an elevation of 1431 m above sea level. The town is surrounded with beautiful hills and tea plantations and this time a year its surrounded with clouds.

We decided to do an early morning trip to the Lipton Seat which is located close to Dambatenne Tea Factory. There are busses from Haputale, the first one leaves at 7.30 am. It's about an hour drive up and you can decide if you want to get dropped of outside the tea factory or closer to the Lipton Seat. (Price between 50-100 RS/ one way.)

The Lipton Seat gives you a beautiful view over the tea plantations, its truly breathtaking, It is supposed to be free but they have started charging tourist to reach the viewpoint, 50 Rs/person.

You can choose if you want to walk down to the tea factory and then take a bus back to Haputale or if you want to take one closer to the Litopn Seat. The bus was very crowded and we had to stand up on the way down.

I would highly recommend to go there, it's beautiful!! But I would also recommend to do it early in the day, it gets hot and the clouds seems to roll in over the hills after lunch time.

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We have now arrived in Nuwara Eliya also known as "Little England".

Randomly bumped into our friends from Malaysia, spend a day recovering from the Adam Peak hike and ended up playing board games for hours.

Today we decided to do some more exploring outside town and headed to a waterfall. It took us approximately an hour to get there, no tourists! We did find the waterfall but there wasn't any water... But got a couple of good shots along the way :)



We decided to do the hike up to Adam's Peak also known as the Sri Pada. It's about a 7 km hike and you have to climb about 5200 steps, some of them are really steep.

When you reach the top you can see the "sacred footprint" a rock formation and during high season (Dec-March) thousands of people hike to the top. The sunrise is supposed to be magical and worth the hard hike.

We left at 2.30 am, started our hike very optimistic. At 4 am it started raining and the sky was lit up with lightning. After trying to take cover for a good half an hour we continued the journey to the top.

Soaking wet this was the view, no sunrise and efter waiting for it to clear up for more then an hour we started our journey way back down.

If you are in Sri Lanka this is a really cool thing to do (I just hope you're more lucky with the weather). Don't forget to stretch when you get back, your leg will hurt the next couple of days.



So after spending a night in Hatton we decided to travel further to Dalhousie which is most known for being the starting point for the Adam's Peak hike.

Hatton was quite small and we just briefly explored the centre and the outskirts, there were beautiful tea plantations!

Getting to Dalhousie from Hatton:
Low season, catch a bus to Maskeliya from Hatton Private Bus stand, 45 RS=$ 0.3. Change bus in Maskeliya and get on the Dalhousie bus, 40 RS=$ 0.27. The journey takes approximately 2 hours and the ride is beautiful among all the tea plantations.
High season, direct busses are running every hour to Dalhousie.

We decided to stay at White House and got a private room with inside bathroom for 1400 RS/night= $9.50.

Explored Dalhousie in the afternoon, really small but cute.



After spending the night in Colombo we decided to move on and get down to Hatton. We took a bus to Colombo Fort, bought a 2nd class train ticket to Hatton for 260 RS=$1.8.

The train left at 12.40 and there was only one 2nd class carriage and of course it got over crowded! So be there early and be fast inside! The train went through Kandy and it took around 7 hours to get down to Hatton.

The ride felt quite long and was very rocky and after Kandy we were the only tourist on board.



When you get to Sri Lanka you'll probably fly in to Bandaranaike international Airport (CMB) which is located 35 km north of Colombo.

How to get in to the city:
Bus: This is the cheapest option and you find the busses if you take a left when you leave the airport. The busses drives when they're filled up. Ticket price is 120 RS=$ 0.8 and takes 45 min and you can get off at Colombo Fort.
Taxi: If you get a taxi inside the airport it's about $17-21 and you can get a taxi outside for about $13-15, it all depends on how far you want to go and how good you're at negotiating. The frequent busses runs between 6am-10pm.

I took the bus to Colombo Fort, changed to bus number 103 and got off at Borella (price 13RS, the two red dots).

Stayed at Colombo Downtown Monkey (blue dot), 6$ a night for a dorm room including breakfast. It's owned but the cutest old lady, she's really nice and helpful and I highly recommend the place!

I went for some exploring and the distances are not that big so I walked around for a couple of hours. Started by walking to Vihara Mahadevi Park which was quite big, a small pond, a Buddha and a lot of animals. Relaxed a bit and continued to Galle Road and to Galle Face Green which is next to the ocean, do not recommend swimming there though.

Continued to Beira Lake and Gallery island which was quite nice, people and lizard watching. Headed back to the hostel and passed a couple of temples.



I made it to Sri Lanka and as I have waited for this! Here is some basic information and tips before you go there.

Currency: Sri Lankan Rupee (SR)
Language: Sinhala, Tamil and English
Capital: Colombo
Population:Nearly 21 million
Visa: Apply for a visa on www.eta.gov.lk at the airport you'll have to fill in an arrival card and show your approval letter from ETA.

Sri Lanka is one of the largest tea exporters in the world.
Most of the electricity comes from its many waterfalls.
Cinnamon is originally from Sei Lanka but discovered by the Egyptians.
The flag is considered to be one of the oldest in the world.
The temple of the tooth in Kandy is one of the most sacred Buddhist sites in the world.

From the airport Bandaranaike (CMB) there are busses or taxis.

There are busses leaving to Colombo Fort outside the airport. The ride costs 120 SR= $0,8 and takes about 45 minutes. From Fort you can get another bus or a tuktuk further away.



I made it to a 34 degree warm Doha, Qatar! A few hours at the airport and then another flight will take me down to Colombo, Sri Lanka which is my final destination.

This is the second time I'm flying with Qatar Airways and I have nothing but good to say about them. This time I was lucky enough to get upgraded to a seat with extra leg space. The food onboard were good and you could choose between three different types of dishes. Big selection of entertainment and good service. Highly recommend them, they are very good value for money and I got to know the cutest stewardess!


I arrived at Hamad International Airport which is the new airport and opened in 2014. It's a really nice airport, a lot of sitting areas, food and stores. It felt luxurious.



Yes it's time, it's time to fly!!

I'm now on my way to the airport together with my two bags, two bags with my whole life in them. Hopefully I haven't forgotten to much. First stop will be Copenhagen, Denmark and then I'll fly to Doha, Qatar.

I just want to take the opportunity to say thank you to everyone that made my stay back home amazing. And of course a special thank you to my family without you this would never be possible. Love you so much and you all are incredible.

Let the new adventures begin ✈️



I love the feeling of going away, the excitement to go to a new place without really knowing whats going to happen. But going away also means packing everything and a lot of organising.

Here is some of my best tips for getting ready for new adventures.

1. Packing list and time! Start making a packing list and write down all the essential things so you don't forget anything. Check it off your list when it's packed, then its harder to forget things. Give yourself time to pack, late minute packing often leads to bringing thing you don't need.

2. Roll your clothes. I didn't believe in it at first but I feel like clothes takes up less space if you roll them, After rolling my clothes i put them in plastic bags and press out the air. Doing like this the clothes takes up very little space, you can separate them between t-shirts, tank tops, shorts etc and they won't get dirty.

3. Be strikt. The most common mistake is to bring to much stuff so think twice. Do I really need that? And don't forget, you can usually find most thing in the place you're going.

4. Fill the empty space. If you're bringing a extra pair of shoes like sneakers, they are perfect for keeping your sunglasses safe. Put things in your shoes, and that will save some space.

5. Prevent leaks. Put your liquids in plastic bags or put some cling-film to the neck of the container and then put on the lid again.

6. Don't bring to many clothes! I usually end up wearing the same clothes because I feel the most comfortable in them. Bring clothes that are easy to mix and match so you don't get bored of them. I usually end up in the same black t-shirt or tank top anyways. And hey, to be honest people around you won't care about what you are wearing as long as you feel good in it.