E2 common

Hackney coffee co.

Nkora, Hackney Road

Zealand road coffee


Edgars, Broadway Market

Pavilion, Victoria Park

Barber and Parlour, Redchurch Street

AllPress Roastery, Dalston

Quick eats

Boxpark, Shoreditch

Franca Manca, Broadway Market

Japanese Canteen, Paradise Row

The Gallery, Bethnal Green


Sun Tavern

Mother Kelly’s

Owl and Pussycat

The Birdcage

The Royal Oak


Columbia Road

Broadway Market

Favorites not in our neighbourhood

The Albion, Sunday Roast

The Garrison & The Watch House, Bermondsey Street

Maltby Street Market

Exmouth Market

Sky Garden, Fenchurch Street

Culpeper, Spitalfields

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SpareRoom - if you’re happy to share, this is the perfect option! You can usually organise viewings quickly, it can be a nice option to share if it is your first time to London. It’s great for meeting new people and discovering a new part of London. Obviously you’ll save money also.

Rightmove - the equivalent of From my experience, it takes a while to work out how the property market works, but once you get a feel for it and know what you’re looking forward- act fast! The good places go quick! It's best to work out the area you want to live in first - then narrow the search to those specific streets! London is too big and overwhelming -plus you want the neighbourhood vibe right? :) A few of my favourites are, Shoreditch, Bethnal Green, Clerkenwell, Islington and Pimlico (have to include Pimlico because that was our first ever spot!)

*Make sure you are not getting ripped off with dodgy terms, fees etc. If you have a friend in property it might be worth running it past them before signing off on anything.

Airbnb - There are some seriously awesome Airbnb’s in London. The unfortunate fact though - they are not realistic for long term living. A great way to use Airbnb in London though is when you first move over. The best thing we did when we first moved over was stay in 3 different airbnbs (each in a different area) I couldn’t recommend this more. It was the best way to get a true indication of which areas suited us best. When you get over here you’ll realise how each area is just so different from one another.


Citymapper - most useful app i’ve downloaded (you’ll get it once you start using it) Just type in your destination and it will show you all the different options you can take. If you’re not confident on the bike yet, it will even show you a few different routes to take - follow the quiet option :)

Santander Cycles - first half an hour for free! £2 for 24 hours.

Uber - we all know Uber :)

Black cab - great if you’re just in zone 1 (capped fee of £5) Download gett

Walking - try to do this as much as possible, it’s always the best option! If it isn’t raining that is:)

Tube/Bus - If you have a contactless debit card, use this instead of the Oyster card. It works out to be cheaper.


Revolut card - great for peer to peer lending, paying back friends, and when you’re on holiday.

Transferwise - cheapest most reliable way to transfer money between countries.

Barclays - can’t complain about my experience Barclays. HSBC is apparently also good.


It will depend on your industry, but these sights have all been super helpful for me:

Linkedin - update your profile! It is a great platform for new jobs.

Escape the City - go to one of their events, they are super fun.

Working in Startups


Twitter - if you don’t already have a profile, create one and start following people you’re interested in. All of the latest information around the London working scene is shared here.

My advice would be to choose the brands and companies you are most interested in being associated with, apply for an intern role and work your way up. There are also so many startup, early stage companies in London where you will be able to get loads of experience quickly.

Anyone in PA, events or admin
Secs the City - a centralised platform for all online agencies and recruiters

Australasian Recruitment - specialise in setting up Australia and New Zealand workers

Joss Search

Go to local meetups. Get involved in the communities you’re interested in.

Find out about cool events!

People to follow on social:


Clerkenwell Boyec

The Londoner

Poppy Loves London



B.Local !! The most important one! :)


If you’re unsure about how to go about the whole visa process, hit up BritBound. We used them when we first came over and it took the pressure off. They made sure everything was perfect- plus it’s something you can’t afford to get wrong so it’s worth it!


I’m not really the person to ask, but I'm pretty sure they all offer fairly similar services:






Gumtree, Ikea, Amazon, Argos


NSH - Register with a doctor in your local area. Click here to read more.

Boots - Note* You can book eye appointments at Boots

Push doctor - Online doctor

Vitality - Private health (also great discounts and offers, 50% off virgin active gyms)

Food shopping:

Tesco, Sainsbury's and Waitrose (I’ve just listed these from budget to expensive)

There are a few others if you want to go even more expensive - M&S and Wholefoods :)

not bothered to go out? Use Deliveroo or UberEats

Boring but important:

Apply for a visa here

Apply for a National Insurance Number here

Register with a GP here

Bloggers with great advice:

London New Girls

London Lotta

Randomly London



Frame (fav!)
Join a sports team :)

Weekend Escapes, Food, Popups, Coffee etc etc etc need a whole other blog...

Hope this was helpful! Hit me up at if you'd like any more tips.



Shoreditch High Street

Origin Coffee, 65 Charlotte Rd, London EC2A 3PE

Relaxed, quiet, away from the busy streets. Quality coffee and great service! (not a place for brunch, but there are some delicious treats and snacks if you're just popping by).

All Press, 58 Redchurch St, London E2 7DP

Located on the best street in East London. It's small, but if you want to try some fantastic boiled eggs and quality coffee stop here! Their roastery in Dalston is also worth a visit! You can go full on brunch style there.

The Watch House, 199 Bermondsey St, London SE1 3UW

Another amazing street, with some fantastic gastro pubs (The Garrison & The Woolpack). This is a good one to do if you're at Borough Market or Maltby Street Market.

Friends of Ours, 61 Pitfield St, Hoxton, London N1 6BU

I would only go to this place if I wanted to experience one of the best brunches in London :) enough said.

Dose, 70 Long Ln, London EC1A 9EJ

Lucky this place is on my way to work! I couldn't live without their halloumi breakfast wraps. There are also some speak easy bars in this area! Read my other posts to find out where they are.

The Black Penny, 34 Great Queen St, London WC2B 5AA

If you're doing the touristy thing, or on a crazy shopping mission around the streets of Covent Garden this cafe is the perfect place to recharge. Delicious food! Great coffee!

Grind, (Coffee & Cocktails!)

There is a Grind cafe in almost every cool neighborhood in London.
You can't visit London without dropping by one. Their £5 espresso martinis are hard to pass up.

Caravan, 1 Granary Square, Kings Cross, London N1C 4AA

Even if you're not in it for the coffee, the interiors of this place a worth the visit! Great atmosphere, amazing food. It's an easy walk from Kings Cross station and another great option nearby is Granger and Co.

Climpson and Sons, 67 Broadway Market, London E8 4PH

A must if you're on Broadway Market! I visit this place almost every weekend :)
It's relaxed and the coffee is always on point. It's also a pretty good place to people watch :) (especially if it's a Saturday when the Market is on!)

E2 Common, 53 Old Bethnal Green Rd, London E2 6QA

A good place to bring the laptop and catch up on some quality life admin (as you do!:)
This cafe was originally an architectural studio and still very much has its creative vibes.

Brooklyn Coffee, 139 Commercial St, London E1 6EB

Hip, minimalist space for espresso, drip and iced coffee made from carefully sourced beans. Brick Lane and Old Spitalfields Market are just around the corner.

Attendant, 74 Great Eastern St, London EC2A

And last but not least, Attendant! Directly opposite the amazing Hoxton Hotel you'll get a fabulous breakfast here. I always go for their cheeky tomato and cheese croissant.



I’ve curated a list of my recent favourites in this area.

Local brands:

Moju, awesome local startup juice. Fruit, veg and nothing else.

Land, award winning chocolate-maker - bean to bar - served in the heart of Bethnal Green.

Rude, Eat right, stay brilliant

Places to hang out:

E2 Common: cafe, workspace & design studio

Sun Tavern: mixed drinks, fine ales and award winning whiskey menu

Redchurch Brewery: hidden beneath the old railway arches, it’s only a small room but great vibe & all beers are named after local areas! Ie Shoreditch Blonde is my fav :)

Pampam: women's sneaker, clothing and lifestyle store

Japanese Canteen: amazing noodle and rice dishes

Mother Kellys: tap room and amazing craft beers under the railway arches

Nkora: these guys now have two coffee shops in east london - a must visit!

Long White Cloud: ethically-sourced breakfast, brunch and coffee

Events/Coming up

Run Health Run

WeWork Summer Party - 12 July

Richmix, community arts hub, local theatre, comedy and film screenings

Sofar sounds, super cool secret music gigs





Interesting content:

Podcast: Secret Lives of Leaders

Interview with Robin Klein, Local Globe

Adidas Blog, Mindset and Nutrition

Interview with Howdy, Head Coffee Roaster @grindcoffee

I’ve visited ...

Cocktails: Grind

Coffee: Ozone

Day spa: Cowshed

Lunch: Belair

I’m yet to discover ...

Popup: Colourfield

Coffee: Workshop, new shoreditch cafe

Market: Taste London

Brands I'm loving ...

Cheeky, Nail and Hair Salon

Frame, Gym

Goop, Lifestyle

Farfetch, latest designers brands from one platform

Coming up

Event Soho Works

Event Rude Health Masterclass

Event Find your passion and purpose @googlecampus



Hi guys,

To anyone reading this page - over the next 10 weeks I am going to post a weekly blog on some of the places I discover around East London.

Hope it's useful.



Interesting content

Podcast: The Guardian, Learning about the our addiction to tech

How to invest with ‘Property Partner’

Short film: Asking total strangers intimate questions

Talk: @wework w/ Seedcamp & Startup Grind on How to grow your startup

I've visited...

Cocktails: Victorian Bath House

Coffee: Allpress

Shop: Pampam london

I'm yet to discover...

Popup: Last days of shoreditch, Small Plate Sessions – Ben Spalding

Coffee: Grind Exmouth Market

Market: Well Street Market - E9

I love...

@neat_nutrition best nutrition shakes in london (pop up regent st, lululemon)

@rudehealth swimming in hyde park

@ourparksukturn up tone up

@sofarlondonsecret neighbourhood music gigs

Coming up...

Talk: Eamon Jubbawy from Onfido @campuslondon

Event: WeWork Creator Awards