I am so in love with Kopenhagen. I've been wanting to go there for ages and a few weeks ago the time was finally here. After having to proof to my mom that Kopenhagen is beautiful and that the cold weather doesn't matter, our journey started. So what's the first thing to do when your'e in Denmark? Of course, Joe and the Juice, so that's exactly what we did. I usually go with an avo-sandwich without mozzarella and a tall-sized so called "pick me up" smoothie. After that, we went looking for our hotel. We stayed at the "phoenix" which is very central and easy to access. It's right next to the known "Nyhavn" which is very impressing. There's alot of small restaurants as well as a museum and you can also go on a boat trip to go see Kopenhagen from a different view; the water. After strolling around a bit, I really wanted to go have dinner at the "Kopenhagen food district". But I'll talk about that later on. So that was basically our first day in the beautiful Kopenhagen!