We had to leave San Francisco very early on Wednesday morning to catch the Amtrak train to San Luis Obispo. The train had very large seats and were super comfortable. We also bought a shitload of food at Wholefoods, obviously. Time flew by pretty fast and we arrived in SLO in the afternoon.

Our host for the next two nights was Jesse - our first couchsurfing experience! He lives on a farm on top of the hill with a dog, a cat, chickens and goats. Cuteness overload!!

We spent the next day in Avila Beach and got some pretty bad sunburns, even though we had SPF 85!! Maybe the sun is too darn strong in California..

Every Thursday there's a Farmers Market in San Luis Obispo. We went there with Jesse and he showed us the coolest bars. Also, we ate every vegan dish we could find (vegan donuts, yummie). The day after we hung out at Pirate's cove, where the sign said "From this point onward you might encounter clothing optional bathers". Well, we have slightly tanned boobs now :)

We planned to take the Greyhound bus to Santa Barbara the same evening, but when we arrived at the bus station, we learned that our bus was extremely late. Meaning 5 hours!!! We thought about hanging around in a mall, but Jesse then thought "fuck it" and drove us all the way to Santa Barbara!! He was such a great host and now our total MVP of this trip.

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San Francisco


There's a famous saying that goes "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco". So the fog, icy wind and chilly temperatures came as no surprise. We had the wonderful opportunity to crash at our friend Michael's place in Mission Bay for the duration of our visit. We had googled a couple of things prior to us coming to San Francisco which means we had a vague idea of what we wanted to do but in the end we really just did what we felt like. Meaning basically we drank a ton of wine and ate a lot because that's what we were always in the mood for. Lol. The one big touristy thing we did was visit the Pier 39 and as the word "touristy" indicates it was packed to the max with tourists and overly priced restaurants. We watched the cute sea lions, went to a mirror maze and got the hell out of that place. Our favorite part of SanFran must have been the Mission District with it's vast array of colorful houses, palm trees and taco bars. We rode there on rented bikes, since SF is an extremely bicycle-friendly city. On Sunday late afternoon, after having enjoyed Edvard Munch's masterpieces at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, we took BART, San Francisco's public transportation system, to a place called Walnut Creek located on the East Bay, where we met up with a couple of Ayla's relatives and enjoyed a wonderful evening in good company with amazing food. Marina District, or to be more specific a street called Chestnut Street, was a place that had been recommended to us by Ayla's relatives and turned out to be a lovely spot full of bars and restaurants and even greater happy-hour prices. We went there on our way to the Golden Gate Bridge. That however didn't impress us at all. Way too overrated. In the evening we met up with friends from Switzerland that happened to be in San Francisco at the same time as us. We indulged in tacos, nachos and salsa, headed to a pub after and just generally enjoyed ourselves. We spent our last day in the city with a visit to the Academy Of Science where we took a trip through a huge indoor rainforest and a gigantic aquarium. We also watched a movie in the planetarium about the primary origin of our solar system and it's planets. So you can say we got our money's worth. We headed home after, cooked dinner and hopped into the jacuzzi.




So this is us, Tano and Ayla. We also listen to Tayla, our rapper name, but call us whatever.. LOL. Ok jokes aside, we're going to California for a month and we kinda don't wanna text everybody about what we're doing, where we are, if we're eating correctly and when we last washed our hair. So we decided to create this blog for all you people who are super invested in our lives *cough* moms *cough*. Also, we're writing all of this in English, because Ayla has relatives that don't speak German. But here's the link to a reeeeaalllyyy good translation page just in case our use of the English language is too sophisticated for you: https://translate.google.com/?hl=de

And yes, we know we're hilarious.

If you want to read about our adventures in the Golden State (which will probably only consist of drinking a shit ton of wine tbh) then keep on scrolling!


Tano & Ayla