We spent our first day in San Diego sleeping in and hanging out at the pool. We were in dire need of relaxation because all the being on vacation stuff is exhausting... in the evening we went out for dinner with Ruth and Roger at the same place we had dinner at with Yessi, their daughter, in Walnut Creek, San Francisco. The next day we took the trolley (public transportation thingy) to Oldtown, which literally is a town designed to look like it's set during the colonial period. The employees in the dozens of shops were even dressed that way. Ugh. We made our way to whaley house because apparently it's the most haunted place in the US. We walked through the house in 10min. We didn't even get a tour. We paid 18 dollars for a piece of paper and a stroll through a stinky old house. 0/10, would not recommend. We decided we didn't want to stay there any longer so we took the trolley to the infamous Gaslamp Quarter. We sat down at a bar for some chardonnay, surprise surprise. Afterwards we got our nails done at this fun place run by a couple of hilarious Vietnamese women. We had dinner at a vegan restaurant called Donna Jean.

On thursday we had the brilliant idea of joining Ruth and her friends for crossfit, after doing nothing but eat and drink for the past weeks. We knew it was gonna be bad when one lady pulled out her asthma spray to prepare for the class. Yes, we died. After that we went home to change because we had plans to go to the movie theater to watch "The Dark Tower". We were not impressed. Next we went to a restaurant called Café Gratitude and boy THAT was amazing. We shared a vegan tiramisu for dessert. It was not as good as the "original" version but it came pretty pretty close. The day after we had the honor of eating Ruth's homemade veganized soy-chorizo burritos for breakfast. That breakfast was one of the top 3 meals we had thus far. After breakfast we had to soak our full bellies and sore muscles in the soothing waters of the hot tub. Our lives surely are exhausting. In the late afternoon we dressed up and went to the suspended bridge, a San Diego landmark. After having taken a quadrillion pictures we walked to Little Italy for drinks and dinner at a -wait for it- Italian restaurant. We had specifically chosen a place serving pasta because we had to fill up our stomachs for pub crawl. The pub crawl turned out to be really cool. We met a recently divorced mother, a girl who had just broken off her engagement and lots of other really happy people. We got home at 1am, just like the responsible girls we are. On Saturday we went to Ocean Beach, or as the locals call it, OB. To be honest we didn't enjoy it that much. It was heavily overcast and the wind was pretty chilly. After hanging around at the beach we decided to get a pedicure and Mexican take-out at this vegan place Ruth's one friend had suggested to us. We took an Uber home and ate the biggest burritos we had ever seen. We watched the last couple of twilight movies and laughed our butts off because of the bad CGI.

On Sunday Roger drove us to Coronado Island where we rented bikes and drove to the other side of the island to the most beautiful beach we've seen so far. We spent our day sunbathing and occasionally dipping our feet into the ice cold ocean. Having enough of soaking up all the rays, we brought our bikes back and had drinks at the famous Hotel del Coronado. After having taken the ferry back to the mainland, we got some food at Café Gratitude and headed straight home to watch the season finale of Game of Thrones [screams internally].

The next day Ruth made us breakfast again. That time it was called Chilaquiles, which is some kind of nacho-cheese-salsa-cilantro-avocado thingy that she mixed together. It was absolutely fantastic. What a surprise. After eating too much again - not surprised at all - we went to La Jolla, where we hoped for a nice sunny day at the beach. Our dreames were already crushed when the uber driver said that there was overcast down the coast. He was right, it was hella cloudy. Our mood was brightened immediately when we heard the sounds of seals and sealions. The La Jolla cove is their daily chilling-place. We spent some time figuering out the differences between seals and sealions (the latter are the ones with the funny noise), before we went for a refreshing drink at a rooftop bar - non alcoholic, since it was only afternoon and we tried to be reasonable for once.

We dressed up as fancy as we could regarding the amount of nice clothes we brought (still wearing sneakers obviously) and went to a restaurant called Bali Hai. It was on Shelter Island and had a beautiful view over the San Diego skyline.

On Tuesday we were brave enough to go to crossfit again. It wasn't as bad as the first time, we still died of course. We rewarded ourselves by going to the Outlet by the border, a huge outlet right next to the Mexican border. You could even see to the other side, that was pretty cool. We had a lot of fun shopping. It was the first time since our trip started that we actually spent money on something other than food and wine. With three pairs of shoes each we were quite successful, don't you agree? We had Ruths homemade food for lunch at Marissas place in Chula Vista. It was some kind of cheese-guacamole-salsa-taco thingy again, very delicious!

For dinner we went to a Japanese place called 'Underbelly' with Ruth and Roger, which we finished off with cake at 'The Extraordinary Dessert'. Wanna guess how it was? - It was extraordinary, lol.

The day before we left San Diego we literally just chilled by the pool all day and Ruth cooked her famous potato tacos for dinner (again some kind of avocado-salsa-cilantro-tortilla thingy). We just couldn't get enough of it.

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In Santa Barbara we stayed at an amazingly sweet hostel on Milpas Avenue. On the evening we arrived, after having been driven there by Jesse, we took the bus to the famous State Street, had a super delish vegan pizza for dinner, got tipsy on wine and went to bed. We spent the first day going to downtown SB and exploring the small city. We walked out on the pier and laughed at tour buses that turned into boats and looked like they would sink any second. We also saw two sea lions floundering about in the water. Fun fact: the abnormally large amount of sea lions inhabiting the coast of California attract a lot of sharks and therefore make waters dangerous to swim in. Not really a fun fact now that you think about it.

We were craving salad badly, so we went to Trader Joe's (our #1 go to store here in Cali) bought dinner, went back to the hostel to prepare our salad and made plans with two other backpackers to go out. We went to Sharkeez. Oh dear, not sure where to start. Let's just say it's that kinda place you say you hate all the time but you end up going there anyway because it's free entry and the drinks are cheap and strong. We ordered a "Shark Attack Bucket", which was this huge bucket filled with different types of alcohol. We couldn't really tell what was in there due to all the sugar it contained. The music almost gave us earcancer, you can't even describe it. But the absolut worst part were the people. Just imagine very lightly clothed girls pushing their female parts onto the male's pelvis while being bent down on all four. Does that even make any sense?? We're not gonna go into any more details. Feel free to text us if you want to know more.

The next day we relaxed at the beach with our new Australian friend Jye, who wouldn't stop telling stories starting with "I was in a pub and..". Pretty hilarious though.

In the evening we had vegan pizza again, omnomnom. After that we spent an hour (yes, one whole damn hour!!) trying to find a working stream for the newest episode of Game of Thrones. It worked eventually, but the way there was hard you guys. Not to spoil the episode but OMG WTF AAAHHHHHHHHHHHH.

On our last day in SB, after having seen the eclipse for like 2 seconds, we decided to walk to the Mission Santa Barbara. The one-hour stroll took us through the fancier parts of the city. Instead of doing the tour through the church (which cost 13$! We're living on a budget, don't judge us ok?) we went to the gift shop and bought matching mood rings. You know the ones that change colour depending on how you feel. It told us we had mixed emotions. But they were cute and only cost 2.50 so what the hell. Also, we sat on the church lawn and snacked on tortillas, guacamole, hummus and pico de gallo.

In the evening we took the bus (our first Greyhound experience, finally!) to San Diego. We had to transfer in Los Angeles, which was a bit annoying, but we could handle it. Our mood rings were shining in bright yellow at that time, meaning we were anxious. Not surprised at all. We arrived in San Diego at 2a.m. in the morning and took an uber to Ruth and Rogers' place (Aylas' relatives), where we instantly fell asleep after a very adventurous day.




We had to leave San Francisco very early on Wednesday morning to catch the Amtrak train to San Luis Obispo. The train had very large seats and were super comfortable. We also bought a shitload of food at Wholefoods, obviously. Time flew by pretty fast and we arrived in SLO in the afternoon.

Our host for the next two nights was Jesse - our first couchsurfing experience! He lives on a farm on top of the hill with a dog, a cat, chickens and goats. Cuteness overload!!

We spent the next day in Avila Beach and got some pretty bad sunburns, even though we had SPF 85!! Maybe the sun is too darn strong in California..

Every Thursday there's a Farmers Market in San Luis Obispo. We went there with Jesse and he showed us the coolest bars. Also, we ate every vegan dish we could find (vegan donuts, yummie). The day after we hung out at Pirate's cove, where the sign said "From this point onward you might encounter clothing optional bathers". Well, we have slightly tanned boobs now :)

We planned to take the Greyhound bus to Santa Barbara the same evening, but when we arrived at the bus station, we learned that our bus was extremely late. Meaning 5 hours!!! We thought about hanging around in a mall, but Jesse then thought "fuck it" and drove us all the way to Santa Barbara!! He was such a great host and now our total MVP of this trip.



San Francisco


There's a famous saying that goes "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco". So the fog, icy wind and chilly temperatures came as no surprise. We had the wonderful opportunity to crash at our friend Michael's place in Mission Bay for the duration of our visit. We had googled a couple of things prior to us coming to San Francisco which means we had a vague idea of what we wanted to do but in the end we really just did what we felt like. Meaning basically we drank a ton of wine and ate a lot because that's what we were always in the mood for. Lol. The one big touristy thing we did was visit the Pier 39 and as the word "touristy" indicates it was packed to the max with tourists and overly priced restaurants. We watched the cute sea lions, went to a mirror maze and got the hell out of that place. Our favorite part of SanFran must have been the Mission District with it's vast array of colorful houses, palm trees and taco bars. We rode there on rented bikes, since SF is an extremely bicycle-friendly city. On Sunday late afternoon, after having enjoyed Edvard Munch's masterpieces at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, we took BART, San Francisco's public transportation system, to a place called Walnut Creek located on the East Bay, where we met up with a couple of Ayla's relatives and enjoyed a wonderful evening in good company with amazing food. Marina District, or to be more specific a street called Chestnut Street, was a place that had been recommended to us by Ayla's relatives and turned out to be a lovely spot full of bars and restaurants and even greater happy-hour prices. We went there on our way to the Golden Gate Bridge. That however didn't impress us at all. Way too overrated. In the evening we met up with friends from Switzerland that happened to be in San Francisco at the same time as us. We indulged in tacos, nachos and salsa, headed to a pub after and just generally enjoyed ourselves. We spent our last day in the city with a visit to the Academy Of Science where we took a trip through a huge indoor rainforest and a gigantic aquarium. We also watched a movie in the planetarium about the primary origin of our solar system and it's planets. So you can say we got our money's worth. We headed home after, cooked dinner and hopped into the jacuzzi.




So this is us, Tano and Ayla. We also listen to Tayla, our rapper name, but call us whatever.. LOL. Ok jokes aside, we're going to California for a month and we kinda don't wanna text everybody about what we're doing, where we are, if we're eating correctly and when we last washed our hair. So we decided to create this blog for all you people who are super invested in our lives *cough* moms *cough*. Also, we're writing all of this in English, because Ayla has relatives that don't speak German. But here's the link to a reeeeaalllyyy good translation page just in case our use of the English language is too sophisticated for you: https://translate.google.com/?hl=de

And yes, we know we're hilarious.

If you want to read about our adventures in the Golden State (which will probably only consist of drinking a shit ton of wine tbh) then keep on scrolling!


Tano & Ayla