I moved back to Oslo after 3 years in Australia and I came home pretty much broke after doing a few countries in Asia on my way home. I never imagined myself getting a job in a restaurant, but I had to apply for what I could. With no experience I got a job as a waitress, and honestly it turned out to teach me a whole lot more than only how to serve people food.

My plan was to stay for 6 months, save enough to move back to Australia. But here I am one and a half years later. However, this is it for me for now and I've left for new adventures and also looking to gain new work experiences. Looking back on my time in Oslo and life at a restaurant there's definitely some things I've learned

Everyone should work in a restaurant at least once in their life. You learn so much about yourself and also other people. You learn to respect people working in the service industry and understand that serving other people is not an easy job.

People are idiots... no matter how polite or understanding you are there will always be those who is set on ruining your day. Complaining about the littlest things and absolutely have got no understanding that you have other guests to take care of or that you are not the person actually making their food.

Some people are pure legends. You learn to appreciate those who actually understand that you are human too. They are patient, polite, make jokes and understand you're in a stressful situation. These people have saved my days at work so many times. They literally throw kindness around like confetti.

Attitude. This one I can't stress enough. Looking back on certain days at work during the past year I've realised that my mood plays the biggest role on how my day will go, not only at work but life in general. Even if we're over seated, understaffed, the food take ages and it's a battlefield, what plays the biggest role is my attitude. It's kind of the law of attraction is in full motion.

Pick and choose your battles. Some things are not even worth going through the effort of arguing this including discussions with both colleges and guests.

Actions have a domino effect. If you f up an order, the food will take longer and it'll be harder to please the guest, or if the host decides to slam your station the chance of you falling behind and taking longer to get through your tables are huge, which means there are a bigger chance of impatient guests and not as much of a service. In the end you learn to take responsibility for your actions.

Multitasking like a mad woman. Someone needs drinks, another guest changed his mind and wanted a dressing with the burger and the host triple seated you. Challenge accepted.

Take bullshit from no one. When I started out whatever the guest would say I would do, or if they were being unreasonable I would keep apologising or be to scared to say anything back. Now however I have learned that sometimes you need to put your foot down and tell them they are being unreasonable, inappropriate or in a proper way you simply can't meet their request.

Follow you intuition. When you get the feeling people are trying to trick you whether it be if they're old enough to buy alcohol or something else, your gut feeling is usually right. Trust it, this goes for all other parts of your life also.

Most of your colleges will be some of the most open-minded people you've ever met, and they will become like a family. You can argue and disagree, but in the end you are all going through the good and the bad times together and when the day comes to leave it'll be heartbreaking.

with love, Pernille

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You look at photos, you hear stories and you create this idea in your head what a place look like and how it's going to feel if you ever make it there. Usually your expectations tend to be so high, reality won't live up to it.

Iguazu Falls is not one of those cases.

On the boarder between Brazil and Argentina, with Paraguay only a few miles away one of the largest waterfall systems in the world lies like a roaring beast. Looking down on the falls there was this feeling of insignificance. How small we become compared to this great natural wonder, and still we can have such a big impact on the river and forests around it.

Du ser bilder og hører historier, og ut i fra det lager din egen lille ide om hvordan et sted ser ut og hva du kommer til å føle den dagen du selv står der. Ofte ender det i skuffelse eller at du ikke helt klarer nyte øyeblikket, stedet og menneskene rett og slett fordi det ikke er helt slik du forventet det skulle være.

Iguazy Falls er garantert ikke en av de gangene.

På grensen mellom Brazil og Argentina, med Paraguay et steinkast unna befinner ett av verdens strøste fossefall seg.

The name Iguazu comes from the Native American Guarani word for Great Water, and with it follows the legend of a native love story.

The Caigangue Indians who lived near the boarder of the Iguazu river told the story of a God shaped like a serpent. The chief of the tribe had a beautiful daughter who were promised to this God, but instead she fell in love with a tribal warrior. They ran away together down the river. The God went mad with anger and drove his serpent body down in to the ground, twisting the earth creating the water falls which caught up with the two lovers and made them disappear in the stream forever.

Navnet Iguazu kommer fra det indianske Guarani ordet for "stort vann", og med det følger legenden om forbudt kjærlighet.

You can visit the falls from both the Brazilian and the Argentinean side. Looking at the same waterfalls the views are completely different from one another. The Brazilian side offers a more panoramic view, while the Argentinean side invites you in. You get closer to a few of the waterfalls and really get to experience the magnitude of the falls. Surrounded by the most beautiful rainforest you get a taste of the natural wonders of the tropical part of South America. Warnings of jaguars, butterflies in all shapes and colours and lizards running across the pathway, Iguazu Falls is worth the visit.

Du kan besøke fossen fra både den Brasilianske og den Argentinske siden. Den Brasilianske utsikten gir deg et panoramisk overblikk og viser deg hvor stort og fantastisk Iguazu er, mens den Argentinske siden inviterer deg med på en liten jungeltur før du kommer helt innpå fossefallene. Her får du virkelig følt på alle kreftene som er i sving, og du føler deg veldig veldig liten.

On an end note, bring a rain jacket, hold on to your belongings and for the love of nature DO NOT drop your garbage in to the falls! or any other place for that matter, except for the bin where it belongs. We saw too many bottles and plastic objects in the water and it's devastating how people come to a place like this (or any place for that matter) not thinking about how their actions affect their surroundings.

Som en liten notis helt på tampen; ta med deg regnjakke, ta vare på tingene dine og for all del IKKE KAST søppelet ditt noen andre steder enn i søppelkassene hvor det hører hjemme. Det var for mange plastikkflasker og gjenstander enten mistet eller sluppet i fossen og det er trist å se hvordan mennesker tar naturen for gitt.

with love, Pernille



When you go to a place like Ilha Grande The Big Island, what comes to your mind are beaches, tanning and maybe a drink or two. Time on the beach were spent, but not so many drinks were drunken. What there was instead was a 2am start to the day adventuring through the jungle. Two and a half hours were spent climbing 985 meters above sea level to the top of Pico de Papagaio Parrot Peak to see the sunrise. It was incredible and totally worth the sweat.

Når du tenker på en sydhavsøy som Ilha Grande Den Store Øyen er stort sett det første som slår deg strand, bading, soling og en kald øl. Vi nøt tid på stranden, men noen kald øl ble det aldri. I stedet sto vi opp klokken to på natten for å komme oss ut i jungelen. To og en halv time senere nådde vi toppen av Pappegøyetoppen, 985 m.o.h i perfekt tid til soloppgang. DET var verdt en tidlig start for å si det sånn!

A headlight (thanks dad, for making me bring it) took us through a pitch black jungle, there's only one trail to follow so the one thing you really have to conquer are spider webs and possibly a little scared of the darkness situation.

We had enough water, light and each other so we were pretty much fine. We thought. My very best tip however now is that if you're doing this is to bring.a.jacket (!) because it will be cold and windy at the top especially before sunrise, and then some food. At least a banana or two we didn't, but then we met Rafael. He offered us his blanket, bananas and some sweet tunes from his flute. Such an authentic, genuinely kind soul. Listening to his music whilst watching the sunrise, pure bliss - then the real magic happened. We could hear the jungle beneath us wake up, monkeys, birds and the sound of animals we've never hear before.

Vi fulgte lyset fra hodelykten (takk for at du fikk meg til å pakke den pappa), da det kun var en sti å følge var stort sett det eneste vi måtte sloss mot en god del spindelvev og mørkreddhet.

Vi hadde med oss nok vann, lys og hverandre og tenkte vi var veldig godt forberedt. Mitt beste tips nå i etterkant er å ta med en jakke! Før soloppgang er det kaldt og veldig veldig mye vind. En banan kan også være veldig godt å ha på toppen for litt påfyll. Men så møtte vi Rafael. Han kom med et teppe, en banan til oss hver og satt seg ned med oss og spilte på fløyten sin mens vi så soloppgangen sammen. Det var helt utrolig, men så skjedde det som var helt magisk. Vi kunne høre jungelen under oss våkne i takt med solen. Aper som ønsket hverandre god morgen, fulger som begynte å synge og lyder fra dyr vi aldri har hørt før.

We stayed at the Welcome Surf Hostel. It was basic, but nice and had got a good vibe to it. Both the hosts spoke enough English for us to understand and they were so helpful and friendly.

Ilha Grande sure is paradise. White beaches, clear blue water and tropical vibes, but probably the best of all were the car free roads and heaps of hiking opportunities to mountain tops and hidden beaches.

We've got a 7 hour bus ride to São Paulo, then 11 hours before another 18 hours from São Paulo to Iguacu Falls.

Batteries recharged, let's go!

Vi bodde på Welcome Surf Hostell. Veldig basic, men ålreit med rolig stemning. Begge vertene gjorde seg godt forstått på engelsk og hjalp mer enn gjerne til hvis det skulle være noe.

Ilha Grande er paradis. Hvite strender, krystallklart vann og tropiske vibber. Det beste av alt er nok likevel de bilfrie veiene og endeløse muligheter av gåturer opp på utsiktspunkter, men også til avsidsliggende strender.

Nå venter en 7 timers busstur til São Paulo, 11 timer der før 18 timer til på buss til Iguacu Falls.

Batteriene er ladet, let's go!

with love, Pernille



Imagine your 13 year old self, everything is changing. Your body is literally on its way out of your childhood cocoon and some of us (unlike me) are starting to grow boobs. But, no matter if you’ve now got boobs to show for or not we all go on this shopping spree looking for a bra. A bra that will either cover up and ‘support’ the changes on our chest or to make it look like we’ve actually started growing some boobs ourselves. But why?

Because society told us to.

Society told us that boobs and especially nipples showing through our tops are inappropriate, too vulgar and sometimes ugly. Seriously though… I wonder why all these girls have body image issues (myself included).

I’ve always been small chested. Literally having no boobs to show for so to compensate and look more ‘attractive' I would get these push-up bras to make it look like I actually had boobs. I would compare myself to my friends and other girls who naturally had bigger breasts. It was never an option to not wear a bra, because my nipples would show and that my dear friends was something I looked at as really off-putting. My younger self could never even imagine that my older self would decide to throw that dumb ass push-up bra in the bin.

Two years ago I started going down a more spiritual and mindful road. I left my underwire push-up bras in my closet (they’ve now moved on to a better life). I’d only wear lose sport bras when I was training and a soft bralette during work or if I felt like it would fit to an outfit I wore when going out (for my own wellbeing).

It turns out going braless was the best first step on the road towards self love I ever took, and this is why

I got more comfortable in my own skin. I am no longer so embarrassed when it cames to showing off my body or scared that I'll look fat. I am me, and my body is just as normal as any other body.

Nipples are not ‘too provocative’. They're natural, we all have them.

I started breathing properly. Nothing felt restricting around my chest anymore, stopping me from breathing properly... aaaand no freaking wire trying to stab me in the heart. Pure freedom.

I no longer feel the pressure to ‘buy sexiness’. We always see advertisements showing us how certain underwear will make us irresistible and sexy, what we don’t seem to realise is that the female body is pretty darn sexy on it’s own.

I’m giving myself a choice. Wearing a bra was not much a choice, it was expected. Like a lot of other things we start wearing a bra because it is what we do. By leaving my bras I became more aware of all the choices I can make for my self. Society should not decide what, how or who I am.

And just admit, it feel hella good taking off that underwire bra by the end of the day. Why not feel like that all day everyday?

with love, Pernille



Christ de Redeemer, Sugar Loaf Mountain, Selaron Steps and Copacabana. Classic stories people tell you when they've been to Rio, and exactly the reasons why we went.

Jesusstatuen, Sukkertoppen, Selaron trappene og Copacabana stranden. Det er disse stedene du hører folk snakke om etter de har vært i Rio, og veldig mye grunnen til at vi valgte å starte her.

We came here not knowing really what to expect so we booked only 3 nights at a hostel a few blocks down from Copacabana, if anything we figured we could always stay longer. We didn’t. 3 nights was plenty for two who’s not big fans of the big city life and especially when a lot of what you hear is how careful you have to be walking around.

Vi visste ikke helt hva vi kunne forvente oss før vi kom, så for sikkerhetsskyld booket vi kun 3 netter. Tanken var at ville vi bli lenger kunne vi bare ordne det når vi var der. Sånn ble det ikke og 3 netter holdt i massevis. Spesielt for oss som ikke er superfan av storbylivet når man hele tiden har hørt at du må passe på hvor du går og hva du har med deg.

The view of the city when we flew in was insane. We knew it was big, I just don’t think any of us expected it to be THIS BIG. It went on for miles. As well as kissing the shores of the atlantic ocean, Rio is surrounded by mountains. It’s almost like mountains and city have become one. Colourful favelas along the hillsides and Christ de Redeemer overlooking the city. It has definitely got it’s charm.

Utsikten da vi fløy inn til Rio var helt utrolig. Vi visste at vi skulle til en stor by, men akkurat hvor stor den var tror jeg ingen av oss hadde sett for oss. Rio varer så langt øynene kan se og går så og si i ett med fjellene rundt byen. Med de fargerike favelaene opp langs fjellryggen har også Rio sin sjarm.

Also as the foodies we are, we both came to a stop, looked at each other with a big smile when we saw a sign that said vegan food. It was a hipsterish place that fitted us perfectly and one of those times that even though you’re supposed to live cheap you just gotta try it. If you find yourself in Rio definitely stop by “Brota” at the end of Copacabana. We got a fried rice burger each and shared a tapioca pudding for dessert.

Yaaaas food coma!

Selvfølgelig som de matmomsene vi er og kan å kose oss, fant vi et utrolig kult lite sted som serverte vegansk mat. Fritert risburger og tapiocapudding til dessert. Halo food coma! Så er du i Rio og leter etter et ålreit sted å spise, stopp ved "Brota" i enden av Copacabana.

Thanks for two good days Rio.

Takk for to fine dager Rio.

Now we're off to sandy white beaches, rainforests and mountains coming straight out of the ocean at Ilha Grande.

Nå har vi satt kursen noen timer sør mot hvite strender, regnskog og fjell som reiser seg rett opp av havet på Ilha Grande.

with love, Pernille



6 months ago my best friend and I booked a one way ticket to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. During those months we felt like we had ages to plan, pack and say our goodbyes. Time has gone by so quick and it feels like summer just started, but the day is here and we're leaving tomorrow. Tomorrow we'll be on our flight to Madrid before flying over the Atlantic Ocean.

For et halvt år siden ble billetten booket. Flybilletten som skal ta med Anna og meg til Sør-Amerika, første stopp Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Vi har hele tiden tenkt at vi har så fryktelig god tid til å pakke, planlegge og ikke minst si hade. Det er nesten litt uvirkelig at dagen har kommet og at vi i morgen setter oss på flyet, først til Madrid, så videre over Atlanteren.

During the time since we officially booked the flight we've got heaps of questions about what our rout looks like and how long we will be away. We have a general idea of what countries we are going to and what we want to see, but we have no set plan for when. Truth is though, we feel like if we make too much of a schedule we might end up changing it so many times anyway depending on the people we meet and the more we learn about places to see.

Vi har fått så utrolig mange spørsmål om hvor vi skal, hva vi skal se og når vi kommer tilbake. Vi har selvfølgelig lagt opp en circa rute og vet stort sett hva vi vil gjøre og hvor vi vil, men samtidig vil vi ha frihet til å kunne endre planer underveis. Vi vet jo ikke hvem vi blir kjent med og hva vi finner ut av mens vi reiser så det kan fort dukke opp spennende steder underveis.

What we've got so far is our flight to Rio and a 3 night stay at a hostel near Copacabana Beach. Haha yep that's it!

Hva vi har booket så langt er flyet til Rio og 3 netter på hostel i nærheten av Copacabana Beach, that's it YOLO eller hva man sier haha


our plans for Rio is to definitely to visit the Sugarloaf Mountain and Corcovado Christ the Redeemer. The easiest way we found to do this is to book ourselves in on a full day city tour. Here's the route we've got in our heads at the moment and it includes Iguazu Falls on the boarder between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, Viña del Mar and Valparaíso (Chile), Machu Picchu (Peru), The Galápagos Islands (Equador), and Salar de Uyun (Bolivia). From here we'll head to Central America and Cuba.

Våre planer for Rio er garantert å være litt turist og booke oss med på en dagstur for å se Sugerloaf Mountains og Jesusstatuen. Her kommer et lite overblikk på hvordan resten av ruten vår ser ut sånn som planen ser ut i dag. Det inkluderer Iguazu Falls som ligger på grensen mellom Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Viña del Mar og Valparaíso (Chile), Machu Picchu (Peru), Galápagos øyene (Equador), og saltsjøene i Bolivia. Herfra bærer det videre til Mellom-Amerika og Cuba.

I hope you'll want to follow this little journey of us (little being an understatement). AND if you have any suggestions of what we should put on our "to do" or "to see" list, fire away!

Vi håper at dere har lyst til å følge oss litt på vei og dele det største eventyret noen av oss har vært på så langt. Vi gleder oss hvertfall veldig! Og hvis dere skulle ha noen forslag til hva vi bør se og gjøre så tar vi de mer enn gjerne i mot.

with love, Pernille