학원에 시험이 많이 있어서 난 진짜 바쁘다. 공부 많이 했지만 재미있는 것도 했다! 친구랑 스파이더맨을 봤고 진짜 좋았다!

그리고 난 dance class도 했다. 트와이스의 시그널 댄스 배웠는데 생각보다 정말 어려웠다.

또 친구들이랑 롯데월드에 갔다. 재미있었는데 타기 전에 직원들이 노래를 불러서 좀 이상하고 많이 걸어서 다리가 너무 아팠다. 그리고 그 주에 escape room에도 갔다. 진짜 어려운데 할 수 있었다!

Okay so because we have weekly tests and stuff at my school I'm basically the busiest person ever. Like it's fun but omg I'm so stressed out. I've also managed to do some things other than studying. Went to see Spider-Man with a friend which was really nice.

We also had a dance class where we learned the dance for Signal by Twice. Way harder than I thought it would be.

A while ago me and some friends also went to Lotte World (basically a ripoff of Disneyland) and we were confused because the workers there kinda sing and stuff before they let you go on the rides. Still fun although my legs were so dead afterwards.

We also went to an escape room that week and made it out with 50 seconds left. We must have looked so stupid but it was totally worth it.

Also shutout to Jasmine because she's a patient bae.

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우와, 일주일 지났다! 한국 생활은 진짜 좋은데 지금 너무 덥다. 집 안에도 너무 더워서 죽겠다 ㅋㅋㅋ

지금 homestay하고 있다. 줍주인들이 정말 정말 착하고 이모가 맛있는 음식을 많이 만들었다.
학원은 좀 힘들지만 아직도 진짜 재미있다. 한국말만 말해서 좀 어려운데 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 숙제도 많이 있어서 스트레스 좀 받았다. 지금은 한국 어휘를 외우고 있는 중이다. 너무 많이 있다!

근데 공부만 안 했다. 쇼핑 좀 하고 코엑스에 가고 청담동에 가고 아쿠아리움에도 갔다.

코엑스는 진짜 좋았다. 샤이니를 정말 좋아하거든.

청담동에 가는 것은 또 샤이니 때문이다.

그리고 아쿠아리움에는 정말 좋았다. 토끼도 있어서 기분이 좋아졌다 (난 토끼가 정말 정말 좋거든).

이 물고기처럼 행복하게 되고 싶다.

다음 주에 쇼핑 좀 해야 될 것이다 (원하는 것 아니라 옷을 더 필요한다). 그리고 스파이더맨도 볼 것이다. 근데 지금은 공부해야 된다 ㅋㅋㅋ

So it has already been a week here in Korea! I basically love everything except for the weather. It's so hot, I'm dying. Send help.
I'm doing a homestay programme here and the family is really nice (host mum makes great food as well).
School is a bit challenging considering the fact that we only speak in Korean, but it's still fun! There's also a ton of homework which is a bit less fun heh. I'm currently trying to memorise a ton of Korean vocab, it takes such a long time though.

I've not only been studying though. I've been doing a bit of shopping, I went to Coex and Cheongdamdong and I also went to an aquarium.

Coex was super nice (mainly because I'm SHINee trash). The reason as to why I went to Cheongdamdong is also because of SHINee (the building they work in is located there).

The aquarium was super nice, they also had rabbits so I naturally freaked tf out. They also had this really happy looking fish and my goal in life is now to become that fish.

Next week I'm gonna have to go shopping (not "I want to go shopping". I HAVE to. I'm running out of clothes because of how warm it is here). Also going to watch Spider-Man with a Swedish friend I made at the school. However I'm now gonna have to go back to studying!



지난 주말은 스톡홀름에 있는 이벤트에 가고 정말 재미있었다. 오랜만에 만난 친구들 만날 수 있어서 기분은 진짜 좋았다! 앞으로 이 이벤트가 취소할 건데 친구들 아직도 만나자!

아무튼 이젠 짐을 거의 다 쌌다! 근데 비행기 탈 때는 뭐 할까? 드라마 볼 거나 음악 들을까? 아니면 그냥 잠을 잘까? 난 심심할 거 같은데....

오늘은 한국 돈을 드디어 받았다. 영국 돈이랑 스웨덴 돈이랑 한국 돈은 정말 달라서 난 부자가 된 거 같다 ㅋㅋㅋ

​So this weekend I've been to a convention in Stockholm and I've basically had the time of my life. Being able to meet up with friends you haven't seen since last year is the best thing ever! This was unfortunately the last year of this convention but guys let's still meet up next year!

Anyways, I've finally managed to kind of finish my packing. However I have no clue of what I'm going to do on the plane. It's either gonna be binge watching dramas, listening to a ton of music or just sleep for like 11 hours. Probably going to be bored out of my mind.

Also finally got my korean money and since it's so different from the money I'm used to I feel rich af 😂



10일 후에 떠나는데 준비를 다 안 했다. 영국에서 돌아왔고 목요일에는 스톡홀름 가야 돼서 너무 바쁘다 . 목록도 안 써서 지금은 목록을 쓰고 있는 중이다 ㅋㅋㅋ. 걱정을 많이 됐다: "아... 이거 잊으면 어떡하지?" 아니면 "비행기표를 잊어버릴 거야..." 이런 걱정된다. 좀 재미있는데? 난 다른 나라에 벌써 살아서 괜찮을 것이다! 할 수 있다! ...그지?

Am I really prepared for this?? I'm leaving in 10 days and I am totally not ready. Just returned from the UK and then I'm off to Stockholm on Thursday. Aka. I've got no time to actually prepare. Haven't even written a list ffs! So ehm... I'm therefore currently writing one like right now. See, I'm a bit worried about a few things such as "omg what if I forget this" or "I'll definitely forget the ticket (I have it on my phone but you can't trust technology, kids!)". It's a bit funny though. I basically already live in another country so I should be fine.... right?
I'm pretty much the most paranoid person ever.