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London is a really basic city to dream to travel. Of course for me also. It is one of the biggest city in Europe and I could notice that, even though you walked down the streets for miles you still found yourself from the center, which is for a Finn a bit weird. The help of an underground was great. The million lines were of course a challenge but when you go the idea it was easy. The buildings, stores, restaurants, cafes, museums etc. were so lovely, especially the old ones. I love some history and vintage destinations.

Of course we went to see the basic tourist destinations, like Big Ben, London Eye and Piccadilly Circus. So Big Ben wasn't that big at all, a little disappointment. London Eye seemed cool, didn't bother to stand in line for hours to ride it. Piccadilly Circus was so lame, the screens were only in one side of the square. I loved the theaters around that area, sadly we didn't have time to see a show.

The Camden Town area was my favorite part of London. Probably as time has passed, it have lost the old glory and alternative feeling but it still was great. The market fair was the place to find some nice clothes and all kinds of stuff.

Visiting at Madame Tussaud's wax museum wasn't, as British says, my cup of tea. I think it is dull to see some wax dolls, like you can just google photos of celebrities. I saw my favorite character of all time though, Shrek. I love that green creature.

Okay, to be honest, seeing all the Harry Potter sets and props at Warner Bros studios was a true dream come true. It was amazing, one of the best places I've ever been, so great that I will go there again in the following spring. It is impossible to describe the studios in words, it truly was magical. Even if you weren't that big of a Harry Potter fan it is still an amazing experience.

My favorite part was the outside area, there was the flying mototrcycle and Ford Anglia where you could sit and take photos, the bridge of Hogwarts, street of the Privet drive and the Knight bus. You also had a change to enjoy some Butterbeer, which wasn't that good in my opinion.

All in all, London is a place where you should go to see and experiense everything. There is so much stuff that probably you cannot ever see it all at once. Place worth of visiting.

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I've been in Stockholm, Sweden few times in my life, two times this year. Travelling to Stockholm from Finland is easy and cheap, I have always went there by ship. It is amazing city for shopping and 'childish' culture experienses. The old part of the town is really beautiful and the cobblestoned streets will make your feet shouth hallelujah. As a Finn I like that the people are not too nice and customer servants are chill and don't try to sell you anything that much as in south Europe, for example.

Sweden is kingdom and logically you can see guards around the important buildings. Swamps between the guards are made to look entertaining, kind of.

If there is something better then street musicians, the street artists. I love when people are making their living/extra money by selling their original artwork. This one guy used spray paints and then some pointy tool to scratch part of the paint off leaving white lines which made a beautiful picture. Sadly I didn't have enough krona's left to buy one.

Part of the center of Stockholm is Djurgården's island. In that island there are, for example some museums, Gröna Lund's amusement park and Junibacken. Junibacken is a place where are build the worlds from Swedish children books, mostly from Astrid Lindgren but also some Moomin thing from Tove Jansson. I really loved that place, it wasn't that expensive and was totally worth of the price. Of course it's done for the kinds but I went there with my friend and we enjoyed it.

Gröna Lund is amusement park, the area is really nice and there is rides for all aged. For me, personally, it was a bit lame. I went only for one ride, which was supposed to be the 'wildest' but nah. Main point of the latest trip to Stockholm was a concert from Swedish band Backyard Babies. They played at the Gröna Lund and yeah, it was amazing. The concert are was organised very well considered that the place was amusement park. Also the only ticket you needed was the one you needed to get inside to the park.

I recommend Stockholm for everyone, probably just a quick city-visit type a journey. You will see everything in just few days.




Two years back I spent a week in Madrid, the capital of Spain. I prefer Barcelona though in most cases over other cities in Spain but Madrid was quite nice for a change. Honestly, I don't really give a shit about the basic facts of Madrid, like population or the history, just look those things up from WIkipedia. I didn't took that much photos there, 'cause the weather was so hot, that carrying camera was too much of an effort.

One day we visited at the Parque del Buen Retiro, which was a beautiful place in the center. In the middle of these tall, majestic and exaggerative buildings the very green, tree filled park was a nice twist.

We entered the park from (actually, I have no memory of that at all) somewhere and walked around for a while and had a small lunch somewhere under the tree, I might have taken a nap there. With in a city full of pollution and sand dust, the fresh air between the trees was a great for a Finn who has used to breathe clean air. There were many paths under the trees and it looked like straight out of a Disney film.

As everywhere in Spain, also at the park there were many street musicians, which I do enjoy to listen, especially the jazz ones. Quite middle of the park, is a small fake lake. First idea of a lake is a beautiful blue/clear water area where you would enjoy to swim and all but this is not a case. The fake lake at the Parque del Buen Retiro is green and filthy pool-looking box. You could rent a boat and row around in there which looked kind of stupid in my opinion, people just went around and ran in to each other. Back there was an arch, which we didn't went to discover closer and later on I regret it, from the photos I've seen it's magnificent.

My favorite part of the Parque del Buen Retiro was absolutely the Palacio de Cristal. It was stunning palace, well, just few rooms, but it was just amazing. The amount of light around and the shine in the windows... Everyone should pay a visit there, and the best of all, it's completely free. Inside the glass room were plenty rocking chairs (which I didn't dare to sit on though), on top of some of them were bibles if I remember correct.

So, even the park was nice, shopping at Madrid was nice, if you are into football, that's also probably nice, but if I compare different city's in Spain, Madrid would not be my first pick. Nice place, just nice.



Howdy partner!

SOOO, I started this little blog (which is a school project btw, I'm not much of a writer) just for sharing some parts of my travels and all that jazz. I have reached the age of 17 and I live in an amazing cold and dark country called Finland. Google it, 'cause I'm sure you have never even heard of it.

I enjoy discovering new and interesting things in the world and adventures are something which I look towards to. Music and other forms of arts are close to my heart and awakes my mind. As what comes to travels, I have been at least once per year abroad since 2005, more times in few latest years. Spain, Greece, Turkey, UK, Sweden, USA, Bulgaria, German.... I'm going to spend my Christmas in Castelldefels, Spain (close to Barcelona where I was last years Christmas). Later on May 2017, I will discover London, UK.

Let's just see what happens, shall we?