This might be your organic alternative for Viagra and I’ve also earlier written on how to use watermelon as a drugs for great health. Research from the Texas A&M Fruit and Vegetable Enhancement Center showed that watermelon’s nutrients help relax the blood veins and may improve your sex drive. Plus, water-rich watermelon is low in fat laden calories, so you needn’t watch the size of your helping.

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Black raspberries and strawberries can help you improve your sexual appetite.

Blackberries work both on your libido and sex-related stamina. Professionals from the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida, advise taking 10 black raspberries before hitting the bedroom.

Strawberries with candy are a bit of a cliché aphrodisiac and have always been regarded a sexy food. From a medical point, strawberries consist of lots of antioxidants and vitamin C. Antioxidants increase the health of your heart and veins, and together vitamin C they positively impact the male’s sperm count.

Berries have other awesome health benefits and you can also understand how to change your health with berries in my e-BookThe Healing Berry Guide.


Avocado’s impact on sex drive is just a different reason to consume this superfood. Its monounsaturated fats secure your heart and arteries, and make it less probably for any kind of erectile dysfunction to develop. A blood circulation push is always good when it comes to your sex life. Also, avocado’s variety of antioxidants, vitamins E and B6, and potassium will further improve your body’s performance. There are also 11 healthful causes to eat avocado.


Sweet figs may be the excellent dessert to put you in the right mood. They act as stimulants and improve the manufacturing of pheromones, your happy hormones. If you are searching for more factors to eat fig you should read my content about the 9 ways to use figs as a natural remedy.


When choosing your veggies, don’t miss out on the advantages of broccoli. Rich in vitamin C, it increases the movement, and has been viewed as a booster for the female libido. You can get ready it any way you desire, and give your bedroom life a new outlook.


Who would think that a bowl of lettuce can put you in the mood? Lettuce includes an opiate that triggers sex hormones and boosts your libido. So be generous with your salad servings and notice your sex life and waistline increase simultaneously. Based to the ABC science, the historic Egyptians used wild lettuce as an aphrodisiac.

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a superfood that gets neglected, and must feature on your menu more often. Rich in potassium that combats high blood pressure, they can be especially good for men to ward off erectile dysfunction. There have also been some rumors that sweet potatoes could help those with sterility as they are rich in beta-carotene.


This delightful snack is rich in zinc, selenium and vitamin E, which all encourage sexual health. Forget oysters (often full of toxins), and have a few of these nuts packed in omega-3 fatty acids. Almonds are excellent for your health as they have other awesome health advantages.

Sesame seeds

When you get ready hummus, be good with tahini (sesame paste). Sesame seeds are a different excellent source of zinc and will boost your sexual health.


Next time you can’t be frustrated cooking an elaborate meal, go for simple eggs without having any emotions of guilt. They’re high in protein, so will help with your sex-related stamina. And they consist of L-arginine – an amino acid that defends the heart and treats erectile dysfunction.